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  1. Maybe just your sensor got bad. For most of the cars tire pressure are around 33-35 psi 51 is not normal at all.
  2. I used mopar and it performed perfectly after. Now with this car i will change the filter first to see if any clogging issue causing that problem. If filter wont solve it i will go with the Bosch or any other brand. Mopar one is expensive.
  3. I changed on my old Cherokee and now on my Grand Cherokee also fuel pump is weak. When the fuel level lower than quarter when i am turning right if i give gas it is losing power. I start thinking fuel pump one of the weakest point of these cars.
  4. If anyone using Smiles app they have %50 discount for Steam wash at Emarat petrol stations. I think it is coming around 67.50 or something. I used few times, i think good deal.
  5. Finally! People should understand fast line is not the drive line. You will pass the car in front and you will move out. If someone wants to drive 200km/h it is his problem. Stopping him none of the other driver`s job.
  6. If the cars will stay strong for 20 years they wont be selling this much. Old cars built to last, news are built to fail after warranty so you will need to buy new one.
  7. I would be scared of any VW because of DSG gearbox.
  8. For my old Jeep i just use some stapler
  9. VID_20200111_145938.mp4 VID_20200111_145137.mp4
  10. I kept my Benz in garage away from rain and went out with my cheap Jeep and enjoy making big waves and splashing water till my roof.
  11. Citroen done that 10 years ago on their one of the cheapest car.
  12. 1999 Grand Cherokee for 6000. It is amazing for a 6000AED beater Jeep. I only needed to work on transmission and fixing some leaks. I put 18.000km on it from May till today.
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