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Silverado column shifter

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Hello All,


I am looking at picking up a 2 door chevy silverado trailboss. However, I am not too sure whether to get the brand new variant or an early 2022/ late 2021 version. In the newest one, they offer a floor shifter with paddle shifters, which seems to be a neat feature, whereas in the older varient, they give the regular column shifter. I'm a little hesitant about the column shifter as I'm used to a floor shifter, coming from a land cruiser and, its quite easy to use tiptronic. So, I'm asking all column shifter users whether using tiptronic on a column shifter is easy to use or whether it'd be a better idea to get the one with paddle shifters. 

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Sorry for the late reply on the topic @Gaurav and @Gurcharan Mehta
yes mine has column shifter and to be honest never felt it’s a problem for me on road or offroad.. of course it’s matter of convenience and personal preference

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