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  1. @amro elshafey any newbie drive is a bit challenging for any new participants, however you always have to overcome your fear to grow within this sport. Although front and rear tow screw is not recommended for desert drives, you need proper recovery tow hooks installed which are securely bolted on to the chassis of the car. Most online videos are shot keeping in mind that they need to sell these cars to some people who want to opt to take it off-road. Let me warn you in advance, if the car is expensive it might hurt you if even a scratch comes on your car. However if you have a second car and this is your spare car it might be little less hurtful to you. Although our newbie drives are meant to be for new people in the desert to get a feel and learn, but with less than 10 inch clearance it is always going to be dicey. Your choice and @Gaurav will be the deciding factor as he is the trip lead.
  2. Great share @amro elshafey. Next few drives is all about learning about your learning about off-road and how your car reacts to certain situation. Enjoy.
  3. @Jun Zamora, depends on your speed and revs, never allow your revs to go below 4000, you need to shift down, try 2nd gear, if close to 4000 revs shift to 1. Once you reach the peak and are on plain surface go back to D as you don't want to continue on 1st gear throughout your trip. Practice will make perfect.
  4. Let me be the first to take advantage presented by @Carnity, thank you so very much for this opportunity. My company has seen the repatriation flights to India and they are way too expensive. Plus there are a lot of hassles that are involved to set your self up for these repatriations flights. We have done a study and decided to charter aircraft to India starting from 15 - 20 June. I have listed below the benefits of booking through us along with my email address. Those interested can email me your details so that I can revert back with a quote and documentation required. Our chartered flights are cheaper than the repatriation flights started by scheduled carriers. We offer the full package which includes your flights, accommodation for 3, 4 & 5 Star hotels in India approved by Indian government for quarantine for 7, 14 or 21 nights as required by the specific state, all the documentation except for the negative Covid19 results, and transfer from the airport to the hotel. the hotel will include all your meals Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. We are a reputed company and rest assured will provide you the best possible offers with the complete package. The destinations we have as of now are Mumbai, Delhi, Kochi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangaluru, Trichy, Lucknow, Trivandrum, Srinagar and Amritsar. Those interested please contact me through my email [email protected] and since this is a general mailbox please address it to me...Rahimdad. Thank you for taking time to go through the offer and I thank you for all your queries in advance.
  5. @amro elshafey I doubt you have a 19 inch clearance, can you please confirm if you have made any modifications to your vehicle? Please also advise if your VW Toureg is has the proper 4 high and 4 Low gear selection, or is it an All Wheel Drive, or has one of those knobs to decide what the vehicle is going to do.
  6. @syed salman raza well done. Definitely a great job to have it all ready before the drive. However I would not trust the settings done by the shops at DM, I would rather you follow the instructions as mentioned by Fred in his topic below and do it yourself to make sure you get the channels as per Carnity frequencies.
  7. Yes, there were coins instead of a 4WD selector shift, I don't think coins will help in the middle of the desert. BTW @sertac Dubizzle does have short link at bottom as well. https://tnydu.biz/DOybZj
  8. I used to see them a lot in Dubai back in the late 80's and early 90's, I think Juma Al Majid had the agency, but for some reason they just disappeared. BTW some people also told me that they loved the Ssangyong Kyron, it was a Korean or Chinese brand which borrowed its engine and other components from Mercedes.
  9. I had seen this vehicle back in Feb 2017 in Media city and checked with @Gaurav bhai who told me all about it. It is bare bone without any creature comfort and what confused me about it was having a petrol filler on both sides. This was also answered by @Gaurav bhai who told me so that they can fill the petrol of either side. How cool is that? Today while just browsing through Dubizzle I came across this ad. https://tnydu.biz/DOwtKD
  10. I wouldn't go for it. Like I said earlier there are plenty of cars if you search and learn to walk away from a bad deal.
  11. Time to change your DP @Kalahari, Prado out and X in.
  12. Congrats @Kalahari, pics please and more details, which model, how much driven and when can we expect to see you in the rough and tough X. Welcome to the Club X.
  13. Great video, really enjoyed and stayed glued all the way. Thanks for sharing @Xaf
  14. @Lorenzo Candelpergher not only are you a licensed drone pilot but also a wonderful videographer, really enjoyed the video which seemed more beautiful the the actual day itself. Even the edits are so nicely done that I cannot make out where the video cuts off and looks so seamless. I will request @Frederic to start the photo, video drone club to have experts like you give us all hints and tips to grow and better ourselves in this art which seems to beautiful when put together like this.
  15. @Vanessa8580 so proud of you. I've been talking about off-roading to my wife for past 12 years now and she just wants me off her back. At times she gives me a cold shoulder. I am really impressed. Love your energy. I was just speaking to @Frederic the other day how both of you have so much energy and got married and still in love. He tells me your energy tires the kids out but not the love between you. Now it is clear to see you bring the same energy to tire us all out. Congratulation beautiful one.
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