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  1. I am always using CC. Life would be hard without it.
  2. I did the same. I believe it is converted as manual. In Turkey we are getting driving test with manual cars.
  3. Anyone riding? I am going to buy one this weekend. I want to ride on Qudra road. If anyone want to join, it will be fun.
  4. If they dont have complicated and expensive air suspension on it, it seemed fine to me.
  5. Hi Jamy; Sorry our good forum policy not allowing for PM if you are not purchasing some level of membership. I checked with my friend he said it is 2016 VXR but registered at 2017, 40.000km It has; Navigation, Leather Seats, Backup Camera, Parking Sensors, Blind spot Sensor, It has original Built in Compressor and flag point on roof. Full service history, has warranty till 2021. For price you can call him or whatsapp him. +971 54 791 7955. He is selling because planing to get A G63 Merc.
  6. If you are interested one of my friend selling his fully loaded FJ Cruiser. 2016 model and low km.
  7. I tried taking photo on this spot before. It is a good location.
  8. I was using Mopar for a simple reason, difference is just 30AED.
  9. Anything can be available. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-FRONT-LEFT-WINDOW-REGULATOR-MOTOR-FITS-1995-2000-FORD-EXPLORER-FO1356108/222764240051?fits=Year%3A1995|Model%3AExplorer&epid=18018061518&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item33ddc88cb3:g:5Y8AAOSw6X1cPscd&enc=AQAEAAACUBPxNw%2BVj6nta7CKEs3N0qXmwJrwYz9leMf%2Fyuh3WiM5zmRsV05lknuM0kvacw0dxdtFOlndbiNNCxZwSTHhmOzjxtfw2u2qH%2B4U%2BBb%2FC2UF2uOxu1Wizp4u1JJehBTf3UR%2FclGrNVhIQTRvjooVzMTnmszSUvRRU2Ill668cKWRpOTFiVt7YZKIptCZI0%2F8dOdkrcfdQMyPxa92PBEjjUS3KXjsceNeuzPXpjA0rmip5ayk5K3wTfOpEyJCR8FCmaBrmHaXaYspETASdPru0W1hZOAnfOFpv%2BilBFyNy8kFi0%2F9NOe3feDYyEtOI5MgkT2wlSmK3OyTtLN0OwLwaSkKrruS0Pe6L%2BC0s1Pr%2Fqiebr5r%2BqyhGiSGfY8upg%2BM3s1d3FlExaxIg4OfKXWriikIvSNfgoIAONRTJ%2BrPXqRJp1%2FGKzW2HWqFKXrboIDnoOhWDteRb%2BnEyXbONSVlH%2BFmJS3sJB%2Fp3ex67YVVVB9QBkU%2Bx3ldgJ9MXKohk7HHV31dUPwJSgfVcLLw7dMOkHmGrKnyomKUlGbh11Lk0tiOAdgfP7ms01eHs5nNokq8cs4UzDPIMS2b%2B7t6v8Yd7pfWHuLQjfRaXbo221jvCJud3e5n%2FuC8v12QQ2nsk17dXKXz%2BYXcTPBdIM72e%2F5Vplp9FgGvFcSeoazt5x8CTRxp9ZrFGhCUQpYj%2Bw6hADf5H4V6Xh%2FiPA8aUBXcaa5ivLLX0mvlQKoLST34IlXfxmS0FqrzXr5GvUWg9sQWJTbIAHm0p9c4YeRN8eptqRv2%2BTA%3D&checksum=2227642400511e73ecda3ddf448e968198c5b8e9b7d3
  10. Selling a Camry only can be a wise decision.
  11. I will never choose a Japan made car over a American. They are totaly different mind set. If you want reliability go with Toyota for all other things American or European.
  12. My wife made a small accident. The issue was she and the other car didint notice. It was a small touch. After that she found out car was damaged. We went to police and explain what happened. They gave us a paper and they told us to come after 2 days. I went after 2 days and collect the police report. Which cost 120aed. I didint got any fine.
  13. 2009 Mercedes SLK200 4.5/5 there is 5 speed on ac unit never ever exceeded 2/5 speed. Normally I am using the AC 0.5/5 speed even summer time. 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.5/5 my wife always asking me to close the AC even at summer nights. Day time in summer it is more than enough. 2000 Jeep Cherokee 1/5 horrible. I mean really horrible. 2013 Nissan Altima 5/5 nothing to say Beautiful. Also this might change person to person I prefer heat over cold. Even in that circumstances cherokee was horrible.
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