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Join us for Grand Iftar Drive

Morning Newbie Desert Drive - Tawi - Sharjah - 11 March 2023


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Thanks @Brette  for the relaxing and enjoyable drive .

By 7:00 AM everyone was on site setting up their flags and deflating their tires. just before we started the briefing @Deepak Eswar reported a mechanical problem with his car's transfer box, which unfortunately prevented him from joining the drive. ( i hope its just a minor issue and you will be able to join the drive next week)

Immediately after the briefing as we got into the sand, everyone took their position in the convoy.

I can't say other than well done everyone as you all drove well. we didn't have any major issues during the drive  just a few minor refusals and some stuck which are totally normal. no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed about it as this is part of the learning process. We didn't even have to use the rope in any of the recoveries!!! :D

It was a pleasure meeting you all  @Rk ram @Marketa Dobesova @nairanoopc @sohinik @christian @martin moody @Patrick @Simon D @Klaus Pedersen @Parliament  @Misha Puskar @Deepak Eswar 

I hope you enjoyed @Felix Obstbeing in the passenger this time  with @Marketa Dobesova i could tell that you have given her a few tricks in off-roading 😄

looking forward to see you all soon again .

cheers 🍻


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