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  1. Back to original topic.. why we don't share flips in our club. There are many reasons why we should and why we shouldn't. I will explain it from my club's point of view (we had endless discussions around that within the marshals team): Why we should: an opportunity to discuss, explain and learn from mistakes, especially when the driver explains his actions and mistakes leading to the roll a reminder that this hobby includes risks, and they do happen more than expected But does that really need to be from a flip that happened 2 days ago? wouldn't any similar flip video on youtube serve the purpose? There are many reasons why we don't share such videos and pictures... we usually have the following concerns: Offroad insurance, most of new trucks will have it and we encourage it for our hobby, but insurance policies and their fine-print differs, and might not cover the same situation the same way! having a video on youtube with the incident might affect that process! Protecting the driver and his feelings, as less experienced drivers might get into emotional shock, and having everyone asking them "what happened with you 6 months ago" is not helpful. Usually drivers who roll will take sometime to rebuild their courage, giving them space is important! Club branding, too many incidents, and you will be labeled as an "unsafe" club, especially as most of the clubs are focusing on safely teaching offroading to new people. and to cover the learning part: We discuss these incidents during briefing before and after drives, respecting the identity of the driver if he/she wants to stay anonymous. We share, explain and discuss rollover videos that are posted online (not specifically our group) and use it to teach the core concepts such as gravity, drifting, hard braking, slope and crest handling... etc. At the end of the day, identifying who rolled is not the point, it is the lesson we want to teach, which can be served without publically sharing the rollover incidents. My 2 cents
  2. Hi, I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to explain that all cars have a variance between the speedometer and the actual GPS speed, this is by design, and should be around 5% difference, but not always. each manufacturer will have different variance, Nissans tends to vary 9%-10% .. I noticed that in the Xterra, Infinity QX4, and a couple of rentals (Sunny and Altima). I drove also Audis and VWs, and it is similar, 9-10% variance. Pajeros on the other hand, have considerably less variance, around 3% or so, so it will seem more accurate. Bottom line, when you get a new car, or change tire size, do check the speed variance and adjust your driving and speed limits accordingly
  3. absolutely, 2WD won't cut it
  4. Well, I strongly believe yes, it is. the Renault is NOT an AWD, it is a proper 4WD, it has a selector for 2WD, Auto (AWD), and Locked, which is a proper 4Hi with locked center differential, but doesn't have low range... in the manual edition, it compensates for the lack of low range with a super short 1st gear, it is a crawl gear! (around 5.79kph per 1,000 rpm according to online brochures), which means maxing up at around 35 kph in 1st gear, that's even lower than my 1st gear in low in my R50 pathfinder.. while it won't make for a dune climber, but you can still manage to cruise around in the desert and climb easy tracks.. The local version seems Auto tranny only, and it clocks 0-100 in 11 second, which is better than 3.8 Pajero, it really has a nice power to weight ratio.. again, I wouldn't recommend it for an offroad hobby, but it can handle itself in the desert far better than a KIA sportage, a CRV, or even RAV4. Duster is an adventure oriented small SUV, it takes you to desert, wadis, mountains and beaches with no problem, but not necessarily on the same track that more offroad ready SUVs.. but pretty close.. here is the local version brochure: http://www.renault-me.com//CountriesData/GCC/images/pdf/BROCHURE_RENAULT_DUSTER_4X4_ENGLISH.pdf
  5. I really don't know why you insist on insulting everyone here.. maybe you are trying to compensate for something with your big hollow talk.. You know.. I mean lack of skills.. anyways, I never saw any real desert expert who talks like this, they know better to respect others & other trucks.. Lack of such respect means simply that you are a noob who is just talking a big game.. And what is this crap about what women drive? Since when women driving anything is a shame? I saw girls driving everything.. Xterras, Jeeps, FJs, Patrols, Pajeros, Vitaras, and LandCruiser 70 series in the sand.. And I know a lot of them who will definitely beat you on every skill and put you to a big shame any day..! people who know me in the desert know exactly how I drive, which crazy level I fit.. Your ignorance is hilarious when you are trying hard to throw baseless insults.. look Amr, enjoy your FJ, it is a great truck in my opinion, respect the desert & others.. And try not to roll over! .. Guys talking your talk usually end up on the roof while trying to show off..
  6. Oh! .. You really just started this hobby obviously! while the FJ is a fine machine, I wouldn't brag too much about anything here.. Especially while driving up the dune with a view of the sky only due to the big bonnet, endless plastic dashboard & jail cell Windows. ANY SUV can get stuck.. You simply are not playing hard enough! getting stuck is normal for any level driver.. Doing stupid thing & getting stuck like an idiot almost flipping is a different story FYI.. difflock+ ATRACK is in all major new offroad trucks: Xterra Offroad: Difflock+ABLS Pajero 3.8: Difflock+ATSC JK-sport/Sahara: similar to ATRAC JK-rubicon: FR+RR difflocks ... the interior of the Xterra is water proof.. Just like the FJ.. And it is all hard plastic.. Zero guilt feeling when my black interior turns brown with sand.. for aftermarket mods.. Many shops can fabricate anything for the X that will make it as good as anything else.. And I wouldn't trust half of the ready made aftermarket stuff you find around for your FJ! learn to respect all cars, each one of them has advantages and disadvantages.. No truck is perfect.. And take care not to be too excited driving your FJ, learn how to drive and keep the ego aside... many of them end up with bent chassis when driven hard... Or end up upside down!
