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  1. @Nivin you really deserved it. Also congrats for everyone who got promotion lately. It is really hard for me to write every topic one by one but i am writing from here. Many congrats to everyone.
  2. I have added skid plate and proper tow hook. For kill switch, i haven't felt any difficulty with abs for traction control so far so haven't done it yet. I will see later. About skid plate i was very obsessed to keep the original look. I haven't found the older type of skid plate but i used uncoated aluminum and glued the plate to the original location. With this it doesn't look that odd to me. https://ibb.co/X86M2s0
  3. I am having a small car and SUV both. I am hardly getting any tailgating. Key is i am always driving on the speed limit, which makes me most of the time fastest one on the road and i am leaving the left line empty as much as possible. Cars i am seeing tailgated are driving on the 2th lane 90km at 120km road. Or on the left lane 100-110km on 120km road. They are thinking they are fast enough. There are freaking 6-7 lanes on the road they are acting like there is only 2 lane available. Most of these people are not moving right unless you get really close to them, even right lane is totally empty!. If you keep distance with them they are thinking you are alright behind them.
  4. Now I am getting the car washed after 1 leaders lead drive I saw the original radiator protection of the car is bend. It can't be more clear why skid plate is a must for Xterras. https://ibb.co/zHpdD8P Below as well my rear tow hook. https://ibb.co/KbWS57n
  5. We have a lot of Xterra users in our team. We don`t have a thread putting together all the must modifications for Xterra. Lets discuss them here to have these documented all together under one thread. - Skid plate Since the radiator is sitting too low at Xterra this is one of the must to do modification to protect your car. What to be careful is to have one with radiator brackets. - Towing Points Many people are mentioning original towing points are not strong enough. Is anyone done this modification can explain what to do what to be careful? Is front and back both needs to be changed? Last leaders lead my back towing point bent a bit and touched to the bumper. I am willing to change it with something heavy duty. - Kill Switch I personally don't have one. I am just closing the traction control button when i start off roading and i haven`t had any issues so far. Many says this is essential, why? I haven`t had any difficulties so far.
  6. I am following the whatsapp group but these days no one is selling one. I will be on hunt.
  7. I am as well looking for a skid plate. I don't like the ones turning front and having xterra logo on them. I want something shorter to keep my plate on original place but I don't know where to get those. I like keeping the look as original as possible.
  8. As a Jeep guy i am driving a Xterra just because it is logical. One day i am sure i will go back to Jeep. 2012 Wrangler is not new. Surely you will face some issues. On the other hand Xterra very reliable. It is your choice between a car with a soul but need some maintenance time to time or car is not fun but reliable.
  9. I believe some countries you can't sell a new car which all these safety equipments can be easily canceled. There are many brilliant minded people out there would like to cancel the air bag because it is expensive to replace when you made an accident(on the road).
  10. If its not effecting the passing as Fred said it is very expensive part. You should look for another solution.
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