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Morning Fewbie Desert Drive - Ramadan Series - 2 hours - Faqa - Dubai - 30 Mar 2024


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2 hours ago, DP1011 said:

Hope you all had good fun and below amazing stats - We covered just 20kms in 2 hours of moving time - That explains how technical this drive was and done this with No Shovel -No Rope - Is an indication that we can level up the technical challenge in next drive ;)

@Shaun J -  Well done on your first SL position - you did well on all communications and acknowledgements, + slightly adjusting the track where needed upon my instructions ! 

@Prithvi Raj @Rohit Deginal - The Pajero boys ! again, was nice to see how you managed the track, with minimal refusals, and learning the trick of steering and 4L. 

@Rahul6157 Was impressive in how you handled your heavy beast - well done ! I know how not easy it was for you but you made it look smooth all through! 

@Ben Lee @Nizar Shawwa The  SWB Jeep boys , making the most of the technical offerings , quietly and smoothly am sure you guys had good fun at the back ! 

@Sandeep Nayar You were impressive too at the end , dealing with those refusals all by yourself 

and @Faraz94 - Haval power continues to impress - this time in its sweep position ! well done again there ! 

- and as a convoy everyone did impressively well ( which i highlighted at the start of the drive as well)  however I had not expected we would be able to cover this in 2 hours ! am sure you all had fun too learning to strike the right balance of acceleration and steering  !  See you all soon in sand! 






Thank You for such a lovely + technical drive 🙌 Although at times, it’s hard for LWB, but it’s good to get a hold of your vehicle more and more 😃 

Everybody did really well, specially with all the self-recoveries. No rope, no shovel. 👊

Welldone Everyone, see you all soon ✌️✌️

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