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Which is more comfortable - sleeping in a tent or in a car?


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For this weather.

I have a good air mattress that fits both a tent and a car (trunk and rear seats folded down) + have very little staff to carry with me + for 1 person

Pros for car: fewer operations, don't care about the wind, don't need to carry a tent. But never tried it

Pros for the tent:..... I know what to expect

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Sleeping in car is always better, for such tight schedule and space constraints situation.

Just make sure to do the test run at home and know that you can sleep or squeeze in car nicely.

I have tried sleeping on driver seat that recline almost 70 degree with comfy pillow and blanket, it works fine.

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If it's just to get sleep for myself alone, and nothing more, putting an air mattress in the car is preferable for me. The only thing I've found to be challenging is ventilation. I don't like keeping the windows down during the night, and how much you crank them down becomes a personal preference.

Instead, my solution has been to get a little screen that goes above the moonroof. It keeps bugs out but also keeps the cabin breathable. And because it is flush with the roof, even with winds it doesn't flap around like a window screen would.

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well well well,

My last experience was at Expo Lake with my family (2 Adults + 2 Kids). and  before planning a night camping i research a bit to equipped with all necessary stuff such as 1: Tend Mat, tent for 4, Tarpoline (it prevent your tent to get wet in fogg), Portable gas stove, Camping dining table and sitting for 4 person, LED light, lots of water, snacks, breakfast material, extra sleepers, 2 large sleeping set (designed for camping), Water bucket (it’s like a wash basen) desert rug (for sitting outside the tent), tissue paper, toilet paper rolls.

before all this setup, i found a fantastic spot which is close to the vehicle, so that i can plug In/plug out the LED attached with battery. and a rechargeable search light.

the amazing part is all these stuff well equipped in the trunk of X Terra.







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In Europe i prefer sleeping in the car.

1) There is always a chance of rain, and camping in a tent with rain (packing it up all wet and muddy) is just awful.

2) Also it is hard to find a nice level spot without stones roots and so on.

3) Security: If you sleep with your divers seet reclined, starting the car and just leaving is a matter of seconds while in a tent you are more vulnerable.

As all these three points are not really a concern in the UAE you might as well give the tent a try

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