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Morning Newbie Desert Drive - Al Khatim - Abu Dhabi - 10 Sep 2023

Asif Hussain

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Hi Asif

introduction as below,

  • Which 4x4 are you driving/bringing to drive ? - Im Driving a Xterra 2012 model (Offroad Version) driving full time a 4x4  
  • Any prior off-roading experience ? If so please specify. - Yes only a little bit driven on Sand
  • Does your vehicle have front and back tow points and are they in perfect condition? - Yes it has both front and back towing points


For your first drive, please bring a tire pressure gauge and a deflator so you can deflate your tires. (for inflating tires we will be ending our drive close to ADNOC station so compressor is not compulsory for this drive) - Thanks for the update, i have a Deflator but not a Pressure gauge, Will try to get a Compressor before next Drive 

If you do have off-road gear such as a flag, shovel, recovery rope or others, please bring it along as well. - Flag i have, if mandatory can get Rope, Shovel

If you have a UHF Radio you can bring it along, and program it to the Carnity Frequencies as per the below post. If you don't have radio we will provide spare radio to use. From the second drive onward you need to get your own radio. - I have a Radio

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3 hours ago, Riyal Shareef said:

i have a Deflator but not a Pressure gauge,

You need a pressure gauge to set the precise air pressure. You can buy from any hardware shop.

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5 hours ago, Mark Pendle said:

Hi Asif,

I will have to postpone my first drive.  I will join next weekend.

Currently suffering a case of influenza.

I have a stock standard 2016 3.8L SWB Pajero, low Kms/not abused yet :)

Plans for modifications, but none carried out as yet.

Get well soon @Mark Pendle see you next time. Can you please change your RSVP and leave the event.

17 minutes ago, Arravind said:

Hello @Asif Hussain

I will not be able to attend the drive tomorrow as something has come up in the last minute. 

I have removed the RSVP


See you next time @Arravind

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Great newbie drive today.

We started deflating before the sun rise and started out after the first timers briefing.

Lots of large flowing dunes to start with as the sun rose making for some spectacular scenery.

As the day heated up we all got a chance to practice some digging and recovery work 💪💪

@Riyal Shareefgreat first drive. A couple of unexpected flying events but you keep going and delivered a strong drive!

@Aser great work doing the second lead keeping us out of trouble, @Karthik_LC200 thanks for your sweeping and recovery guidance.


@Asif Hussaingreat to do a drive in Abu Dhabi. Thanks for leading and looking forward to some more as the weather cools.



Will drop some photos in the gallery tonight!



Edited by PETELCZYC PAJERO - luke
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Hey Luke

thanks to @Asif Hussain and all of your  support it was tremendous start for me, for sure lot to learn, as this was my first ever 4x4 drive as well as desert drive got so much confident after the drive.

Will catch up on the next one


c ya

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