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  1. I would avoid the 4.5 and you'll know why I said that once you test drive a 4.8 VTC engined patrol. It's like night and day. The 4.8 is like a Thoroughbred while the 4.5 is like a lathargic mule. Other than that if the price is right car is well maintained you know the owner blah blah 355k is high but doesn't mean it's about to croak. You can easily stretch them to 6-700k if you look after them well. But only if the price is right. I wouldn't pay a dime over 20 for it in pristine condition, preferably 15. Walk away if it was some shababs joyride who like to hit the limiter just to buzz the neighborhood and drive on two wheels over the weekend or was a weekly contestant at the pissing contest held at big red, fayha etc etc. Ideal case a buddy one expat owner from new who spent huge amount of $$$$$$ on the car regularly so on and so forth.
  2. https://www.tirebusiness.com/article/20070813/ISSUE/308139967/are-you-seeing-dots-those-color-coded-sidewall-markings-serve-a-purpose
  3. Shj industrial for the proper shit otherwise same as others Speeded Also golden tools in DIP sometimes have really good shit on sale for very reasonable prices .
  4. Nowadays pretty much! Specially the melennials! Lol
  5. Which literally means Earth or ground balancing otherwise know as road force balancing Btw has anyone ever tried bead balancing? It been around for ages and supposed to work brilliantly and automatically adjust as the tyre gets older and worn.
  6. 99% of the shops don't even know how to install tyres properly on rims. Those blue red lines you see on the tread of a new tyres and the red and yellow dots on the face are there for a reason. Go ask any tyre shop what they mean and I bet they won't be able to answer
  7. But you have seen people talking on the phone while driving. Most probably when you see a car cut 6 lanes 0.5 meters from the exit at 160 kph is because of such. I never surprises me how uncommon is common sense.
  8. Well at least we now know 2017 Ford Expeditions are not chicken proof
  9. LOL first time I've seen someone flip after completing a climb and land sideways on the top!
  10. Just a thought. If it is a requirement here why not apply to TRA a license and get a dedicated frequency. Because technically it is still illegal here to use walkie talkies specially frequency programmable ones.
  11. Yes AT COC but not in general. Glad you validated my point
  12. First of all I disagree it's a basic requirement, anyway that's a whole other story Why not just follow the rules of aviation Aviate, navigate and communicate. Communication being the last priority. So modify it to your own situation. Driving the car and being safe takes first priority. If you are doing a climb or tackling a sidey and you get a radio call. What ever it is. It isn't that important that you have to respond immediately even if that means putting yourself in danger and even risking harm to yourself and others. Concentrate on the task ahead, finish it and only when it's safe to do so. Respond to the radio. I know most people think when they get a telephone call ( Or in this case radio call )it has to be answered immediately. Regardless of what situation you are in whether you are sleeping or trying to navigate a tricky roundabout in heavy traffic as if God himself is calling and you cannot risk his wrath
  13. Liwa has always been love since the first time I went there somewhere in 2002 or 3. My most memorable moment till today was the 15 days I spent in Liwa. You know I've never been a fan of the regular sandboxes anyways.
  14. Try the iCarsoft i905 for the Toyota. It's Toyota specific and not very expensive. Around 5-600 dhs depending on where you buy it from
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