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  1. I would like to add Kia Sorento 2007-2009 to the list. It has 3.3 V6 engine with 242hp and it has proper 4x4 system. Prices around 6-15.000AED I never seen any of these dune bashing but i think those are hidden treasures for this price range.
  2. When i was selling my Jeep RTA guys wrongly put 8xx.000 km for the odometer which was 377.000km. So is the new owner going to be in trouble because of this?
  3. Nissan Patrol Super Safari 4800VTC or even better Patrol Pickup 4800VTC manuel gearbox. But they are not allowing individuals to buy a patrol pickup
  4. Smokey and the bandit Pontiac Transam
  5. I am an architect engineer in Expolink2020 Metro project. Previously i was in Al Maktoum stadium project.
  6. In Turkey people are using those Dusters. They are performing beautifully. But the Dusters there have 1.5 turbo diesel engine and manuel gearbox. In here 2.0 gasoline engine and auto gearbox it wont be same.
  7. For a person who afraid from maintenance cost should be stay away from any car like this. All BMW owners around me spending some money to their car time to time. It is sensitive car when you compare with Japanese horses. I dont think Porsche will be a huge difference. I am hearing they are reliable but anyway you might need to change bushes arms because of the age it wont be cheap.
  8. For me the worst one was in Al Wagan. I was the second lead and it was a crazy drive. I was following Gaurav. The dune he passed made me scared. It was sloppy and edgy. I was thinking if i pass it i will roll over. So i decide to turn right and come down. Next moment i found my self stuck between 2 dune. My front and back is covered with sand. It took 1.5 hour to take me out from there. And i was out we found one of my front tire was popped out. Rest of the day was also very challenging. My AC was not working(Jeep Life!!) and it was a hot day. Jeeps are working very hot. After all day driving i felt very bad and decide to stop and lay down to ground. Thanks to our group they gave me medicine and helped me to fell better. When we exit from the area i discovered my car was out of balance like crazy. There is no way to drive home like that. I called @shadow79 he came with Jalil immediately. Because of the pop out my tire filled with sand and it was creating balance problem. Jalil changed my tire and i was ready to go. In this point it was 1 am and in the morning i supposed to be at work. When i start heading to Dubai i faced with the thickest fog in my life. I wasnt seeing anything after my hood. Since i have work in the morning i needed to reach home and sleep for a while so i kept driving. That was the scariest drive i have ever had. I was driving on left line with 100km and thinking how i will see and stop if anything happens in front of me. Luckily nothing happened and i reach home safe. When i slept it was 3.30am i guess. In the morning i woke up with my project manager`s call. When i reach my work my project manager and construction manager saw my car and me they start laughing. They said we dont understand you are a young guy. You should go play tennis with ladies. Why you are going to desert with your male friends? I think @Emmanuel was having the pictures. If he have time he can add pictures of that stuck
  9. Try to get Mitsubishi Lancer. It is cheaper than Corolla. 3 of my friends have it and all happy with it. Very basic car with 1.6 liter engine and 4 speed auto gearbox.
  10. I love dirt everyday. These youtube channels making me thinking to find a way to move America. Oh God they are buying cars so cheap and finding parts very easily.
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