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  1. sertac

    Most fun car ever?

    2000 Jeep Cherokee. You dont need to worry if anything happens to it. Simple i was leaving it inside the construction site with bunch of trucks and machines around it. With my new benz i am parking 2 blocks away to keep it safe. When i was driving Cherokee i was the trouble guy on the road. No need to flash, people will move if you get enough close or just think there is no one infront of you sure it will be empty soon. With benz i am the tiny car between all Patrols and Cruisers. You can save the people got stuck on the beach. Many many things. Oh god that was the best car i have ever had.
  2. sertac

    New Supra - Final release pics

    Nice BMW! They took everything from BMW but why they didnt take steering also. What is that fat bulky steering?
  3. sertac

    Funny Car Memes

    I wanted to buy another Jeep Cherokee. But unfortunately i got termination today because company is not getting any project. Buying Jeep is not possible any more. 😔
  4. I had to do it 2 times. Yes! off road light killing egos
  5. sertac

    2010 Cherokee speeding beep

    My Cherokee was also same. It is very annoying.
  6. sertac

    Funny Car Memes

  7. sertac

    Your Favorite Second Hand Cars

    The problem is driving it beautiful. I want to drive it 24 hours to everywhere
  8. sertac

    Your Favorite Second Hand Cars

    You need very big remaining amount for maintenance. It is eating 10-15.000aed per year to run. Actually i am always saying this is good car for only rich men. But whatever i love it.
  9. sertac

    Your Favorite Second Hand Carsالفجيرة-2/?back=L21vdG9ycy91c2VkLWNhcnMvamVlcC9jaGVyb2tlZS8%2Fc2l0ZT0tLSZzPU1UJnJjPTE0MCZjMT0xMzg2JmMyPTEzODcmcHJpY2VfX2d0ZT0mcHJpY2VfX2x0ZT0meWVhcl9fZ3RlPSZ5ZWFyX19sdGU9JmtpbG9tZXRlcnNfX2d0ZT0ma2lsb21ldGVyc19fbHRlPSZzZWxsZXJfdHlwZT0ma2V5d29yZHM9JmlzX2Jhc2ljX3NlYXJjaF93aWRnZXQ9MCZpc19zZWFyY2g9MSZhZGRlZF9fZ3RlPSZhdXRvX2FnZW50PSZ0cmFuc21pc3Npb25fdHlwZT0zNzg%3D&pos=0 These days prices are down it is so tempting.
  10. sertac

    2 new Jimny concepts

    It is not 1.3 anymore. It has 1.5 liter 101hp.
  11. sertac

    Funny Car Memes

  12. sertac

    Funny Car Memes