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  1. I like American cars and i grove up with my grand father`s Jeep CJ5 stories so here i am. Jeep = Off Roading.
  2. Mitsubishi Lancer can be a good choice for that purpose.
  3. Are you even seeing them when I was driving my lifted cherokee I wasn't even seeing them. They were coming too close and tailgating but when I look back I wasn't seeing anything because they were so close and my Jeep was too lifted simply they were out of my vision
  4. Of course if anything is broken it need to be change first. I am considering the case everything is in good condition and still overheating.
  5. First change the coolant, put new radiator cap and add 2 extra fan. If it wont solve it add also aluminum radiator. Than it should be bullet proof. Another reason to like Grand Cherokee is the huge radiator it has originally. I am never overheating. I just change the radiator with the brand new original one, i put toyota coolant and new radiator cap. On the highway it stays little over quarter and in desert if i push it only it will reach half.
  6. After yesterday`s drive i want to compare my old car 2000 Jeep Cherokee 4.0(Auto) and 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0(Auto). I was pretty happy with my Grand Cherokee but i was never tested it properly. I went to Qudra, Maleha area few times but all was newbie drive. Yesterday on Fewbie drive at Sweihan i saw the real capacity of the car. I found chance to climb some dunes while convoy is stopped for pop out. At my old Cherokee 1/2 manual gear was together so while i was climbing it was shifting to 2 itself even tough i want to stay on 1 and i was losing momentum. With Grand Cherokee 1 and 2 is separate, so if i want to stay at 1st gear it will stay and it will go to redline never shift up. Whit this advantage i found Grand Cherokee is climbing more easier than Cherokee. Yes Grand Cherokee is heavier car with extra 250kg but it has 10hp more than a regular cherokee. Yes it is bigger car but not big as today`s Grand Cherokee. Still i have to say if you find and if you can drive manual get a Manual Cherokee over auto Cherokee or Grand Cherokee but if you are going with Auto gearbox I am thinking Grand Cherokee is better option.
  7. BTW not applicable for all the civics 😁 in Turkey they are playing with those little things a lot.
  8. Than move the hell out of that way
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