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  1. For my old Jeep i just use some stapler
  2. VID_20200111_145938.mp4 VID_20200111_145137.mp4
  3. I kept my Benz in garage away from rain and went out with my cheap Jeep and enjoy making big waves and splashing water till my roof.
  4. Citroen done that 10 years ago on their one of the cheapest car.
  5. 1999 Grand Cherokee for 6000. It is amazing for a 6000AED beater Jeep. I only needed to work on transmission and fixing some leaks. I put 18.000km on it from May till today.
  6. Finding a long term job, after that either investing on my Grand Cherokee and making an offroad monster from that or buying a Ram Single Cab Pickup or Y61 Patrol.
  7. Chrsyler already tested this system with Ram Rebel. So far results are good. But it is not giving the fuel efficiency that they promised. Check from youtube TFL Truck they bought a Rebel and made a test for 1 year long with it.
  8. Guarav it wasn't me. When i got stuck once we discovered i don`t have any tow point at back. Even tough the my back heavy we pull the car from front to recover. Once i pull a Lexus from its back rim to take him out with very very gentle move.
  9. Anyone knows the timing? I am planing for 10 Jan but i dont know when i should be there to watch dune clambing. In website it says 10am to 10pm but there is no clear schedule.
  10. Gaurav they didint give me option like that. I dont know what they used.
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