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  1. Here you will find people following the emergency vehicles closely to skip traffic. Reminds me of one of the episodes of Mr Bean.
  2. Congratulations @Javier M. Well deserved promotion. Love you write ups and enthusiasm on the drives. Heard you had a great lead in Sweihan, missed it this time. But looking forward to driving behind you.
  3. @syedyaseer always drive 3 or 4 of the same make and model to be sure of the best ride comfort and make a decision. They are good as daily drivers as far as I'm concerned. But your preferences might be different than mine.
  4. Last someone told me was their 2 way radios were also confesticated at the border. Wonder how you got away with that.
  5. OMG! Finally my wife's perfect Pajero the diff light is on the blink and the lights showing the rear tires as green has gone blank. After stopping the car on road side and switching off the engine, letting the computer reset itself the system is back to normal. As per @shadow79 I am shifting the car every now and then from 2H to 4H and back. I am still facing the issue once in a while. Its seems the switch has an issue and will try to find out more over the coming days, however thank God I do not have any unwanted vibrations.
  6. Love the video @Xaf. They say a pic speaks a 1000 words your video is worth a million words. Essence of the drive nicely captured and presented.
  7. Trip Report - After a fight within myself to join Sweihan champs or future prospects for champs I decided to go with the Newbies. Most of us were excited and were well ahead of time specially @Halit Mert Issever who was first on the scene. Like @Gaurav bhai mentioned being late is disrespectful to those who make it ahead of time and nobody should be late. Timings are given on every drive thread and without exception should be adhered to by all. After a delay we started with the absolute newbie brief and it was good to see people like @Xaf understand, embrace and able to convey the message to the new people joining in. We started moving right after the brief in heavy fog to the deflation point. We reached safely and started deflation. Luck being on our side the fog had lifted by the time we deflated so after a quick convoy numbering we were off. I love @Srikumar lead as it is very close to the way I handle such drives as well. He started with a few tracks to settle everybody in and later increased to difficulty level to keep everybody engaged. Plus in general the learning curve is much better once people get to a goid start. However we were not without stucks or refusals, and I love @Halit Mert Issever smile every time he was able to clear a refusal. We eventually reached our play area where all the experienced drivers took a shot at side slopping. Once the concept was clear and after a few attempts everybody enjoyed that little play time. This got us hungry and led us to a shaded area near the camel farm. As guessed by the kids the little black things might have looked like stones, but we're actually camel dung. We sat around having breakfast, a few stories, but loads of smiles and my day was already made. After pack up the fun was not over and we headed towards the top of Fossil Rocks. This space presented more challenges than usual. However as a team we were able to March on and find ways to defeat the terrain to reach the top. Upon close inspection of the top it was decided we would not go down straight but around the Fossil Rocks. But with me around no is not an option, so I found a way around with Abhay, Roshan, Xaf, Mert, Bony and Shamil all making it down straight. I had to go back up to support Sri, Adil and Atif bhai around the Fossil Rocks. We met at the base of Fossil Rocks to head out to the Adnoc pump to inflate. Everybody managed well and looking forward to many more such drives in the upcoming season. Keep rocking, until next time this is Rahimdad signing off.
  8. I use cruise control on highway only when the traffic is flowing. I wouldn't worry about cruise control failure. If you see all the incidents with cruise control failure it happens only with Emarati Nationals and luckily they haven't given me nationality yet. So no chances of cruise control failing on me.
  9. Just like I can't remember half the phone numbers of my family and friends since mobile phone has all of them stored. Similarly with adaptive cruise control we would loose our sense of braking. Let the kids learn it the hard way.
  10. Legally if you're holding an automatic license you cannot drive or register a manual car in your name. Unofficially if the car is manual and you drive it without getting caught there are no implications. However no idea if you get caught. Part 2 is best left to the experts, so I leave the floor to @shadow79, @Barry and @treks to advise regarding the conversion.
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