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  1. Your radiator can be clogged. Flushing it is not helping sometimes you need to change it.
  2. Yes that's the way so this Saturday I am planing to visit him
  3. Tonight I drive around half hour when I got close to home I kept the gear ar 1st and drive with high rev. Than I park to a dark spot and keep revving bit more. After that I check the underneath but nothing glowing. I check the exhaust outlet air is coming out.
  4. Stock xterra normally comes with back tow point also. Are you sure you only have front. It should be left side of your vehicle at the back.
  5. Can I use your service? I don't trust myself at all. I was famous to be late at university
  6. Better I will visit you this Saturday. It will be way easier.
  7. Hi @Frederic I am stepping out from this drive. I will be helping absolute newbie drive. Hope to drive with you soon.
  8. For example for Jeep owners they say Jeepers. What about Saxo owners? In Turkish we saying saxocu
  9. @Barry I am getting 47kpa Map reading at idle. When I raise the rpm it is getting lower. Is this normal? I am unable get data from O2 sensor. It is not reading it.
  10. Another 106 GTI video from Istanbul Park F1 race track.
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