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  2. @shadow79 that's great. See you at the aqua park at 1:30.
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  4. Guyz, I'm driving Accord from last 6 years, i got some small small issues but i fixed it in time, thats actually the requirement of any vehicle that you driving. If you make a rapid turn specially in Accord then don't press sudden breaks, just release the accelerator otherwise if you hit breaks then its a chance that your Accord may skird and loose control in no time.
  5. @Rahimdad Bhai thank you for adding me at this great Water venture program, will see you at meeting point. InshaAllah
  6. Well I was giving you full 360 degree picture of each model along with their dealer support in Dubai. However it's upto you to maintain it with dealer or outside competent garage, but it's always good to bet on brand whose dealer is competent and more supportive as sometimes you might need their help and support.
  7. @Gaurav Sorry, I don't know. @Jaan Rambo Pajero is the king of the desert. At a guess I have 10-12 customers with Pajeros and they are more reliable than most of the stuff out there.
  8. @derik You were advising me to go for Pajero and you are having troubles with it.
  9. Thanks @adil seems like I am liking what I hear about Patrol, but if I am going for a used car and since it is automatic, I have heard that there are a few problems with Y61 gear box, can someone please advise if they know something. Thanks @derik for your advice, which Pajero is known to perform well in the desert, I mean which model year and engine type should I be looking for. Thanks @Gaurav for such a technical post, looks like you cannot get the best of both worlds, need to sacrifice cost if you want performance and sacrifice performance if you are looking to save cost. BTW do I need to service with the agency if it is a used car, or can I get it serviced in outside garages? I ask this because @Gaurav mentioned Al Futtaim Service and AWR Service which I think is the agency here dealing with Toyota and Nissan.
  10. Barry, do you mind advising some known good brands from ebay or amazon, I don't mind waiting as far as I get high quality original stuff
  11. Also look into the cooler option that comes with thermo fan, as that's what I am also eyeing from sometime now. My Pajero temp occasionally shoots up little on long hill climb.
  12. I don't know of a local supplier, maybe someone else on here can suggest but if you don't mind waiting for delivery, eBay would be a good place to check. Labour cost won't be too bad, it's around an hours work to fit. Remove the grille, 2 pipes and 2 bolts, fit the new one, refit the grille and top up or change the oil.
  13. Thanks barry, any idea from where to buy transmission cooler? How much it cost? and how much will be the labor cost?
  14. Please like my first advice here
  15. If the light is on it's best to let the car cool for a bit before continuing. The best solution is to fit a bigger, uprated transmission oil cooler. It'll work out a lot cheaper than a new gearbox. What condition is the transmission oil in? It should be a nice red color. If it's brown, it's time to change it. If it's black it might be too late.
  16. I will vote for Patrol for better performance and road presence, LC is a donkey cart for safari boys only. No offence.
  17. Cars are precise assets and pat of the family considering the amount of money spent to acquire one. Just like the human system, cars do require some care to keep it safe and sound, cars require some care to keep it safe and going for long. The human system is taken care of by giving it nutritious food, taking it to the hospital for checkups from time to time and all sort of care just to ensure that the body is healthy. This same thing applies to the cars that we drive, they require absolute care to keep their parts functional, from the brakes, tires and all car parts that make up the car system. Therefore today I will be talking about ways car owners can take good care of their cars themselves in the simplest way ever to keeping it safe and sound and also increase it's resale value. The list includes simple steps and daily routine “Do it yourself” tips that when followed judiciously will keep the car in good condition and offer lot more value back, whenver you plan to sell. Read the user manual: This is the first on my list of how to take good care of your car, because many car owners neglect this very first step. Every car is different and comes with its user manual which contains the specifications of the car and care instructions for the that specific car. By reading the manual first of all is the right step on how to start taking good care of your car. Change engine oil regularly: Just like the human body needs food to nourish its system so also does the car engine need a good oil to keep its part in good condition. Therefore it is advised that you change your car engine oil regularly as per owners manual recommendation. Check weekly and make sure to top the oil with a good brand of engine when it is low. Brake pad check: In time of danger, the car brakes come to rescue. This is only possible if the brake pads are good and functional, then the brake will do its work. A simple take of changing or checking on your brake pads regularly can save your life and keep car in good condition without any accidental history. Tire care: The tire in a car need some pedicure too just the human feet do, your car can’t move an inch if the tire is not in good condition and also the brake and brake pads can’t put the car to a stop if the tires are bad. it will be a good thing to do to check on the expiring date of a tire and change it if the tread is wearing off. The spark plug: Some car owners don’t even know a car has a plug, well now you know every car has a spark plug which is meant to be change periodically. A bad spark plug can cause the car to have issues accelerating with in a short time. Very old spark plugs should be changed to avoid engine malfunction. Tire air pressure: It is one good thing to have a good quality tire in your car it is another thing to make sure the air pressure in the tires is what suites the car. Over air pressure in the tire of the car can cause outburst which is very fatal when the car is in motion and when there is under pressure which mostly we call flat tire, the car wouldn’t even move an inch and this will affected the wheels badly. Grease every joint: Rust is the enemy of iron and once it steps in damage done to the car cannot be undone, but a simple step of greasing the parts that have nuts on it and some iron parts can encourage lubrication and easy movement of those parts thereby keeping the rust away. Park your car under a shade: There is no other person excerpt the car owner can do this, even a mechanic wouldn’t always be there to park your car for you, Parking the car under a shade will prevent the heat of the sun from destroying the plastic parts of the car or even the windscreen and dashboard. If shade is not always possible, then use the car sunshade to protect the dashboard and many other plastic parts. Battery care: The car battery is just like the heart of the engine and without it the whole car system wouldn’t work. Any problem in the battery affects mostly the electrical part of the car, the horn, lights and ignition. It is important that a car owner from time to time check the acid level of the battery and top it when necessary and also clean or check the terminals to see they are intact. Clean always: Washing the car is part of the care to keep the car paint smooth and shiny. The cleaner a car the better it is, even if you don’t have the strength to wash the whole car kindly take it to the car wash and get the quick clean done than leaving the tons of dust on it for weeks.
  18. Gcc , Hyundai Accent 2014 , Red Color
  19. 2013 Hyundai Elentra - American Specs
  20. Kia Optima , Full Option - Model 2016 - Gcc Spec
  21. None of them, go with Pajero - Real king of desert.
  22. I have tried my Pajero few times before and never seen the AT light popping, but since a month every time I go little offroad I see this light after 30-40 minutes of driving. I know now it's hotter month than Jan-March, but does this means I can no longer drive pajero in offroad in summer months in Dubai and UAE. Appreciate any solution for this, please advise. thx
  23. 2001 B.m.w. Z3 - Gcc - Roof Convertible
  24. 2012 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0 - Gcc - For Sale
  25. Renault Megane 2007 - Gcc
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