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  1. skumar83

    Liwa Moreeb Drive - 25 Jan 2019

    @Jocreative welcome back. This is Intermediate and above.
  2. Rav is in hibernation this winter. So it must be your imagination
  3. skumar83

    100k service

    It's better to open it first and then buy the parts. You might find that some of the seals might need replacement. Better to then buy all original parts at once. Other than the parts, labor would be in region of AED 800-1000 depending on the work.
  4. skumar83

    100k service

    Generally garages in Sharjah and Ajman would be cheaper than Dubai. But the million dollar question is whether it's a good mechanic or not
  5. skumar83

    Recommend offroad equipments

    @hossein regarding the concept of selling the items from Carnity at this stage I don't think that would be possible as we don't keep spare inventory of these recovery gears. But based on previous experience we can most definitely recommend a certain brand and store and brand which can be a reliable purchase. Finally, the decision on how much each member would like to spend for building this set of recovery tools is an individual choice. You might have a person who would be ok with an acceptable quality shovel from Sharjah Industrial Area, and you can have another person who would prefer to buy it from Ace Hardware. So we can only mention that places from where to get the equipment. The choice of selection is always yours.
  6. skumar83

    What should all drivers be able to do?

    Nice thread, Barry. Here a few fromyside. Jump start a car Change an air filter
  7. skumar83

    10 Year Challenge

    Boy, the hair has definitely reduced a lot...
  8. skumar83

    Mitsubishi Pajero head gasket is gone

    Sorry to hear that. Check if you can get 3.5 litre engine. It might just be your lucky day.
  9. I also had this noise on cold start only. Then when I changed the oil to Castrol 10w40 Full Synthetic I have not noticed it. Will check once again tomorrow morning and update.
  10. Wouldn't a central difflock be sufficient in such a situation as both rear tyres seemed to have traction
  11. An update on an old post. I had tried the cotter pins solution for about 9 months, but the pins used to cut the rubber bushing and I had to keep replacing the bushing from time to time. Further, the shifting was never precise. So finally I bit the bullet and bought the Boostwerks Engineering Transfer Case. This transfer case linkage works only with the XJ and not for the Wranglers. You have multiple options depending on the type of transfer case and the gear box. I bought it and the landed cost was approx USD 95. It took us a couple of hours to remove the existing transfer case handle and linkage and do the new installation. The linkage is so firm and precise that it you get a good click when it engages in 4 high or 4 low mode. Earlier, my XJ would continuously pop out when driven in the 4 low mode. The last Friday, I tried driving it on 4 low mode and it never popped out even while driving over some bumps. I have attached a picture of the linkage. So far it seems absolutely worth the purchase and I do hope that it lasts a long time.
  12. @hossein did a trial of installing a kill switch an it's mentioned in the below post on the last page. You can check with him if it worked on the last weekend desert drive.
  13. skumar83

    Car Service

    I think someone pointed it out. If the oil is in the original packing, it can stay for even 10 years and it won't have an expiry date. It chemically can' simple as that. However in your engine, transfer case and gear box you do tend to have moisture ingress plus some other foreign elements. These can accelerate the degradation of the additives only, and not the oil. That's the reason why there is a possibility of a so called expiry date on the used oil.
  14. skumar83

    Anyone here work for or with Dubizzle?

    @Shafiq used to work.
  15. Looking forward to hitting the sand this weekend after last week's miss. One of my favourite areas.