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LC200 v6 GXR 2013 Instrument Cluster doesn’t turn on during day time

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I am new to LC200; so need information from experienced users please.

In my LAnd Cruiser 2013 model v6 GXR variant, the instrument cluster light (speedometer light) turns on only if I switch on LED or full headlights. Otherwise, it doesn’t light up during day time and I feel difficulty in underground parking during day.

 I need to know if this is default behavior in GXR v6 variant 2013 model? OR we can switch it on with some settings?

FYI - With headlights control, I see simple 3 steps (1) off (2) LED on and (3) headlight on. There is no AUTO button in it.


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Hii @MisterPoet,

Based on ur explination it looks normal behavior as long u dont have the DRL option in ur car.

I have 2014 lc200 V8. My car is equipped with Daytime running lamps (DRL) which turns on/off the lights automatically based on light sensitivity sensor which located in the windshield.

I advise u to check in car accessories shops or agency if they cld fix light sensor device that cld adjust the light for u.

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@Ahmad Nerat thank you brother. 

As you said LC200 v8 versions comes with DRL which can automatically lit up the Instrument Cluster during day time.

I need some friend having v6 GXR to confirm if his LC200 instrument cluster lights up during day time? This could be default behaviour in v6 versions.

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I spoke to a friend of mine with a 2012 Land Cruiser GXR. According to him the instrument cluster does not light up during daytime, only when he switches on the headlights.

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@MisterPoet Maybe this might help you as I faced a similar issue in my civic. No harm in trying.

Do you have a knob to push to shuffle between trip A and trip B in your dash. If yes, try turning it clockwise. In some cars, thats doubles as a brightness adjustment knob. 

Once, the car wash guys turned it anti clockwise by mistake when cleaning the dash and post that, it was very dim during the day ( headlights off) and once headlights were on, it brightened up. Bugged me out for a while until I found the solution online

Let me know if it helped

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