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Imteeaz has been promoted to Intermediate level


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Congratulations @Imteeaz for reaching the Intermediate Level with Carnity Offroad Club.

Looking forward to seeing you growing further and helping others to learn the art of offroading in a safe environment.

Please make sure your Carnity user profile is always updated with all the latest Emergency contact details.

P.S. Trip lead might deny your participation if you don't have required off-road gear.



Drives Attended (Indicative)

Minimum 10 Fewbie Plus drives are required within last 6 months for Intermediate promotion.

What you'll learn

  • Basic GPS and navigational skills
  • Basic tow rope and winch recoveries
  • Extreme side sloping and long hill climb
  • Tall dunes ridge riding and criss crossing
  • Precise control over technical dunes
  • Fast pace desert driving
  • Clear radio communication skills
  • Advance recovery skills
    • Self recover from dune crest
    • Soft sand recovery
    • Pop-out fixing

Skills required

  • Adventurous and thrill seeker but in a safe manner
  • Level headed under stressful situations
  • Responsible, dependable and accountable

Car Worthiness

  • Capable 4x4 vehicle with low range gearing
  • Suitable approach and departure angle
  • High profile tires

Off-road gear required

Safety flag, tire deflator, tire pressure gauge, shovel, fire extinguisher, medical kit, radio (walkie-talkie), air compressor, tool kit, rated recovery rope and 2 rated shackles, GPS.

Drive teamwork

  • Manage center forward position with Trip Lead’s permission
  • Learn/assist recoveries under Trip Lead’s supervision
  • Re-route convoy and coordination, when needed
  • Learn to lead small portion of Intermediate drive under Marshal supervision

Drive Joining

Join Newbie, Fewbie, Intermediate and Exploration drives only

Forum participation

  • Active participation on the forum
  • Share drive experience + feedback
  • Share drive pictures in the gallery
  • Post trip report after the drive
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  • Well Done (+2) 2

Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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@Gaurav thank you Gaurav and Carnity Review Team for your support.

Started with Carnity 11 months after being pushed by my boys to get better at off-roading; I still have a lot to learn from the masters.

Thank you all for your continuous push and guidance.


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2 minutes ago, ASAD. said:

Congrats on the promo @Imteeaz. Im sure you will enjoy this level even more, expect more pushing here 😅

@ASAD. thnks bro - looking forward to push the Y61 more...

1 minute ago, Imran Kashif said:

Congratulations @Imteeazbro , well deserved

@Imran Kashif thanks bro...

6 minutes ago, Hisham Masaad said:

Congratulations @Imteeazwell done

@Hisham Masaad thanks mate - looking forward to our next drive

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