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    As it's time to have an intermediate level drive, let's go deeper in Al Yahar/Nahil side of Sweihan area. The plan is to start from this amazing spot we discovered in June (and returned to at the end of summer), head North-East through very promising sets of dunes and exit on the E95. When: Friday 18 October 2019 Meeting time: 5:45 AM sharp Where: In order to earn time, we will meet not far from deflation point (exit from E16). GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/ZRq6a2g2WHMYCj6P9 Last petrol stations : 1. ADNOC Al-Hiyar (if you come from E66) https://goo.gl/maps/FU1LJn8bfaJ4AQXw5 ; 2. ADNOC Sweihan (if you come from E16, with a small detour) https://goo.gl/maps/kfRXapzVXqgp2F6E9 Level: intermediate and above Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance. Plan: Drive and enjoy till about 10 AM. What to bring along: Snacks whatever you like with little extra to share, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Please RSVP on the below calendar:
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    Yep I sure did...I thought it was for expert level 😉😂. No worry..now left..
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    Why would you want to crust them, baking a dune pie?
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    Apparently now the thing in Dubai is make sure the ad says "British owned". If it says "lady" in the title, bonus points. If the owner was a "British lady dentist", you hit the jackpot.
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    In that case stay FAR FAR AWAY from Pajero, sorry to burst this bubble. New Pajero is reasonably good offroader for beach / newbie level offroad drives. For doing serious intermediate offroad drive you need to do lot of modification to be safe and powerful. Pajero approach and departure angles are not great, engine performance is borderline acceptable. Instead you can / should look into two different categories within your budget by slightly lowering year model: Option 1: Nissan Xterra / Toyota FJ Cruiser - (ready for any level of offroad) - My highest recommendation. Option 2: Nissan Patrol Y61 (old shape) / Toyota Land Cruiser - (If you like big and bulky 7 seater, lot of storage) Rem big and bulky will again struggle on extreme drives due to lesser power/weight ratio. That's why I feel Xterra / FJC will cover the whole spectrum of offroading very well. Btw, @Emmanuel, @Shamil are using Xterra for daily drive and plus weekend offroading without any issues.
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    @Gaurav he was asking about how to buy, not how to list a used one for sale
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    Prado was my first choice, but even for 50k the models I checked were too old and used, a lot of kms too... I didn't find any descent one and got frustrated and tired looking for one. Which year and model would you say? and reasonable price? Because a brand new one is 160k... and As Rahim said, I wouldn't be keen to taking it to the desert hehe The car would be for me alone btw. No passengers to take into consideration, at least right now and the near future
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    Well if you want to overland it. Your best bet would be to get your self a 100 series Land Cruiser. The Xterra and FJC were never launched in Africa, Asia or Europe. If you ever have a breakdown or need some bits out there, good luck finding and parts out in these places for an Xterra or FJC. It would actually be preferable to get a diesel engine LC 100 but those aren't available here. And for that budget you can get a pretty decent 100 series plus have money left over to mod jt.
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    Hi Gaurav, Good to hear that you're getting back on the bike, it is definitely relaxing. I am not an avid biker, more like a recreational one. I live next to the Al Qudra Cycling track so that helps too. In general i have to say that the infrastructure in Dubai is still quite weak when it comes to cyclists, but there is slight improvement. If you want you can also rent a bike near to the Al Qudra lakes (Giant store). My best advice would be to start slowly and enjoy every ride. Your stamina will quickly improve but it is important to not overdo it and to keep an eye on your heart rates. If you monitor those properly your physical strength and stamina will improve without pain or injuries. Good luck !
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    Just like I can't remember half the phone numbers of my family and friends since mobile phone has all of them stored. Similarly with adaptive cruise control we would loose our sense of braking. Let the kids learn it the hard way.
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    Unfortunately, I did not go all the way to Jordan from UAE but rented a car there 😃 Anyway, it could be useful! Will do 😃 All right, will do! 😃 Thanks
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    Snakes are cool. Tasty too deep fried in batter with soy sauce. I used to have a pet Boa constrictor. She grew to almost 2 meters. Once you learn to handle them they aren't so scary. Its about respect. Most of the time if you don't annoy them they won't annoy you. If you want to pick one up, just be careful of the bitey end. If you pick up a snake properly it won't be able to bite you. But, some snakes can be just as cuddly as a kitten too. Mine used to curl around my leg and sit and watch TV with me. Snakes don't want to bite people. Purely for the reason that they swallow their prey whole, and a person is too big to swallow. If a snake bites you, its not the snakes fault, its yours. The snake bit you because it was scared. Snakes get a bad rep sometimes but its not their fault, its ours. We are the ones encroaching on their environment. They were there before we started decided to build villas over their habitat.
