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  2. In short Prado is amazing in desert. Have seen flying on dunes.
  3. OH MY GOODNESS...I DON'T HAVE WORDS... They could have put the car for an auction.
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  5. I don't exactly know when...but i will join you guys soon..
  6. Please continue here in the forum and not advise comments.
  7. Atif 0 Posted Thursday at 05:53 PM · Report Hi wildcat. How good Is the 4.0 Prado as an offroad 4x4? Like this Quote Edit Options Rahimdad 95 Posted yesterday at 09:18 AM · Report Hi @Atif I know I am not wild cat, but still let me answer your query. Let me start by saying that the Toyota Prado 4.0 is a very capable off-roader, however things to be considered is the level of trips that you want to make. if it is just occasional off-roading in easy to medium areas the Prado is very capable without any modifications. However, if you feel that you want to go for more advanced of extreme drives in more challenging areas, the Prado 4.0 is still very capable but needs a little lift, slightly bigger tires and a skid plate to protect the bumpers as those bumpers are really easy to loose. i would also recommend to either know where your airbags fuses are to remove during the drives, or fit a switch which would deactivate the airbags as certain manoeuvres can trigger the airbag to go off. Both the SWB and LWB are capable vehicles, but you get better arrival and departure angles on the SWB. Hope this helps. Like this Quote Edit Options Atif 0 Posted yesterday at 10:23 AM · Report Thanks Rahimdad, I did install a skid plate in the front but so far haven't been for any extreme dunning. I have to change my tyres soon so can I install slightly larger ones without lifting it? I suppose the fuel consumption on roads will increase wit this change of tyres? I also did not realize that the airbags can be an issue. Like this Quote Edit Options Rahimdad 95 Posted yesterday at 11:09 AM · Report @Atif As explained earlier it all depend son the level of drive you are interested in, I would suggest a metal plate, bolt on application for the rear bumper also, as it is hollow and like Pajero can be bent by dragging sand in the back. Normally if you increase the tire size it causes rubbing issues as the factory fitted tires are the biggest size you can get without rubbing issues, always better to get a 2 inch lift, than you can enjoy bigger tires. Second thing about the increase in fuel consumption is only if you get heavier tires, if you are just changing the tires to a slightly bigger size the change in fuel consumption should be a minimum. Regarding airbags, the real danger is if you have side airbags which are programmed in such a way that if you are doing a 45 degree side slopping and if you perform a criss cross, that is slide to the other side of the dune doing a 45 degree slop in the opposite direction, than the car computer tells it there is a tilt of 90 degree which means the car has rolled over to its side, this deploys the airbags. If you have not done extreme off-roading than you have not been through this manoeuvre. However if your interest grows it is at least better to locate where the air bag fuse is and remove it for the advance drive. For ridge cutting or criss crossing see below video at 50 seconds onward to understand better. Like this Quote Edit Options
  8. If car still in warranty it's worth complaining to the dealer and let them fix it (10% chance) or at least provide you with the comforting reason (90% chance).
  9. The supercar was impounded when its owner - a pilot - was stopped at a check-point after officers noticed it had a fake number plate.Despite a series of appeals, the devastated owner has been unable to halt the destruction of the luxury car. The destruction of the vehicle ends a three-year legal battle to save it after the owner was stopped in 2013 in accordance with Taiwanese traffic laws.Ironically the Murcielago takes its name from a famous fighting bull which survived being stabbed with a sword 24 times. Italian manufacturer Lamborghini - which regularly takes its creations' names from bullfighting -  built just 4,099 Murcielagos, ending its run in 2010. In a continuation of Lamborghini's tradition of naming its cars after stars from the world of bullfighting, the Murciélago is named for a fighting bull that survived 24 sword strokes in an 1879 fight against Rafael "El Lagartijo" Molina Sánchez, at the Coso de los califas bullring in Córdoba, Spain. Murciélago fought with such passion and spirit that the matador chose to spare its life, a rare honor. The bull, which came from Joaquin del Val di Navarra's farm, was later presented as a gift to Don Antonio Miura, a noted local breeder; thus began the famed Miura line of fighting bulls, and the name for one of Lamborghini's greatest designs. Murciélago is the Spanish name for the bat. In the Castilian Spanish spoken in most of Spain the word is pronounced [muɾˈθjelaɣo], with a voiceless dental fricative [θ] (as in English thing). However, the Italian automaker often uses the Southern Spanish and Latin American Spanish pronunciation, [muɾˈsjelaɣo], with an sound. Many people in Italy pronounce it [murˈtʃeːlaɡo], as if it were an Italian word.
  10. I am not sure why you are saying there is a reason to debate, but I agree with brandan that aluminium win hands down.
  11. Since I got this car I am always struggling with the positioning of the HUD, I used to change the height in the settings to match me sitting position, but everytime I restart the car the display goes somewhere no one knows, so it required almost 80% of the time refixing whenever i sit in the car, So what i did is another way around, I reset all the settings to default and change me seating position according to the HUD, So the issue of repositioning it again and again is fixed(i assume everytime it was going to it start position or something) But now what happens is whenever I hit a bump or something the whole thing moves, I believe it's the projector inside. and it remains the same until i restart the car, Its a bit upward or downwards, Is this something happened to other MZ3 owners or should I just tell the dealer to replace or something? It's kind of frustrating .
  12. I would recommend he test drive both and than decide which one he feels is the better bet. Once he has pent his huge budget, he will never get back the value he has paid and it will be too late to change his mind. I am sure Al Naboodah will see his dilemma, interest in the purchase and assist him with test driving both models before he decides which one he wants to go for.
  13. @manums Thank you for your kind words, it was fun having your team on board and we all thoroughly enjoyed your company. @Gaurav Thank you for adding to the requirements of recovery points. Looking forward to an amazing morning out with my brothers.
  14. I am more than sure this thread will win with Aluminum choice, but I am not saying the aluminium that comes in stock cars that has single core and plastic tank. I meant for full aluminium choice used for real performance.
  15. Thanks @Rahimdad for adding my name, am looking forward for this drive. Just an additional thought: you can bring any 4x4 car, but just make sure it has front and rear tow hook or at least an eyelit for recovery.
  16. This seems like never ending debate and research for me and my friend who drive for track and pushes the car to extreme and I do same for off-road. We both looking to upgrade the cooling system and tired of researching 100000 pros and cons of both. Can someone more experience here shed some light which one is actually better and why?
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