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  1. Revised convoy list 1. Srikumar - XJ 2. Ruan - Wrangler 3. Ramprakash - JGC 4. Eidoo - FJC 5. samir83 - GMC Sierra 6. Willie - Pajero 3.8 7. Anoop - Pajero 8. Xavier Treasurer - Xterra 9. Aamir Siddiqui - Patrol 10. ashique rahiman - Xterra 11. Omar Al-khoori 12. Jaap - Xterra 13. Arman - Wrangler 14. Shehab - Ford F150 15. Mustafa - Pajero
  2. RSVP is Closed Convoy Numbering 1. Srikumar - XJ 2. Srijith - Pajero 3. Ramprakash - JGC - AN 4. Eidoo - FJC - AN 5. samir83 - GMC Sierra - AN 6. Willie - Pajero 3.8 7. Anoop - Pajero 8. Xavier Treasurer - Xterra 9. ashique rahiman - Xterra 10. Omar Al-khoori 11. Jaap - Xterra 12. Arman - Wrangler 13. Ruan - Wrangler 14. Shehab - Ford F150 15. Mustafa - Pajero We shall be using Carnity Channel 1 (446.03125). For the first timers we would be providing spare radios for tomorrow's drive See you at 6:00 AM.
  3. thanks for the update. Please ensure that it meets the basic offroad requirements mentioned in the original post.
  4. @Santhosh kumar Rajasekaran I have noticed that you have not yet done a single drive with Carnity yet, and would not be in a position to complete the 3 drive requirement by Nov 27th. Hence, I would be removing your name from the Liwa drive list. Sorry.
  5. @Omar Al-khoori and @Ramprakash please confirm your participation on this drive, else there is a waitlist member. Thanks
  6. @syed salman raza I am referring to the Liwa drive which is on Dec 2nd (Wednesday). Please confirm your participation.
  7. It's fine, but please take into consideration that more the number of passengers your car would be sluggish and less responsive. You can buy either a plastic or a metal one. Both would be fine
  8. @Mohammed Razeen @syed salman raza @asifk your name has been added on the Newbie drive list. Please confirm your participation. During the drive, if anyone's car is having the slightest troubles we would have to take them on to the road immediately. This has to be done to avoid delays and ensure that the rest of the convoy enjoys the drive.
  9. The below post will help you out. Once you remove the relay for ABS and ACS, it disables the airbags. Regarding the camping, I would suggest to camp in close proximity to a ADNOC gas station without venturing much into the sand. The last thing you would need is to get stuck in soft sand alone. The meeting point would be approx 20 -30 mins from the ADNOC Station
  10. @ashique rahiman @samir83 @Ramprakash Please share your vehicle details - Make, Model, Year. Do you have any prior off-road experience? Confirm your vehicle has front and rear tow hooks / eyelets. Also, please ensure to go through the following video for your own and your vehicle's Safety Hi, @eidooo Welcome to Carnity Offroad Club. See if you can manage the Radio. Details on which radio would work are in the below post. If you are unable to arrange we shall provide first timers with Carnity Offroad Club a spare radio.
  11. @Mus_hus78 @Ramprakash your name has been added on to the drive. Please confirm your participation Waitlist 1. @Aamir Siddiqui
  12. @Anoop joseph at the moment all the hotels in Liwa are either fully booked or insanely expensive. The closest option would be a 2 hour drive in Ghayathi or closer to Abu Dhabi city. I plan on removing the back seat of my car and put a sleeping bag to get some rest during the journey to and from Liwa.
  13. @Santhosh kumar Rajasekaran await your response. @Sreenath Giridharan please confirm if you will be completing 3 drives (1 Absolute Newbie + 2 Newbies) by this weekend Current Waitlist 1. Mohammed Razeen 2. Syed Salman Raza 3. Asifk
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