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  1. Hi @Jihad Hachem. Plant of places to buy your tires. Some are available online as well. If you purchase online some dealers will also include free installation and balancing at your location. They send their truck and change the tires for you at your location.
  2. @Ajiesh George Kannankara the dust on any drive does not settle without your brilliant talent in photography and your video. Amazing shots and love the angles and terrains. Seems like we were out of this world. Thank you for sharing these wonderful memories. To date at times when I have nothing to do, I go through the album of old drives and videos on @Carnity YouTube channel to revive every drive. These memories are priceless and help me to recall the wonderful times, and something for me to show my grand children in a few years time. Thank you.
  3. Heartfelt congratulations on your well deserved promotiin Dr @Chaitanya D. In our community a doctor is highly respected, but you have earned respect in our off-road community with your hard work and dedication. As a doctor you're already well aware of hard work, but your efforts towards learning and passing the off-road knowledge is brilliant. Besides being a good human you are a true gentleman and my respect for you today is much higher than when I first met you. Looking forward with anticipation to supporting you on one of your coming drives. I really want to taste the flavour of Dr @Chaitanya D drive.
  4. Congratulations @Probir Mukherjee. This means you have learned your basics well and foundation is set for becoming a good off-roader. At the Fewbie level you'll have some time to perfect your basics and learn a few mire tricks to Take me you to the next level. Hope you enjoy learning as much at Fewbie level as much as you have enjoyed setting your foot in the sands.
  5. I don't know what this shovelling thing between you and @Foxtrot Oscar, but congratulations on your promotion to the advanced level.
  6. Congratulations @Ilya Golubinsky. Enjoy learning and perfecting the skills at your new level.
  7. Congratulations @Nabil Bishara. Hope you find your voice.
  8. Come to think about it, put me on waitlist too. Now all we need is a time machine.
  9. Love your attitude bro. Congratulations @marks. Well deserved promotion.
  10. Great to know you see all the hard work put in to make the weekly drives successful on a regular basis. Congratulations on being a step closer to add your flavour to our community.
  11. Congratulations @Yasas Dharmadasa. Take good care of your Jeep bro. Enjoy learning at the new level.
  12. Congratulations @Syed Raza Hussain. Well done, enjoy learning at this new level.
  13. Well done @Gok Krish. Love your enthusiasm. Congratulations.
  14. vya.very well done @Brette. So proud of your first successful lead. Looking forward to supporting one of your drives soon.
  15. With the project Jeep Grand Cherokee now on sale and no calls received, my friend Mohit decided to take it for a spin to test things out. This is how he spent his weekend his words. “Trust a Jeep even if its old” So now as the Jeep was ready, I decided to venture out with it. (I am sure you must have read my earlier post of how I rebuilt it from being garbage) Started my day with driving towards Hatta dam, wanted to see it differently so decided to climb up the mountains in remote areas technically speaking instead of taking the exit to Hatta dam from the roundabout I decided to go straight towards the Oman border and took a deviation with no planning of streets. Came across the remote roads and starting driving towards a cliff and to my surprise without a hassle it climbed up all the gravels, stones of course I had to make sure that I keep it real slow. Spend some time and post enjoying the breakfast which ideally should be trekked and not driven (I managed to see the HATTA sign on mountain diagonally if that makes sense). I decided to drive towards Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Centre I took a new remote route I felt, was beautiful but a slow drive with 60-80 kmph speed limits. Needless to mention that I was now tempted to keep driving on every opportunity of small cliffs with this WJ and I kept doing it. We did stop at Gardinia café and its quite nice on Kalba corniche. As the day was still bright I headed towards Korfakhan beach, well after the mountains it’s good to have some sea lol. Now, the drive back to Dubai after this amazing drive in just rebuilt WJ surprised me with fuel consumption, not to sound cheap but I missed a petrol station and car showed 0km to fuel empty near Sharjah university. Wondering how I survived without being stuck , I wondered same. On google I did manage to find a station but 3.2 kms and the car ran. This was risky but want to ask you guys that have u driven similarly for a few kms after gas tank shows 0km or was it my sheer luck. Overall, it was a great driving experience though it will never match the comfort of a X5 that I owned but must say wasn’t disappointed either at least it didn’t let me down climbing. Until, I right back for another adventure but with enough fuel. C ya.
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