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  1. 2000 WTF! Do you walk around with heavy gold chains around your neck wearing diamond encrusted watches that the garage is asking 2000. Yes the gearbox needs to be detached but still 2000 is waaaaay too mich.
  2. It's a jeep, isn't it suppose to do that? P.S : what's a hot oil sign?!?!?!
  3. Late to the party but here goes anyways. Coming from a Land Rover & Range Rover which has the same issue if you go over 50kph the air suspension drop back to normal height. To overcome this issue a company called johnson rods cake up with a simple 20min DIY solution by extending the length of the height sensors it fooled the ecu into thinking it was at normal height. SO now normal height is lifted and lifted height is super extended. Another way for the LRs was with diagnostic tool you can calibrate any of the heights levels to your own desired height pretty simple and painless procedure. Just needed to get into the air suspension module and entering in new height settings. Look around on Jeep forums I'm sure there is something similar for the JGC since it is an active community
  4. To stop the hood reflection. You can always Matt black foil the top of your hood like the Camel Trophy Land Rover Discovery Series I
  5. If that's the only thing. Why not install a CTIS. Many aftermarket options available now.
  6. I remember the drive but I don't remember this incident though. But yeah the technique is right. So must be me!
  7. If money is no object then it's a no brainer, modern cars drive better, ride better, have more power so on and so forth.
  8. You would think that. Ive had cars fail for small club stickers because it comes under advertising.
  9. Beat shovel is a snow shovel with the wide face. It's meant for moving as much material as possible and not for digging holes. Bit pricey and a faff to store
  10. It's the torque curve that matters not the outright top end. V8s provide almost a flat torque curve even from down low in the rpm range. It's the 6 and 4 cylinders that can muster torque only at the top end. Plus it has the advantage of the hydraulic adjustable height control which gives it a pretty good lift without having to spend on mods. And the 2005 plus models have the hp bumped up to 275 horses. Just to give the OP some inspiration these are just the regular ass 4.5 inline 6 cylinders I use to drive,
  11. Rav 4 is alright but not really an offroader. LX470 is good, it's basically a Land Cruiser and has great resale on top everything and comes with Lexus reliability. And great on road too. But some here measure a car with only one metric and that is how high a car will climb a particular dune. Everything else secondary. But IMO unless your only aim is to wining dune climbing competitions then it's not the car for you. But if you like to dune bash up till a pretty advanced level its a great car. And that's just my opinion
  12. TBH I still don't get the logic of not clubbing all of them in one thread and keep the place nice, clean and tidy. Instead of putting feed buttons and what not. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the simplest ones. Plus I'm too lazy to delete all my old bookmarks and add new ones across all my devices. I've renamed this forum Covid 19 Promotinity lol Because all you see is Covid 19 Covid 19 Covid 19 Promotion promotion covid 19 promotion. Seems like one has logged into a disease control center! 😆
  13. Well take solace in the fact you are not the only one who feels this way. I tried once before and from my original Post you can see I was fully expecting to be shot down and that's exactly what happened. So don't expect any different this time round either
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