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  1. The drive with Vanessa is always fun, thrilling and challenging, she keeps us awake throughout the drive… thanks @[email protected]@Vanessa8580for helping me with the pop out, it was a learning experience for me.
  2. Your understanding is correct, it’s a lot better than stock now.. see you soon in sand 😀
  3. @GauravSoniI have done the ecu remap, the upshift now happens at around 5800rpm, previously it was happening at 5500rpm, I could feel the difference in torque In first and second gear between 3000 to 4000rpm which I believe will make my hill climb effortless than before, but still I have to learn to control my rpm below 5800. Now will have to wait and see how these performance figures will help me in sand. Unfortunately the garage did not provide any sort of report for the performance figures they claimed nevertheless I could feel the difference while driving. I have checked with
  4. Thanks @GauravSoni. I have been told the remap will hike the rpm limit to 6000 (which I hope will resolve the upshift issue) complemented by 25hp increase and 30 to 40Nm torque gain.. will let u know the outcome after the remap..
  5. Hi @Gaurav Sonii understand from Fred that you are driving a tuned Pajero, I am driving 2008 3.0LWB which has the transmission upshift issue. I am planning to do ecu remap from chipcentic, so prior to getting this done, thought of getting feedback from you on the engine performance and any other issues confronted post upgrade.
  6. As always another thrilling and roller coaster ride thanks @Vanessa8580 and @Fredericfor the amazing videos..see you soon for the next ride
  7. Thanks @Gaurav 😀 Thanks @Ranjan Das Thanks @Lakshmi Narasimhan Thanks @Hisham Masaad Thanks @Zixuan Huang - Charlie Thanks @M.Seidam Thanks @Danish Mohammad
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