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  1. You can recharge your electric car with any electrical plug. It will take time but it will recharge. Specially in UAE cities are too close. Fully charged electric car making around 450km by today`s standards. Which mean if you are in the middle of Abu Dhabi and Dubai and if you are stupid enough to not check you electric gauge. I am sure that that car will warn you many red lights before electric is fully finished. You can enter any fuel station or restaurant and you can charge your car enough to reach next city in 2-3 hours( you will be already pass maybe 60-70km and you need to go other 60-70km which means you need %15 electric). This will happen once in a 10 year. Since i start driving 10 years past and i never face no fuel or no electric issue.
  2. I believe we are over thinking about the electric cars. It has no difference than petrol. So far i never ended up on the road having no petrol. Always filled before it finished. Same for the electrical cars also. When it shows less battery you can stop in anywhere having electric and charge your car before batteries fully finished.
  3. Patrol Y62. That curve top of steel bumper made me catch it. Also they are available with this golden color.
  4. Than 2th gear and low might take that Pajero to the top. @Frederic But dont try like 10 times. It will create stress on the car. Personally i diidnt face any issue because of using low gear ONLY for Faya climbing. Also last year after me other members was trying the low gear.
  5. Have you tried with low gear. My Cherokee was not climbing than @shadow79 made some phone calls to his friends with Cherokee. They said low gear is the key. After low gear i was on the top.
  6. He takes care of himself but not his car. His car get take care from passing to passing
  7. You can tell them if the problem is not solved you not going to pay. If you do that with phone message than you have a proof. When you go there to pick your car, make a test drive if it is solved ok of it is not solved than this is their problem.
  8. I believe insurance logic is not working like that.
  9. My wife did a small accident with SLK. My insurance company told me about 4 garage in Dubai. I am trying to decide which one to choose. This car was fully original so far no accident and no paint done before. It was looking hilarious. I dont want it to look bad after repair. My right fender will be painted. Is there anyone tried or heard about - Nasir Kalaji Auto Maintanence - Liwa Automobile - Euro Gulf Workshop - Pal Auto Garage Basically i want to know how good they are at body work. It is just a dented fender but i want a work close to perfect.
  10. If bushes not cracked just use some rubber conditioner spray on them
  11. I am also one of the person listening really loud music. If anything goes real bad on car there will be vibration also not just sound.
  12. I had those Irani shocks. I can say big no. I know you, you won't be afraid to put some investment, better to get some good brand like king or fox.
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