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  1. @Rizwan Waheed its not about how many kilometers your vehicle has done, its about how it reached there. How much you've cared for it. I agree with @Frederic and you should use an oil which will keep your engine protected for longer. I think @Gaurav bhai would also advise you the same.
  2. Thank you brother, Dr @Mohamed Seidam. You are very much right, distractions can also put you in lots of trouble. @Abdul Rahman Abdul Kader you are also right in your deduction about why it happened. But the video is not so clear and you see some bushes all over the place, his car could have got caught up in one of these bushes. But if you see the first Jeep, just follow it, why you want to prove you can go extra over the other one. This is part of ego that can put you in trouble.
  3. I think its about Ego which should be left at home when coming out to off-road. I can do better and longer than him.
  4. @Aus Alzubaidi I hope you'll never drive like these senseless reckless people. But the high pace drive is possible at Intermediate level when everyone is just as capable and has confidence in one another. I think the biggest criteria to stay safe would be you've driven before with these drivers and know each other like hand and glove. One small mistake can result in disaster. Last but not the least you need wide open dunes in which to enjoy such high speed drives. Stephan, Wagan, Liwa, Umm Al Oush, Bu TaiTais come to mind. @Emmanuel is our Velociraptor for these terrains.
  5. @Pancho thank you for letting me support your drive. I was just going through the sign ups and looks like we have a fantastic convoy.
  6. @Nitin Mohan if you're going for the Pathfinder please try for 2005 model. The 2002 - 2004 model comes with a plastic part in the MAF sensor which is prone to breaking. 2005 model came with the same part in metal which lasts much longer.
  7. @Lee Wilson, you said a 360 cam, @imranaasghar81 has been trying that and maybe he can share some good points on that.
  8. Congratulations @Nathan Evans on your promotion. Hope you continue to enjoy learning and polishing your skills at this level.
  9. Congratulations @Probir Mukherjee on your promotion. Hope you continue to enjoy learning and polishing your skills at this level.
  10. Congratulations @Harold Roberts. My regards to Julia.🤣 well deserved promotion, hoping Julia comes back to meet and greet her fans.
  11. Congratulations @Hisham Masaad. I loved our last drive together and I really love your enthusiasm and positive attitude. Well deserved brother, hope you enjoy to continue learning the art of off-roading and polish your skills you have already learned.
  12. Thank you @Dodi Syahdar for sharing your experience. We at @Carnity have an unwritten policy not to leave anyone behind, but we all follow this from our inception to date. Excellent efforts by @Gaurav bhai and @Wrangeld, both went that extra mile to make sure you and your son reached safely home which is part of our DNA. I am very pleased to read your point of view on the whole incident and this will encourage us to continue helping our brothers and sisters along the way.
  13. @Joe Biju Joseph this has already been answered before the drive when @Thomas Varghese asked the same question. It will be counted as one drive only.
  14. Good one @andy_macdxb. The only way I could motivate people not to get stuck was to put Biryani clause for the next stuck car to treat everybody Biryani. Alas we only got refusals and partial pop-outs after that.🤣🤣🤣
  15. @Alex Sidorov if you're worried about the trim of your bumper, your paint job or your 20 inch rims, this is either not the right sport for you or you need a desert toy. The desert is an uncertain terrain and like @Brette pointed out the slightest of mistakes can damage your vehicle. Even @Lorenzo changed his rims and tires from 20 inch to 18 inch on his Nissan Patrol Y62. Deflating 20 inch rims exposes more danger to the rims in case of the slightest of bumps. Interested to know which way you're going to go.
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