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  2. Being covered in transmission oil up to your elbows and your phone rings in your pocket. Having to wash your hands before you use the bathroom rather than after. Having permanent black spots on the back of your hands and wrists where the oil has got stuck in your pores. Paying $300 for 4 screwdrivers from snap on and 2 of them go missing. Realizing a drug addiction would have been cheaper than all the tools you've bought the past year. Spending half a day trying to trace a no start fault and realizing you forgot to plug something back in. Dropping a socket between the heads on a V engine and having to take the manifold off because you can't get the magnet into the space. Please share some more!
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  4. Camless engines with solenoid operated valves are already here. Check out koenigsegg freevalve engine.
  5. From past two days i m trying to post this latest news but finally i figured it out see this section is for the future of automotive well these valves are just samples but i think they working on solenoids to be used on heads to eliminate those timming belt and its components...its always good to be curious and open to ideas
  6. Road Trip To Western Coast Line of Emirates

    @Richard Mellish I'm free both dates 0501819256
  7. seems like you guys had a blast irrespective of the minor setback...i will be joining on the next one for i had given my car on that day for inspection for the salalah trip
  8. Sign of a broken axle?

    Dear OP, sincere apologies for causing you any confusion. Please allow me to offer you a link which explains the terminology.
  9. Hi all as per title says, kindly suggest me tires for my ASX. because with current tires, cabin noise feels too much. Suggest me tires with low noise but shouldn't be v expensive. and approx. price as well.
  10. Road Trip To Western Coast Line of Emirates

    I vote for 31 Aug @Sidshk 0551627637
  11. Road Trip To Western Coast Line of Emirates

    Trip Tentative Date: 31st of August or 1st of September. (depend on group suggestion) List of Participant: (please add your name and mobile number) 1: @Gaurav Bhai (050-5258706) 2: @Sidshk 3: @Ren13 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: @Abdul Basit Khan (055-9635217)
  12. @Gaurav It's a joke. If you fitted these to an engine it wouldnt even start due to lack of compression.
  13. Road Trip To Western Coast Line of Emirates

    Im also in with my wife and kid. Basit, start listing name in original post and add some tentative date
  14. Do they have holes in the base or it's just a design to shave off weight....? If it's holes, then how does they work as a valve...?
  15. Adding lightness is better than adding more power. If they were also machined from aluminum billet it would be even better 😂
  16. Any suggestion to buy dash cam?

    Thanks hawx, I just ordered YI Smart Dash Cam from souq after checking lot of reviews and this one only got 4.6 rating based on 37 reviews, seems pretty nice. Will post the reviews, once I receive it.
  17. Built in TCS

    I love burnouts. The smell of tyre smoke and a rich fuel mix is like petrolhead viagra.
  18. these here are the latest invention they are ultra light weight sports valves
  19. Any suggestion to buy dash cam?

    i have a Transcend Drivepro 200 which i bought from flipkart for 16000INR (about 900 something AED). Its pretty basic and straight forward. Quality is good and satisfying for its price (as of now lol) but it doesnt have an in-built battery to record in cases of motion detection when the car is off.. but has some kinda sensor when it detects a pothole it starts 'emergency recording'. it have been usefull to me in india (currently on vacation) in 2 different cases. (rear end and people tryna make problems).. its an older model and bought it years back and now i can see it on souq for 555. there are newer model with gps and heres a link to it Still not sure about the in-built battery. and a screenshot from the dashcam footage is attached. Btw its Mohanlal in the Land Cruiser. Its slightly over-exposed because i ve put the ev setting to +1 for night but never a problem on daylight highways. In night its kind of a potato but taking into consideration that there is no street lights in india, its pretty good.
  20. Built in TCS

    @treks why not would anyone wanna do burnouts and donuts with any car in the first place...its fun you fun fun
  21. Sign of a broken axle?

    Using the words "back-lash" and "pinion height" in the same sentence is just going to confuse the OP, who is a kid that seems to think Land Cruisers are sports cars. Stop it, please.
  22. Built in TCS

    Why would anyone want to do burnouts with a Land Cruiser in the first place?
  23. Road Trip To Western Coast Line of Emirates

    Wow @Abdul Basit Khan sounds like a plan. Good Rnd by you.👍
  24. Road Trip To Western Coast Line of Emirates

    It's a very good idea Basit and thanks for sharing it here, I also haven't explored that side of coast line much. Guys, how about let's do this during upcoming Eid holidays.....?
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  26. Dear all CARNITY members, It is my very first time to showcase a unique road trip on western coast line of United Arab Emirates toward Tarif on Ghuwaifat national highway. I got this idea to introduce this trip on Carnity when some of my colleagues randomly explore the location. Description: its 2 hr 43 min drive, 265 KM from Jebel Ali as per below map. (Area - Qareen Al Aish).My colleagues have spotted numbers of turtles, sea snakes, octopus, crabs, water dams, Mangroves, different type of beaches, Palm tree farms and my more. Its actually a man made island as per (Image 2) and only a tiny road is linked to the final spot at the end. Draw Back: There is no street lights on internal roads, so the best time to experience this place is in a day light. Level of Drive: All types of vehicles can reach to the final spot, also there is few white sand beaches where only 4X4 can go through. Image 1 Image 2 There is plenty of spot where we can clicks some mesmerizing pictures for our Carnity group and keep our photo gallery healthy enough. Before joining Carnity i have explore many places by my own to the south west side of UAE, but i have never explore to the coast line. According to me, I think we should explore this area in a big numbers group to create an another milestone trip for Carnity. I will keep my research on about this particular place until we finalize to plan this trip. Your comments and feedback will be highly appreciated.
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