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Afternoon Newbie Desert Drive - Murquab - Dubai -  23rd  Mar 2024

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On 3/20/2024 at 11:12 AM, Davie Chase said:

Good Morning @MHD91, @ChrisW and @Lea Degner, a very warm welcome to the Carnity family, as a new members to the club please introduce yourselves on the forum by replying to this post using the below bullet points:

First time with Carnity Off-road Club:

  • Please share your vehicle details - Make, Model, Color, and Year.
  • Do you have any prior off-road experience? If yes, pls share details.
  • Confirm your vehicle has front and rear tow hooks/eyelets.
  • Let us know if you don’t have a programable radio and safety flag.
  • Please also watch the MUST WATCH Newbie video briefing at the link below prior to the drive


I am very much looking forward to meeting you all on Saturday afternoon for a fun drive through the desert :)


Hi @Davie Chase ,


My name is Mohammad and I recently started being interested in off-roading, so I don’t have a prior experience.

my vehicle is Jeep Wrangler JL 2020, red color and it is equipped with hooks, safety flag and I also have programmable radio and have watched the video you shared.


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Dear Desert Wanderers @Sviatoslav, @Guido Ferriani, @Theo09, @Adam Black, @Damien, @MHD91, @Wilfredo Perez, @Frederic118, @Vipin M, @ChrisW, @Sameer D., @Lea Degner, @Giovana, @Emmanuelle Ifrah@Fabien Monleau & @Sunil Mathew 

Important Pre-drive Details below:

  • Be ready at the meeting point by 14:00pm (or before) with tires deflated and flag erected.
  • Please ensure your programable radio is on, fully charged and set to Channel 4 (446,081).
  • For first timers, pls ensure you complete all of the mandatory readings and watch the video in the main drive post before arriving at the meeting point of the drive.
  • A full pre drive briefing will be conducted on the sand before we start moving. 
  • Please ensure everything in the car is tied down and there are no moving objects, please ensure that you are using cargo straps and not bungy type restraints.
  • Please check all car fluids (Oil, Coolant, Brake Fluid, etc), tow hooks are essential front and back, and ensure no hanging parts below the chassis.
  • Please ensure you come with a full tank of fuel (as much as possible).
  • Ensure you have all the necessary gear for this drive level especially your tire deflator, pressure gauge, compressor, safety flag and radio. (NO FLAG or RADIO = NO DRIVE)
  • Please ensure your radios are programmed to all 9 Carnity channels in case we have to change channel mid drive, instructions how to do this are below.


Looking forward to seeing you all in the sand tomorrow afternoon.

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@khlief understand however I have to consider the safety of the whole convoy, if someone drops out later today or tomorrow you will be added. Apologies but this is as large a convoy as I can comfortably manage. Hope you understand. Keep watching this space in case of a last minute drop out 

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Evening all...

Firstly my sincere apologies to you all for curtailing the fun! These things happen of course, but nonetheless, do hope everyone had fun. I know I was really enjoying it!

@Davie Chase Thank you for leading a really enjoyable and informative session...some great feedback which I will learn from and apply to future drives...and then also thanks to @Fabien Monleau  @Sunil Mathew and @Theo09 for your assistance in recovering back to the roadside. I am very grateful for the help and calm approach!

Pleased to say that an hour after we reached the road again the car was on a low-loader, and I got to the garage just before close...it took one of the mechanics ten minutes with some basic tools to fix the issue. Davie and Sunil were correct - the cable connecting the transfer case shifter had become detached at the shifter end, so after lifting the centre console the mechanic was able to reconnect it.

So...a fun drive in the desert and I ended up driving the Jeep back to Abu Dhabi after all...

Looking forward to next time!

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