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  1. Thank you for the timely information @Rob Harper. @Sinol you have been added to the drive, please confirm your participation. Waitlist as of now for 1st drive: 1 @Pacific 2 @Jon M
  2. It's only fair. We have all agreed with the Covid19 rules which do indicate a strict banned policy. We all agreed to it including me. Its only fair and we should be more careful in future as Covid19 is serious and we should all respect the rules without any accepting. Not even me.
  3. Thanks @Lakshmi Narasimhan and @GauravSoni for keeping me informed. Waitlist as of now for 1st drive: 1 @Sinol 2 @Pacific 3 @Jon M Due to Covid19 restrictions breach I will be banned from all @Carnity drives till further notice. @Carnity will keep you advised regarding your new lead for this drive. May I please request everyone to keep the Covid19 restrictions to avoid being banned on drives.
  4. @Ranjan Pattanaik @Rizwan Waheed @Daniel Fernandez @Lakshmi Narasimhan @Roger K @Rawad Bahsas @Tbone @Chinthaka Ruwan @Pierre de Maigret @TT_Dubai @Yawa @Richard Franks hi everyone, unfortunately it has come to the @Carnity management notice that there was a breach in Covid19 rules on this drive as per the below pics posted. Since I have not been able to manage my convoy with the Covid19 dicipline I will be facing a ban for future drives. May I request everyone to keep with the Covid19 restrictions to avoid being banned on future drives.
  5. @Thomas Varghese it is throttle and steering control. Always proud to see the team managing the drives so well at different levels, sharing their knowledge and experience. With the size of our club growing its impossible to be everywhere, but the occasions I get to drive with the amazing members I'm always proud of the safety and strong basics all drivers show including you @Thomas Varghese.
  6. @Rizwanm2 and @Lakshmi Narasimhan please don't worry. We are manually reducing the RSVP to 1 to avoid any confusion. I have 10 members plus 3 support, thus total 13 cars. @Rizwanm2 you've been added to this drive. Waitlist as of now for 1st drive: 1 @Sinol 2 @Pacific 3 @Jon M Waitlist for second drive: 1 @GauravSoni 2 @Lakshmi Narasimhan
  7. I am not sure who left the drive, but I have one spot now. @Rizwanm2 please confirm if its OK to add you to this drive, as you're first on the waitlist?
  8. Congratulations @Farouq Owdeh on your promotion. Hope you continue to enjoy learning and polishing your off-road skills at this new level.
  9. Waitlist as of now for 1st drive: 1 @Rizwanm2 2 @Sinol 3 @Pacific 4 @Jon M Waitlist for second drive: 1 @GauravSoni 2 @Lakshmi Narasimhan
  10. Thank you everyone for an overwhelming response. I have rated this drive as a Fewbie as this will be a first time night drive for many. The level will not be exactly Fewbie, but due to the challenges presented in the night and the prospects of learning from this drive I have rated it as a Fewbie. Waitlist as of now for 1st drive: 1 @Rizwanm2 2 @Sinol 3 @Pacific 4 @Jon M 5 @Lakshmi Narasimhan Waitlist for second drive: 1 @GauravSoni 2 @Thomas Varghese Note: *SMALL CLARIFICATION* Thursday night drives are part of weekend drives no
  11. Congratulations @imranaasghar81 on your promotion. You provide me my 360 degree fix. I had only one opportunity to drive with you and all I can say is that you really enjoy what you do which in turn is enjoyable for everyone around you. When you started experimenting with the 360 degree videos, you're not only learning to off-road, but challenge yourself in a direction which has turned to be so enjoyable for me. Keep up the good work bro.
  12. Many congratulations on your promotion @Rawad Bahsas. Great person with a big heart and a bigger vehicle. The awesome black on the Y62 looks mighty sexy. The only thing that makes the Y62 more sexy is @Rawad Bahsas the way he handles it. Love the attitude as he is always ready to be flexible and support the drive as and when required. Really happy for you @Rawad Bahsas.
  13. Thank you @Rawad Bahsas for the mighty clip, and @Lakshmi Narasimhan who put it so well into words. After seeing this clip Christopher Reeve will be turning in his grave, while Charlie Chaplin will be laughing in his grave. BTW thank you for everyone's patience and concern. The job cost me a total of AED 135. It was a bust rubber stopper which was the guilty party and cost me AED 30 for the part and labour. The Toyota coolant which cost me AED 105/-. All fixed and ready to take on more challenges and improve my learning with you all.
  14. until
    Event details Drive Details Level: Fewbie and Above (All Levels) When: 15 Apr 2021, Thursday. Meeting time: 10:00 PM (SHARP - Without any exceptions) Meeting Point: Mahafiz Tree Shade - https://goo.gl/maps/Tj9WXKFDYB43KpWZ9 Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 8-10 inches of ground clearance. What to bring along: Loads of water, snacks (for yourself), smiles, face mask, rubber gloves, enthusiasm, wi
  15. This drive is organized in full compliance with the COVID19 guidelines. We expect every member that joins this drive to go through below information and and strictly follow these guidelines in order not to jeopardize someone's health, and to ensure we can keep organizing these drives safely. MUST READ AND TOTALLY AGREE: COVID19 Precautions MUST READ AND TOTALLY AGREE: BAN POST Two Way Radio Guidelines Every Offroader brings his own radio, programmed to the frequencies described in below advice topic. We will not share spare radios or program
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