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Afternoon Newbie Desert Drive - Murquab - Dubai -  23rd  Mar 2024

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The morning rain allowed me to expect a cool afternoon. But heat slowly came back, announcing the next summer and the end of the afternoon drives. Back to early wake up 😭

@Davie Chase made us a perfect and complete Newbie briefing.

We had a beautiful Absolute Newbie and Newbie drive, led by @Davie Chase, taking nice lines, very comfortable in his teacher role. 

Everybody was driving extremely well. The support team, @Sunil Mathew and myself, was not very active and almost, useless. By chance, @ChrisW disconnected his transfer case shifter cable to give us some excitement. We had to tow him to the closest exit😉

I have been very pleased to drive with all of you. I hope to meet you again when I am back from Namibia.

Enjoy the next night drive organised by @Davie Chase next week 😉

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Dear @Davie Chase @Fabien Monleau @Sunil Mathew

Thanks for your guidance and the opportunity to learn from you every day. I believe that yesterday you demonstrated your professionalism and seniority brilliantly. When I heard that one car needed to be towed, it reminded me of the assurance Davie gave during the briefing: "Don't worry, under any emergency or circumstance, we'll manage and come back safely." You guys rock!

@ChrisW I'm glad to hear that it turned out to be a simple thing.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the sand!

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