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  1. skumar83


    I have driven a 2009 camry and the mileage in stop and go traffic is about 8 km per litre. In a mix of city and highway you can get about 11 km per litre and in highway with cruise control you will get about 14-15 km per litre. Like stig mentioned a lot has to do based on your driving style. I started driving like an old granny with very light acceleration and cruising around highways at 90 km per hour, and I have been able to increase the mileage by about 25% compared with an earlier slightly aggressive driving style.
  2. skumar83

    Hi !

    Hi Wilfred, welcome to Carnity. You can join the offroad club, link provided below and would receive the updates on the drives. We have a Newbie Drive every alternative week, and you could join those drives. Look forward to seeing you on the sand.
  3. skumar83

    Newbie drive Kalba/Maliha 16 Nov

    Am all excited with the good participation. Looking forward to tomorrow's drive. @Emil, you have got all the necessary tools for the first drive. Dont worry too much about the shovel. We shall all be carrying it and if you do enjoy shoveling we can definitely lend you ours. 😁
  4. skumar83

    "Dawn to Dark" Sweihan Desert Drive

    @Gaurav its time to shift the timing of JD. The season is just starting 🤣
  5. skumar83

    "Dawn to Dark" Sweihan Desert Drive

    Just lead the way Asif Bhai, I will follow you from 'Dawn to Dusk'
  6. skumar83

    Newbie drive Kalba/Maliha 16 Nov

    @Shafeel what year model is it? Is it the old shape or the new one?
  7. skumar83

    Newbie drive Kalba/Maliha 16 Nov

    @Javier M, @Emil, @Nikhil, @Pwn, @Jocreative, @Maxiben welcome to Carnity Offroad Club. For those who would be venturing into the desert for the first time, there is a nice writeup posted by one of the Carnity offroad experts on what you can expect in the desert. If you already have a Radio (walkie talkie) please charge it fully and bring it, as it will be your best friend during your offroad venture. A shovel, flag, deflator and tire gauge would also be very useful for the first drive.
  8. skumar83

    Share your favourite Offroad Soundtracks !

    Oh yes, I would like to Dire Straits - Walk of Life as one of my all time favourites
  9. skumar83

    Share your favourite Offroad Soundtracks !

    Love to listen to Eagles (Hell Freezes Over), Phill Collins and some nice melodious Hindi Songs. Never been a fan of thumping music even during an adrenaline drive. Need some nice soothing music while enjoying the tranquility of the desert.
  10. skumar83

    Newbie drive Kalba/Maliha 16 Nov

    All those who have registered for the drive, please share your contact numbers in case there is a need for any coordination. The phone number of the senior members who will be there for this drive are mentioned below: Rahimdad - 050 674 9099 Asif - 050 699 0411 Srikumar - 055 9567471
  11. The end of the driveshaft which broke was not just having a u-joint. It was having a ball joint as well and I checked that part up in the spare part market in Sharjah, they said that they dont keep the mopar part in stock. Am i still missing something?