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Leaders Lead - III - Learn to lead the desert drive - 25 Nov 2023


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Congratulations @DP1011 and @Simon D for successfully completing the second session of leaders lead with flying colors.

As you all have learned the art of leading while navigating your way with GPS, now it's your chance to get ready for the ultimate test of skills.

You will be learning the basics of leading in the desert in three different sessions:

  1. Advance sand reading, plan your lead, plan your exits.
  2. Use navigational software for selecting the right course of the path.
  3. How to plan and scale the lead and recoveries in the most grueling terrain.

In this third session of leaders lead you will be leading through technical dunes with the help of off-road navigation app or device. And also learn to scale up or down the drive level difficulties as per convoy response.

Prepare and mark these basic points and you will be required to reach any one or few of them:

  1. Entry and Exit
    1. Lisali camel track
    2. Lisali Fort
    3. Lisali technical dunes
    4. Murquab technical dunes
    5. Faqa long range dunes
    6. Faqa technical dunes
  2. Mark few play area in and around Lisali, Murquab and Faqa area.
  3. Mark as many sabka, flat track or easy exits in case of emergency.
  4. Mark fencing or restricted area.



Drive Details

Level: Selective Advisors only - @DP1011 and @Simon D

When: 25 Nov 2023, Saturday

Meeting time: 1:00 PM, (Sharp, without any exceptions)

Meeting Point: Al Lisaili - https://goo.gl/maps/UDzJ7FKT2Aq5HcyFA

Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 8-10 inches of ground clearance.

Approximate finish time:  5:00 PM


Please RSVP on the below calendar: 


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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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