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  2. Check in deira naif market opp shindaga tunnel, they have loads of toyota cosmetic and after market accessories.
  3. I would avoid desertcart, as they inflate pricing too much than the direct shipping. write to arnott guys and see what they can offer, if no use desertcart as a last option. I don't think arnott has any distributor here, but double check with them when you write for accepting credit card query.
  4. Thanks cyborg, I read some good things about Arnott. Better than original Audi by some accounts... Are there any direct suppliers in the UAE? I only found them on or directly via the Arnott US website (no foreign credit cards accepted).
  5. If you really want solid stuff and once for all go for arnott suspension who comes with some good number of kms warranty like 200-300K (not sure exact warranty), but it's not cheap.
  6. Range Rover
  7. Toyota Yaris
  8. Hello everybody, Would appreciate if somebody can tell me from where can i buy as well as get fixed the logo strip on side door of FJ-Cruiser. I got fj2k13 and want original logo strip. Thanks and regards.
  9. Honda Accord
  10. hi guys what a wonderful trip this was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks to all the guys in the group for making this one so happening. Looking forward to an other one like this. It was most enjoyable drive I have had yet. Truly amazing
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  12. Thanks for the recommendation, will give that garage a call.
  13. Hi all, Anyone have any update or recent experience with air shock strut replacement for S8? Need a fairly solid recommendation which can do analysis and if necessary replacement on the same day, as coming up to Dubai from Abu Dhabi. Thanks a lot in advance for any info. V10S8
  14. thats a horror story! for some reason i dont give my car to anyone for keeping it such a long time... incase any repairs need to be done i always go to john auto garage in sharjah... must say they are german specialists, knows what they are doing and wont keep cars for too long! i always keep an eye on the repair and will also do a research if these repairs need to be really done. labour charges are not cheap though
  15. Last week
  16. This is an old thread, but seems Georges is still up to his old tricks. I walked into this guy like a right mug, lost 7,500dhs to him, and almost lost my car too. See my post on this other thread. Astonishing that he still continues almost four years later, same name, same number. I guess while gullible knob-ends like me continue roaming for a cheap service, he'll continue to prosper. Georges Tachajian. 050 151 6757. Operates around Al Qusais. Lying crook. V10S8
  17. Hi Danny and all, Thanks for the link to the other thread. I hadn't found that one. I spent the last week giving this guy the benefit of the doubt, as the other thread seemed to indicate some ability with cars, despite offering crap customer service, and he was a very good talker for sure. I guess i just wanted to believe he was for real. I've made several phone calls to him which led to more assurances that the car was almost done, almost, almost... etc. However, I got itchy today and decided to get up to Al Qusais from Abu Dhabi, and by some chance, found my S8 dumped by the side of the road on 14th street, clearly having had no work whatsoever. Plates were still on, registration card still inside, air suspension fully deflated, and with a good month's covering of dust. Fresh battery meant I could still start it, so I quickly got it on recovery and back to Abu Dhabi, nobody seemed to notice or care Scanned the memory with VCDS to confirm he'd done nothing except just dump the car. However, I found time to call Georges whilst standing next to the deflated baby, and confirm that he had actually managed to complete all the work as promised, bar the outstanding flange seal: Yes, Yes, sir, work all done, it'll be back with you tonight, latest Saturday. I didn't mention I'd found the car, or the state it was in. I had to look at the car again, just to believe I had actually been thoroughly done over. I can understand him running off the money (7,500AED), but why do these thieves get off on dumping the cars? And how has this guy got away with it for so long? The other thread has the same name and phone number going back to 2013. Not sure if mods will allow but it seems this guy goes by the name of Georges Tachajian, there are 7 or so facebook profiles with common photos from his whatsapp numbers. The name of the guy who I wired money to via Al Ansari was Ziad Salloum. Numbers used during the communications were 050 151 6757, 055 897 0011, 055 125 0025. Whatsapp pic is attached if mods allow. Right now he has 31 ads on dubizzle related to Merc, Audi, BMW, Range Rover and Porsche mods, service and parts. I lost the money, i know, through my own stupidity. This guy is a very good liar - he had equipment to scan for fault codes and tell me he was fixing the issues. It was difficult not to believe him, I'd seen the faults in the memory myself, and hadn't mentioned all of them to him. Thanks for the heads up again. Also thanks to the guy on the other thread; the address Doha Road, Street 4B, put me quite close to where the car was. I'm just happy to have the car back - it ain't worth much but it ain't his car! I will try reporting this to police again. No answer on 901 today, and I tried calling Al Qusais police station but couldn't communicate with the girls answering the phones. V10S8
  18. As Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, never be afraid to fail. If people stopped developing technology if they failed in their first few attempts, we would probably still be living in the stone age. I'm on the fence on this whole thing. Self driving cars could be useful, who wants to drive and hour to and from work in bumper to bumper traffic. You could let the car drive itself home and you relax with a movie or catch some Zzzzs, but on other occasions when out having fun, I would want to drive myself. So it does have its uses. I don't understand what's the point of driverless races other than to refine said technology. Hoe many times has one just sat back on his PlayStation and watched an entire race with all cars being controlled by the console. Because this is what this would be like just for real.
  19. Quite the intriguing plot,eh! And yeah not into JDM culture or animies either.
  20. posts about not to stick but keep in the glove box was amazing.. but this one is on a new level! surprise indeed
  21. So the fear comes true, but in true spirit it is a start and they can further experiment to see how they can crease out the bugs. Talk about cars without a character and a feel, We are one step closer to this nightmare becoming a reality, atleast no human lives were lost to this craziness.
  22. i hava a x3 bmw. it is so beautiful and i didin't have any problem since 2014. it has many option but i can not find any one!
  23. hii. yes! i used a high quality vacuum cleaner for my car. it is very compact and desinged by nilfisk company. the machine is powerful and with high level filtration.
  24. That was just one of the race scenes I posted. I guess you have to be into JDM machinery to truely appreciate it. The series is about a guy who works in a petrol station through the day and delivering tofu at night and dreams about being a pro drifter. He gets the AE86 on the road and starts racing on the Japanese mountain passes at night and eventually becomes the best driver in the land.
  25. Excellent Volvo S80 2.5T With Low Mileage
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