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Jeep Wrangler JL Kill Switch

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12 minutes ago, Ranjan Das said:

In hindsight, i could have very well saved 400 dhs+++

Not only that, installing a Kill switch can/may cause trouble with the warranty AND will 100% cause MEGA TROUBLE with a big fat insurance claim.

Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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great, so I conclude from this that many are using the onboard switch amd its working just fine. Installing anything additional will be a matter of convenience but wont make a performance difference. Thanks!

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I assume the air bags remain active without the kill switch, so this increases the risk of them deploying (which is an expensive repair?)

Also, has anybody noticed a significant difference between fuse/kill switch and the stock button, especially on more challenging sand? 

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Well I have been going for a while and have not had airbags deploy, maybe im not bashing intense enough...

I actually stopped doing with f106 fuse removal (or the relay that I had wire in its place). I produced some strange behaviors and i was getting stuck more. And somehow i felt BLD was still working!!!


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For a JL you can just disable Traction (single press) and ESC (long press of TC button for about 6 seconds while transmission in Parking) and it is more than enough. While it does not kill Airbags or ABS it is perfect for desert driving. The only issue is that once you go to 4 low for self recovery etc., and come back to 4H you have to redo the process of TC and ESC disabling.

I have Tazer JL that kills the ABS as well at the same time retains the TC/ESC disable-ness even if you move to 4L and back to 4H. It has some more advances especially for a stock head-unit (I have Stinger High10 unit).

You can refer more  👉 HERE 👈 about TazerJL

don't drive like its your last one.

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