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  1. Hi @Chaitanya D I will not be able to make for the drive. During the liwa drive, my rear bumper got broken. Was hoping to get it fixed , but the garages are only open from tomorrow. Thanks
  2. @Frederic, I have removed myself from this drive as I got a spot in Intermediate drive. Thanks
  3. @Emmanuel, I understand that I am next in WL. If you agree, I can remove myself from fewbie and join this drive. Regards,
  4. Dear @Ale Vallecchi, 28th November is Saturday. Can you confirm if the drive is on Friday or Saturday?
  5. Please add me to waiting list. Have registered for fewbie, but if I get a spot in this drive , I will cancel from fewbie.
  6. Hi @Ale Vallecchi, I have left the other drive and joined your drive. So you can take me off the WL. Thanks
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