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  1. Great day, but a little spoiler as I got delayed due to car starting troubles. My sincere thanks to @skumar83 / @Asif Hussain and @EmVarlet for taking the floor and presenting the most important information for anybody joining for the first time. By the time I reach everybody was edging to get into the sands and was looking forward to the drive. After a quick deflation and convoy numbering we were off. A big thanks to @BIG T for being my second lead, he understood the terrain very well and managed teh second lead position with great application of whatever has been thought to him so far. Thanks to @Per A for being an absolute fantastic passenger to @Asif Hussain and was open to discuss about his new ride to be. @srini62 just amazed me with his new form in the desert, I was surprised to see him keep up all the way. Thanks to @g.huz and @yogic for being enthusiastic and willing to learn. Special thanks to @hossein for bringing his family out for some off-road fun. It was a quick 40 minutes ride to Pink Rocks and everybody injoyed climbing the Pink Rocks in one go. Here the level was increased slightly and everybody managed well right until our little corner for snacks and chats. Everybody bought so many food types it was difficult to decide which one to have first. After we packed up Asif bhai hadd to leave, but the rest we still edging to get 30 - 40 minutes more in the desert, except for Taimur and his brother who were ready for another 5 hours drive. So we played around the Big Red. Just at the time we were supposed to exit we saw 3 girls who were struggling with a van, so we all got together and helped them out and on their way back with a generous smile. Loved the day, the drive, the people, the food and everything in between. until next time Adios Amigos.
  2. Rahimdad

    Recommend offroad equipments

    At your service, Its on my way in Sharjah, so PM me if you want the viking rope and I will arrange it for you, you can pay me on the drive day.
  3. Rahimdad

    Recommend offroad equipments

    Since we don't have warranty issues with tow ropes, I source from a friend in the ship business. It's AED 350 for Viking tow rope with 2 soft shackles, gloves and a bag. The AOR shackles alone cost AED 100 each.
  4. Rahimdad

    Funny Car Memes

    Do you think it's a Pajero on the inside.
  5. Rahimdad

    Liwa Moreeb Drive - 25 Jan 2019

    Liwa here we come. Thanks @Gaurav bhai for posting the much waited Liwa drive.
  6. Great observations @Gaurav and @WiLfY.
  7. Rahimdad

    Mitsubishi Pajero head gasket is gone

    All the best @Frederic Nuyttens option 2 sounds fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
  8. @EmVarlet and @Frederic Nuyttens both have valid points. Any more guesses?
  9. Thanks to @Asif Hussain for this contribution. What went wrong here? VID-20190115-WA0020.mp4
  10. Rahimdad

    Mitsubishi Pajero head gasket is gone

    Really sorry to hear this @Frederic Nuyttens. Your co driver is going to be really annoyed. Hope you can get it back to it glory days soon.
  11. Rahimdad

    120K service for Pajero

    No wotries in that case. Enjoy your ride.
  12. Rahimdad

    120K service for Pajero

    @vishlad702 just get your timing belt checked and you should be good.
  13. Rahimdad

    Hissing sound from brake pedal

    I had a similar issue and Gaurav bhai helped me by putting some tape on the hose. It started with the hissing sound and within a week I had to literally stand on the brakes to come to a stop. Replaced the hose and was all OK. Recommend to get it checked at the earliest if it's your daily driver too.
  14. @Per A. Most welcome. Just make your way to the meeting point, will take you from there.
  15. With the season in full swing and amazing cool weather it's time to have another absolute newbie or newbie level drive. All first timer absolute newbie will be given a proper introduction of sand off-roading before they start, from seasoned offroaders having over decades of UAE offroad experience. Idea is to make an absolute newbie comfortable with sand off-roading and in some of the most approachable set of sand dunes in Tawi Nizwa side. It's a perfect drive for people aspiring to start dune bashing or offroading in the sand as a new hobby and wish to explore the UAE offroad, natural beauty and unleash the hidden power of your 4x4 vehicle. For newbies, it's a perfect drive to learn more and advance to fewbie level and start enjoying more advance level drives as per your offroad grades. All experienced members are requested to join in helping newbies by imparting their off-road expertise. When: 18 Jan 2019 Meeting time: 7:00 AM, and convoy will move sharply at 7:15 AM Where: Tawi Nizwa shops GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/KKBUhkQ2y382 Level of drive: All are welcome Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 8-10 inches of ground clearance Plan: Easy drive from Tawi Nazwa to Pink rock and relax with snacks, bbq, drinks, and chat. What to bring along: Loads of snacks - whatever you like with little extra to share, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Approximate finish time: 11 AM Please RSVP on below Calendar