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    I recently saw a very nicely modified olpost 05 Pathfinder in Muhaisana. Got a 4 inch lift bash plates. And looked liked it had gone on a few serious drives. Was just thinking if it had that 310hp V8 in it. It would be a nice ride Anyone who has driven a Titan or Armada even on road know they are pretty quick. Under 7 second 0-100 for such big beasts imagine that in a smaller and lighter package.
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    @amir.rophail if you are coming to this one I'll take the compressor with me I'll give it to you for 50 aed it cost me more but I just don't need it. I used it like 3 times only
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    Hi Jamy; Sorry our good forum policy not allowing for PM if you are not purchasing some level of membership. I checked with my friend he said it is 2016 VXR but registered at 2017, 40.000km It has; Navigation, Leather Seats, Backup Camera, Parking Sensors, Blind spot Sensor, It has original Built in Compressor and flag point on roof. Full service history, has warranty till 2021. For price you can call him or whatsapp him. +971 54 791 7955. He is selling because planing to get A G63 Merc.
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    Look for the 3.5 LE if you want the Full Option. This is the one with leather electric seats and all the creature comforts. PF's are quite reliable so as long as it doesn't look to used and abused you should be in good hands. Good Luck!
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    Beautiful day to drive and awesome capture with great editing skills. Well done buddy.
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    Don’t hit the kerb. I saw something on another site a couple of days ago, Reddit or 9GAG or something like that, I don’t remember. Some guy screwed rubber onto the kerb outside his house so he wouldn’t damage his wheels when parking. I felt like making an account just to tell him if you can’t park without hitting the kerb, you probably shouldn’t be driving. I see this every day. Some people have no spatial awareness and no idea of the size of their car. They will driver until they hit the kerb and use that as a feel for when to steer. It’s not just tyre damage. It knocks your wheels out of balance so the steering wheel vibrates when you drive. It also upsets your steering alignment so your car doesn’t drive straight when you let go of the wheel.
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    Why is that riding a bike in the direction opposite to traffic is against the law. In India with cars driving so close I would not want to put my life in the hands of the car driver who has to judge the distance so that he can miss me. Same would apply here as well due to the high speeds even on internal roads. Unless there are dedicated cycle tracks I personally think it's safe for the cyclist to drive against traffic. What say? @Gaurav if you are driving in a low light area, it's better you get one of those reflector jackets and wear light colored clothing
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    Cruise control is meant only highway driving hence the name cruise control i.e cruising down the highway.
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    There are 9 people coming I am pretty sure they all have place for at least 1 person and some are driving alone so they have place for 6 more person's in their cars . Anyone will be more than happy to accommodate 1 person so they can help to navigate...
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    Absolutely! And it would be nice to explore that new area. Where should I meet you? Rahim has my whatsapp number, in case you need to contact me faster. Thank you!!! I’m so excited
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    There are instance like that but I am sure that can be totally avoided if the person is calm and aware of his surroundings
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    I love that part of dunes a lot.. once done it without bash plate on my pajero and it was a nightmare at the end.
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    Sensible driving !!! That hits me back. wont it be a problem if we start crusting dunes? 😔
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    @Mikhail LukichevYes please. We will wait for your travelogue. Please post pictures of your journey too.
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    https://www.dubaiautodrome.com/tracktalk/get-ready-2019-emirates-motorsport-expo-to-kick-off-new-season/ this happened last weekend. 5 minute drive from my place and I didn’t know. I missed it @Carnity you need to organise an upcoming events section and promote it so we can all go and represent
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    The old P38 is a bad comparison. Tech was new then and more than hardware the software was the issue. And that is what really gave Range Rover s a bad reputation of unreliability. Now even sedans are riding on air and air susp tech has come a long way since then. I have friends who haven't changed their bags since 2002. Still riding on the original bags the car came with from factory.
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    @shadow79, is AED 315/- price for whole mirror with assembly or only the inside mirror? A couple of months ago, I inquired by calling a spare parts shop - the mirror with assembly cost AED 850/- in Sharjah.
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    SORRY Bhai I saw it on google involuntary response.
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    I have been thinking of changing my car and hearing of several months from diff people and now I'm super confuse. Is there any best time to buy a car here in UAE. I mean for used car and not new cars.
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    Hi! What about Dubai Motor Show on 12th of November?
