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  1. What's with the single bed attached to the front they claim is a bumper. You can put your mattress on it and get a good lie down So much for off road vehicles having short overhangs
  2. By the time you reach them you will look back only to realize you have left a trail of shredded rear bumpers in your wake! And now your rear flank is exposed!!!
  3. I'm been "playing" with this for years now on the off-road game Spintires.
  4. Are you worried Pajernity will become Xterranity soon! And so the game of thrones begins!!!! The House of Pajero is starting to hear the sounds of the advancing army of the house of Xterra. P.S : I haven't watched a single episode of GOT so it's all guess work!
  5. Only difference is he charges people a decent amount for his services
  6. That's SODs law but then have faith in the man upstairs. Before I bought my current L322 Range Rover. I had known two since they were bought. Single owners and knew both of them. Clean as whistles, always parked in shade and no expense spared to maintain them with all original LR parts . When I was able to buy one these are the first two cars I approached. One guy said he will never sell it and he has passed it on to his daughter to now and she will not drive anything else and the other guy had a somewhat similar response. So then I started to look outside. And found what was at the time the cheapest L322 Range River in the UAE ( aka hoovie style ) And exactly two weeks after I bought mine the first guy who was never going to sell it for it touch said he wanted to sell it now!!!!! I was like WTF anyways not wanting to let a good car and deal escape I made a friend buy it who was after seeing mine wanted one too. Then two weeks after that the second guy got in touch and said he wanted to sell it now and I was like double WTF!!!! So once again not wanting to let a good deal and good car go my friends brother in law bought it who also wanted to buy one now after seeing my friends. So now there are three same year L322 Range Rovers among us. But to be honest I have spent way way way less on mine then those two have on their two in the three years we have owned them .they have had some major issues with theirs Although compared to them even today mine looks more rattier inside and out. So as the saying goes. Careful what you wish for or you just might get it. Fortunately in this case my wishes didn't come true
  7. How does this look on the inside? If all you've done is put a metal skin on your bumper unfortunately that won't make much of a difference. It the big scoop formed on the rear side of the jero bumper that digs in and rips it off.
  8. What you gonna do when you are done? You can't register it, ride it, sell or export it. I know someone here wou has a real old Vespa in 10000 times better shape but it's a no go because of no papers.
  9. Hmmm didn't know that. And here I was all happy that I wasn't being bothered by any PMs like everywhere else
  10. Have heard nothing but good things from LR owners about Capital Auto in Qouz. Have been using them for years.
  11. Definitely an immobilizer issue. The key and car are not talking to each other. You need to find out why
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