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COVID-19 Precautions for Carnity Offroad Drives


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  1. Really nicely done guys and gal. Well done on the trip report @Gaurav bhai. Feeling more confident that we gave leaders in the making @Shamil, @Jeepie, @Xaf and @Ale Vallecchi. More challenges ahead to further develop their skills. @Wrangeld your chance coming soon #notjealous.
  2. It will be a pleasure @Nacho. I will indeed add your rope set as well. @Chaitanya D recourse I will get you the entire set. Just make sure you all sign up for the same drive.
  3. I would think the Pajero Sport EV. Guess we will have to get used to such vehicles in the next 20 years. As we still have some good stuff out there without all the electronics which means car companies should provide us with the parts for another 20 years at least.
  4. Sure @Chaitanya D. I will make sure to obtain 2 ropes. One for you and one for @Mels Wolf.
  5. For me it all started 11 years back when after my fourth desert safari I saw a bunch of Jeep Wranglers and realized people have clubs and can venture out on their own. I had a Toyota Echo at the time and with a greed of saving around 45 minutes by doing a little desert stretch. I almost made it once, but with a stuck situation I decoded to read, some clubs at the time had awesome posts and was good for 6 months read. But just reading was not going to be sufficient, I needed some hands on experience. My wife had a Mitsubishi Outlander AWD, I had my first mountain drive in that and soon realized how important a proper offroad vehicle was. At this point I sold my Toyota Echo and went for a Jeep Commander 5.7 Hemi. It was just to get some experience and save my 45 minutes on that Sharjah to Dubai stretch. With my holiday cancelled by my office and no family in the house, I used to do up to 4 desert drives a week for 4 weeks. By now unknowingly I had been addicted to offroading. Desert had become my best friend and with the measures put in place by Sharjah police my saving 45 minutes was short lived. It's been since that I have not looked back and been around the desert. Honestly my love of the desert has survived, but not to push my boundaries to discover what I can or cannot do. My passion is to make more like minded friends on the way I can teach and learn from to have a safe passage through our beloved terrain.
  6. @Mels Wolf. If situation gets better I'll get a set for you. Just remind me a couple of days before the drive.
  7. Sorry for the delay, but I have finally put any useful drone footage into a video with the help of my daughter.
  8. Would love to have coffee with you one of these days. But it's social distancing right now.
  9. If you can't find a Yaris with Cruise control go for a Corolla or Camry for that price. As @Gaurav bhai pointed out the Nissan CVT gearbox is bound to fail and is expensive to fix.
  10. I'm not bringing my Pathy to your workshop.
  11. My first drone video. Not the best but its my first try at it, helped by my daughter to put it together.
  12. @Lorenzo Candelpergher I too have a Parrot Bebop2. Maybe we can start another club for drones with introduction, questions and answers.
  13. Congratulations @Pancho. Welcome to the Fewbie level, well done.
  14. Congratulations @Jamy B.. Maybe the the longest to spend in the Newbie level, but lessons well learnt. Having your own capable 4x4 and your spirit of adventure you are truly on your way to higher levels.
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