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  1. Thanks. I am adding the location for you. Regarding registration yes you have to register it trough My Drone Hub application. Very easy to do and free. Dubai as Lorenzo explained. I personally don't fly at Dubai it wont worth the time and money you will be spending. There are not much places to fly anyway. https://goo.gl/maps/Lz4AJwRwgZJXCwY49
  2. I have a Mini2 i was flying when the weather was better now i am waiting for better days to come There are some drone parts in below videos.
  3. Brand new panel will cost you a lot. Try blowing air if not working then you might get this used from Sajaa.
  4. I suggest you to use original filter of your car instead of this aftermarket one. These are more prone to suck sand in to the Engine.
  5. I personally doesn`t like the HP5 much. I found it bit greyscale. Also Delta3200 is too grainy i suggest you to pull it 1600 it gets better. Next time you can try to get a Tmax400 and push it to 800 than you will be amazed with the deep blacks. I also have one Delta3200 with me we can visit Deira one night to catch some street photos.
  6. Hi Fred. It is great to see now you have an analog camera. Which model of Canon is it and what type of lens it has? There is an amazing analog community in Dubai. We are on facebook and group name is Analog Photography in UAE. You can join there. We are making photo walks and sharing lots of good information. Places you need to know are GPP Gulf Photo Plus; They are selling variety of films and equipment. You can find a Trix or Tmax from here. https://gulfphotoplus.com/products/category/10/Film/ For developing and scanning film. He is a friend of mine and does this as
  7. I have no kill switch installed in my Xterra since i bought at last July. Everyone told me that it is necessary same as you i am not having any power cutting issue or any serious breaking issue. Yes i feel the abs kicking sometimes but it is not bothering me at all. I might be the only high level driver driving a Xterra without kill switch.
  8. How you know I changed the tire size. My tire size is same as factory
  9. Check from google maps. Thats the real speed. For example if the speed limit is 130 i am driving near to 140(on clock) but not getting radar. Because my real speed is 128-129.
  10. Can someone give link for Mai70. I checked on Amazon i found different versions. Which one is advisable?
  11. There are people did that, result is amazing. Patrol engine & full Titan swap to Xterra is unbeatable monster for UAE desert. But you need Wasta to pass that car from RTA and you should be very lucky for police to not seize your car.
  12. I have one very valid reason not to get a Y61. Too expensive. I love the Y61 if i will upgrade my Xterra it will be Y61 but it doesn't make sense to me. Xterra 260hp Y61 280hp. Same model year Y61 is 2-3 times more expensive than the Xterra. Thats why there are lots of Xterra roaming around desert and Y61s can be seens at Jumeriah beach road.
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