  7. rust proofing will be fine, depending on your car, you might want to re-grease the wheel bearings and differential oil if applicable, usually differential breather should be high enough, but worths checking.. usually this info and what to check after water crossing is mentioned in the car booklet/manual, at least for 4x4s
  8. It is always good to have a discussion with different people across the globe.. We are not talking about extensive mods, we are talking about "protection" ones.. a bolt on bumper & similar rear protection, which every truck in the desert need, including Jeep Wrangler.. But each of course to different degree.. Take a look at my truck in the profile pic, it is completely stock except for the bumper & the LED lights, which didn't invalidate my warranty even with the pain in the a*% Local Nissan dealers.. although I would LOVE to change the stock suspension, but better to keep my warranty as long as it lasts! i agree with the Gaurav experience and comments, but it is nearly the same negatives for all other brands.. All car brands will destroy an engine once the truck is old & you push it, it happened around me with nissans, toyotas & mitsubishis.. Toyotas tend to last a bit longer, but all the same fate eventually.. I never saw any popular SUV in the desert that doesn't need some kind of extra protection.. Xterra? Dangerously exposed radiator & flemsi skid plate, a proper skid plate is a must, I went for full bumper for more aggressive offroad driving style than usual.. FJ? Same, front bumper sides always gets a dang when things goes beyond smooth cruising, & the front skid plate is too thin & too low that it gets bent in a few drives nissan Patrol y61? Plastic bumpers front and back gets a hit easily.. But protection is not a functional must pajero has a very exposed rear bumper lip, I always take it off for anyone joining my drive, a few screws.. Front bumper needs some "decoration" work to remove the lower lip.. But nothing more than cosmetics here 😁 .. Still a negative for sure
  9. again, I do respect your trans-africa experience, I know I can learn A LOT from your experience in that regard. but for sand, I can help more
  10. Yes, we are really talking about different types of offroading, and you need to stop shoehorning your own irrelevant experience into this.. it is a wide spectrum of activities, advice will vary based on the type and the intended use. we are not talking about rock crawling here, we are talking about sand driving... and what you are describing is becoming more like a purpose built crawler rather than a daily driver.. so let's not go their.. your comment and "question" about side sloping and pajero "high center of gravity" just shows that you are not experienced in this type of "offroading". which is not a problem, I have zero experience in rock crawling, and I don't go and start discussing that topic because I don't have the practical experience. in the sand I do exactly know what I'm talking about, and for the Pajero specifically as I own one and know how it handles the sand. I respect your knowledge and experience in the other type of offroading, but it is totally different, while the overall knowledge and nature respect is transferable, the technical knowledge is not, at least not immediately, and what works there might work differently in the sand. your statement about big mods for a winch is false, big time.. it is no different than practically any SUV.. you need a winch bumper, for any truck, and for the Pajero you can get the ARB one which fits directly. actually you can buy it ready from the agency under the name Pajero Adventure edition, with 2" lift and ARB bumper fitted in the local agency, just add a winch. I don't really want to argue much, but your articles and advices are based on different offroading, and it doesn't fit in this case as well as other cases. for example the advice for choosing an offroad vehicle article is valid for a specific type of offroading, and it is invalid for the MAIN type of offroading here which is sand, yet you write the article as if it is an absolute truth and as it is one size fits all.. it is not!
  11. I guess you mean 3.5. in the recent years, the agency limited their imports with full traction control/ Difflock to the 3.8 engine. if you have the 3.8, you should have a button in front of the gearbox with R/D written on it, it only activates in 4Llc, when you try to activate it, a small dot will blink between the rear tires on the dashboard, once all the lights are solid, then it is now engaged
  12. Wildcat, The pajero is not even close to a soft roader, and it's center of gravity is seriously better than a Wrangler or an FJ.. it is a superior one and it is better designed than all the bunch.. their air intake design, water and dust trap in the intake is a work of art, it is a very well thought off offroader that is great for sand! Pajero, if you don't know, is the king of Dakar, Gen2 and Gen3 ruled it for years until Mitsu decided to race the Lancer variant there.. and it was unbeatable.. Gen4 (current Paj) is not different than Gen3.. it is one of the very best desert SUVs.. it is only let down by it is below class engine output, which is reliable, but is not as powerful as the FJ/Xterra/Prado/wrangler... etc. Still, it can do everything, many marshals drove Pajeros, and some still do in many clubs... Pajeros have Low range transfer case, rear lockable Difflock, and one of the best traction controls in the business.. only relatively recently Toyota and Nissan caught up with it with ATRAC and ABLS respectively.. Pajero is an icon, and it is a great all purpose truck, I bought one for the wife and I take it for family offroading trips where my Xterra is left for hardcore and have many gear and equipment occupying family space, I purely decided to make the Xterra my main offroad truck because of engine power, nothing else! regarding side sloping, it is a basic technique, we take Pajeros to far more advanced stuff, side cresting, big ones, and fast ones with 80 Km/h speed side crests done on big dunes.. it is awesome.. if only it had more power I would make it my main offroader!
  13. This actually means it is working perfectly fine, & trying to help, but you are looking at a deep stuck tire! If you look at the other tire it will be spinning aimlessly.. The traction control is trying to stop that other tire, but if the first one is deep stuck & under full weight of the truck, no traction control will help, it might move slightly but won't get you out of trouble.. Either case, flooring it will make things worse with or without traction control.. You need full differential lockers, which in the 3.8 comes in the rear diff only.. And in my 2009 it also switches the traction off completely (so no elsd in the front). anyways.. Bottom line, in your case, switching the traction completely off by removing the fuse/relay will not help either.. You need a recovery (snatch) by another truck my friend...
  14. I do that as well in these cases, trying to skip over that specific driver.. but I don't feel happy or proud about that.. I prefer if everyone respected the traffic & others.. that won't work without punishing the offenders
  15. This is a great move, queue jumpers disrespect all others, piss everyone off, & a main cause for exasurated big queues... I'm all for this.. on the other hand, i agree with Baraz, slow drivers doing 100 on the fastest lane when it is miles free ahead on SZR are equally irritating..