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    Is this only for road or daily driver + weekend offroading? What type of offroading you plan to do with this 4x4? Beach level / newbie drives Intermediate level and exploration drives Cross country expedition, like you mention earlier
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    You have 104 points. So you are good
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    This Topic made me Nostalgic, made me Miss My beautiful Pajero. How much I struggled to get her where she was and made @Barry work till he got his PHD in Pajerootics. But Now I think Tahoe will Lead me out of Depression. By the way after reading this if any one planning to buy 1 Full Option 2007 Pajero with Leather Seats and sun roof with very low mileage and well maintained do let me know.
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    Good input, but there is more. Any other takers?
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    Yeah same here. Wants me 5o download someshit Seems like a phishing or malware link.
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    This was the Car I grew up in! My dad still says, If I find a perfect condition one... I'd buy it again. @Frederic @Gaurav The Pajero Evo is ANY Rally or Pajero Enthusiasts dream
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    still a lot of farmers driving troopers in Ireland. Rust is the big enemy but it’s to be expected on anything 20 years old. I have a friend with. 3.0 TD running propane injection and he has been mudding in it every weekend for the past 6-7 years with no major issues.
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    Easiest way to test shock absorbers without shaker plates is to look at the top of the shock where the rod comes out. If there is oil on it, you need to change it. Next step is press hard on each corner of the car and bounce it up and down 4/5 times. A bad shock will keep bouncing after you stop pushing it up and down, a good one won’t bounce.
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    Well i'd like to compare it with going to the gym because you want to get in a better shape: Option 1: You go alone to the nearest gym, mess around a bit with the equipment, get sprains and injuries, and maybe you will become a bit more fit once you get to know how the equipment works, but you are left to your own devices and not always sure about if you are doing the right thing OR if it is even safe to do with the health or equipment you have. Option 2: You join a gym and go for 10-15 lessons. Your personal teacher will assess your current condition and will guide you safely to minimize injuries or accidents. Thanks to his experience and knowledge you will progress much faster than others and will be grateful for having somebody to learn something from. Joining an Offroad club like Carnity is free, and you get professional advice from people who can safely guide you through and avoid mistakes which in the desert can end up being costly or even fatal. But don't take it from me, take it from the dozens of people that joined Offroad clubs and learned essential stuff like how to deflate properly, recover yourself, and what you and your car can do. If you or your friends get stuck, do you know what to do or which equipment to use to safely recover yourself ? I go for regular camping trips myself with a group of friends, but we don't venture deep and definitely don't do the stuff we are doing in an Offroad club. We drive around a bit, set up camp, and have some drinks. We avoid the real dunes and difficult tracks because most of my friends have very little Offroad experience and we don't want to get in trouble having our car full with kids, dogs, etc... Joining Carnity Offroad and doing the Newbie drives gave me more confidence and far less stress when going camping with my friends, as i know that my car is always equipped with recovery gear and i know how to use it. And most of all i can help my friends by sharing that information. PS replace "teacher" by our Offroad Specialists like @Gaurav, @Srikumar @Asif Hussain, @Emmanuel, @Rahimdad and more team members who will take your under their wings and teach you all the skills and fun our UAE deserts have to offer....
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    if you inclined to take a trip to africa then land cruiser is the way to go prior to 07 models you will get parts easily there and try to get a 6 cylinder manual one will be easier to maintain all the other cars you mentioned don't have much room as compared to lc 100 lc100 can take whatever you throw at it without giving a hoot in 40k you can get a auto and then convert it to manual (as there is very less clean manuals around) and put few more goodies too 8 cylinder and specially the 6 cylinder petrol is only available for MENA market others run the 8 cyl version the australian version has a 6 but its diesel one being out in the open away from humanity and still being able get things moving not only needs mechanical know how but patience and out of the box thinking
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    Thanks, @ging for the suggestion, I got a helmet and gloves so far and will see what else I can afford in this heat and the non-cycle friendly world. @Barry I totally agree with your thoughts on this as the first day I chose street ride for 2 km to reach to cycling strip and got the creeps as every passing car was so close to me, so while coming back I thought to ride bike in opposite lane and almost every second car was dipping the high beam as if I couldn't see them and making me blind in hard shoulder. Then I decided to stick to the 1 km rough patch than the side street.
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    For me personally, the Gurkha name attached to a vehicle stirs up feelings that it’s going to be tough as hell, a force to be reckoned with. I know who the Gurkhas were. And they got screwed over for a long time. But it’s good to see them now starting to get the recognition they deserve.
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