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Join us for Grand Iftar Drive

Night Fewbie Desert Drive - Faqa to Qudra " The Dark Knight Rises " - Dubai - 17 March 2023

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Thank you @M.Seidam, and its good to see you again. Beautiful night drive and great support from the team. Especially impressed with the support from @Ahmad Nerat in the back, and with positive attitude as Mike mentioned.

The night drive was easier than I expected, but it still was challenging. When you don’t have constant visual on the track like a day drive, I found it more important than day drives to always keep an eye on the car ahead and see how its maneuvering through the terrain. Its helps avoid last second surprises. 
Good experience and looking forward to the next one. 

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Loved this drive @M.Seidam what we didn’t cover in ground we made up for in experience and getting to know our group.

Always fun at the back between the churned up sand and technical tight turns kn the gladiator.

@Ahmad Nerat always good to drive with you, thank you for the assistance with the shovel and hands..  and your great video that shows I did indeed brake ! From a relatively flat area onto a slope which led to a downward oriented crest.. I learned a new technique in forming a V channel to recover..

Good to meet you all, until next time. 


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