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  1. Poor Steve gets so much flak for that one screw up
  2. About time. They are already overdue by a year as each generation usually lasts 10 years or less.
  3. There is a bigger problem AFAIK if you let a Tesla go completely dead then you are in deep shit and it's not a matter of just recharging your dead phone and it's up in no time.
  4. Like I said laws and cost. For example in the US everystate has different window tint laws. Here in the GCC every country has different window tint laws. Even here doesn't matter what car you have if it's under a company name you can't have it tinted. And making electrochromic mirrors is much cheaper than making electrochromic glass. Remember Barry use to work at a shop installing electrochromic tint and how damn expensive that was. And outside of the middle East people really aren't too concerned it obsessed with tinted windows. Over here it's necessary, a must have. Other places not so much. So maybe if there is a huge demand for it l, it might be offered as an option
  5. Well photo chronic and electrochromic are two totally different things. Electrochromic rearview mirrors have been around for a while now
  6. Ah! That's makes sense Yeah and preferably not a car wreck A simple example more relevant here. When ever there is a sand storm or heavy rain. How much more visible are the cars with their lights on compared to the ones that don't have them on
  7. That's the thing you just can't charge anywhere. How many charging ports across the UAE?
  8. It's mostly for countries that are dark as in cloudy and overcast most of the year even during daytime. It's mandatory in Canada. Surprised someone from the US doesn't know this?
  9. Hello! That's the purpose of a roll bar/hoop/cages to protect the people not "roll over the car" Where do you even come up with these things! Jeez!
  10. Well maybe this will give you an idea, have a watch and see if its helpful.
  11. desertdude


    Mellenial triggered!
  12. Exhaust temps? EGT is relevant to diesel engines
  13. Along with being a manufacturer specific tool it also doubles as a regular obdii reader and support s all protocol s including j2534 But I wouldn't recommend it for you since you run a shop with many different cars coming in. And by the time you buy half a dozen iCarsoft tools to cover most cars you could probably just buy a multivehicle tool like the launch for the same money. Or you could buy two for the most popular cars which come to your shop and the good thing is one iCarsoft covers two manufacturers like the one for Mitsubishi also covers Mazda and the one I have for LR also covers Jaguar. But you can't pick and choose which two brands you get in one tool. So of you get two you get 4 car manufacturers plus regular obdii They are built quite rugged and water and oil resistant so you can use oily and greasy hands to use it and them give it a wipe down later and can stand a good few drops too.
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