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  1. Wrong location. Supposed to be in car memes
  2. I think i know this one. There was one in my building in Marina. Lately he put export plate on it than i got lost. Probably this is that one.
  3. sertac

    Funny Car Memes

    Me entering Ajman Industrial to changing oil.
  4. sertac

    Dealing with tailgaters - solution

    Actually we were turning right. I thought he already move and when i was looking my left i moved. Than bommm. Sedan tiida became hatchback tiida.
  5. sertac

    Dealing with tailgaters - solution

    It wasnt the case for me. My suspensions was very stiff. I was driving 140 Sharjah to Dubai with changing 3 lanes. @shadow79 i wasnt tailgating i was driving trough, like no one in front of me. When they see the huge beast is coming like that, they were moving. Now with Mercedes, my driving habit is changed, i am like our superman @Rahimdad these days.
  6. sertac

    Style over substance cars

    It is good at least you guys got V6. In Turkey they sold it with 1.6 105hp engine
  7. sertac

    Lifting a Pajero for Offroading

    Sri also had some problem because lifting the cherokee but for me it was all good. I had problem with everything except lifting.
  8. I am driving 2012 BMW X5 35si. 133.000km now. Last maintenance 383.50aed for original bmw oil and oil filter. 40aed for labour i paid. Almost 1 year this car with me lately we changed one of the bush for 330 aed. Other than that no trouble at all.
  9. sertac

    Coolest supercar ever?

    For me it is a Diablo
  10. I am really upset for the car culture in here UAE. In Turkey things are bit different. Even the cars are expensive, fuel is expensive, people are modifying and restorating their cars very nicely. I am sharing you one of the last event lately happened. The guy on the video speaking much but you can just skip that speaking part and enjoy the view.