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  1. Hi @Per A, this is a Newbie drive and it's not expected that you have any gear. Just you and your 4x4, with a full tank of petrol should be good enough.
  2. Srikumar

    Al Wathba Car Insurance Restrictions

    Just an update on this post. I am currently taking a new insurance policy and reading the above experience, before taking the policy from Noor Takaful, I called up the roadside assistance which happened to be IMC as well. They confirmed that for Noor Takaful, be it 3rd party or comprehensive cover, the road side assistance is unlimited and intercity. At the same time I happened to ask him about Al Wathba Insurance and he checked the system and informed me that for the 3rd party insurance there is restriction on the number of recovery as well as it has to be within the city only. However, with the comprehensive coverage there is no restriction on the number of recovery and intercity is allowed. So it would be a good idea to henceforth check with the recovery company before taking up the policy so that we are not caught at the time when we need the assistance the most.
  3. Srikumar

    Car Audio System Upgrade Advice

    @Frederic you are a true encyclopedia when it comes to Car Audio.
  4. The country definitely needs more contributors like @syedmeesamali and @vishlad702 's friend. I on the other hand have averaged approx AED 400 per year for the past 12 years with a major share of that being salik and accident fines.
  5. Hi, your 3.5 Pajero should be good enough. Regarding the modification to the bumper the main issue is with the rear aluminium bumper which can be removed by loosening a few bolts.
  6. Nice area for a Fewbie level drive. All the fewbies do join this drive and have the taste in Asif bhai's home turf @ 'Sweihan'. Excellent area for nice rolling dunes with an equally exceptional Lead Driver.
  7. Wonderful @Rahimdad.If I am in town I shall join the morning as well as the afternoon drive. A whole day of desert driving. Really looking forward to it.
  8. Srikumar

    Recovery Dampers - what do you think?

    It's good if you are using hard shackles. We generally use soft shackles which eliminates the risk of any damage
  9. Srikumar

    Buying a Pajero!

    Yes, this is a skid plate. You will have to get it fabricated
  10. Srikumar

    Buying a Pajero!

    @Per A the main issue while offroading is with the rear bumper which kinda works like a shovel. You can always attach a bar at the back or if you intend to maintain the original look this is a design I got from @Rahimdad. Pics are below but not necessarily in order. For the front bumper it would be good to remove the front mud guard and might have to trim the bumper a bit. Alternatively, @WiLfY can suggest about getting a two inch lift which would eliminate the need for trimming the bumper and would also give a you a decent ride height.
  11. Srikumar

    Buying a Pajero!

    LWB will still do reasonably well...congrats on your purchase.
  12. Srikumar

    Budget leasing for daily commute

    Rent a car is a stop gap arrangement maybe for a month or two. With low prices in the second hand car market I would suggest that you look at a smaller sedan preferably Japanese which has clocked less than 200,000 KMS. Get it thoroughly checked and keep some extra money (approx 2 - 3k) to do the immediate maintenance and repair work on it for piece of mind. Also out of personal experience stay away from Nissan and their CVTs. I have had two gear box failures in 4 year old Sentras and am having to change the them even before the EMI on the car was completed. An absolute piece of shit.
  13. Srikumar

    Buying a Pajero!

    Normally for such low mileage they would have a service contract with Al Habtoor. So it would be easy to check the service record
  14. Srikumar

    Buying a Pajero!

    And some of them never bother to do the scheduled maintenance. This I am stating out of personal experience. So like Gaurav said it doesn't matter who has driven it as along as it's regularly maintained.
  15. Srikumar

    Did anyone feel the earthquake?

    @shadow79 maybe it was you falling off the bed.