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  1. Thank you @Rawad Bahsas and was glad to see you again. Hope to see you again in your black patrol 😀😀
  2. Dear @Frederic,,, many thanks for posting this. It is really useful, since I installed the winch in my car, and the first time i used it, was somehow a mess. When I tried to use it for the second time, the rope was not coming out, till @Brettehelped to pull it using his car. During this period, was searching on how to use the winch, to learn more about it. I found ( and this need your suggestion as well for others who is planning to fix a winch ), fixing soft rope winch is much easier to handle more than the steel rope winch, specially for spooling the rope back.
  3. Thank you @Islam Soliman for leading the drive, was really good. Many thank for @Frederic @Mehmet Volgaand @Nabil Bishara for the support, and thank every one joined the drive. Yes, @Islam Soliman requested Abdelghani to release the pictures, accepted and posted few hours after the drive 😀😀
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