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  1. I don't see why stock patrol pickup will not perform well. It has very nice powerful engine combined with nice gearbox(manual or auto) it is not huge like American crew cabin pickups. Dimension between tires little longer than a xterra. It has amazing ground clearance.
  2. Once when we were Sweihan(as Carnity), we had a break top of the dune. I saw locals are coming and playing catch me if you can game with their patrols. Lots of pickup patrol also was there. I saw them climbing the tallest dune and crossing the other side without showing any hesitation. This was 2 years ago. That day i fell in love with patrol pickup. It is so sad, to be able to buy one i have to have a company. https://www.patrol4x4.com/threads/adashos-2015-y61-4-8-pickup-in-dubai.266193/
  3. I dont care about bulletproof glass but it is a shame that it break in front of everyone.
  4. By the way traffic is very nice here. Chance to be bullied is very less and police is controlling everwhere. Some samples from Istanbul; My favorite. Bikers not giving way to a car, but car belong to President guards.
  5. Get a Patrol Super Safari, put the darkest tint possible, get 4 digit plate number, put sheikh picture to the back window. Believe me you will be the most comfortable person on the road. How i am dealing is; I am driving a worthless big Jeep. I am not afraid to damage my car at all. I raised in Istanbul traffic, if someone thinks he is good at driving reckless i can show him how to do it right. So if anyone do any think to me on the road i am showing them how to do it, on them with my worthless Jeep. If no one messes me i am the most calm person on the road.
  6. I have my 2009 SLK fully insured by AXA. Last year also it was AXA and it was full insurance. This year other companies didnt qoute for full insurance, only AXA offered keeping the same package.
  7. - Nissan Patrol 4.8 VTC Pick-Up - Nissan Patrol 4.8VTC LWB(personally i prefer LWB look way better) - Jeep Wrangler 3.6 & 4.0
  8. One night we should all meet in Irish Village
  9. Looks like you guys had amazing drive. I want to join every week than i am changing my mind. I was so fearless with Cherokee. Now with Grand Cherokee i am so afraid to break it. It is very solid daily so far, i am just too afraid to see it breaks like Cherokee.
  10. Yes i am a big fan of Carswitch. How cant i. If i find the same car from another place, i have to take it to mechanic, pay for checking it etc. Carswitch already doing it for me. For example if i want to buy a F10 BMW. If there is 15 advertisement. I can easily find the one without accident or mechanical issues. I can take it to my mechanic confirm and buy it. I dont need to check 10 different car to find a clean car. If you are saying it is more expensive than the other places. When i am buying my SLK it was great deal as price. You need to find the right car, than negotiate. As seller i wont use it. I dont need someone else to sell a car.
  11. If you still didn't get anything this seems fine Check out this car on Carswitch - https://carswitch.com/dubai/used-car/nissan/xterra/2014/147230-150914
  12. I am joking. They are way better than Turkish police also. I only stopped by police once. I was using my cell phone and he nicely warned me and let me go. I dont even have any fine this year. I dont have a super car to be afraid of police. If i had a Hellcat or something maybe than i would be afraid to get caught on high speed driving.
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