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  1. I used to use a double suction cup grip bought from dragon Mart with a real long flexible type radio antenna. Never had any issues with it. It came with a gutter mount but the double suction cup method worked better. The gutter mount kept getting loose and it would start to droop. I've never found single cup grips to work well with bigger masts
  2. Funnily enough I remember we had a Patrol VTC in Liwa and the triptronic didn't let you downshift This turned into a problem while crossing a big bowl close to tel morab. By the time you got down into the bowl 1st gear was up and you clicked into second. Half way up, needed to downshift back to 1st. But it wouldn't let you do it. And close to the edge it would run out of steam. So only way was to do the typical batrol doof doof in 1st gear all the way down and then all the way up. With the engine redlining all the way. I was just glad the Patrol belonged to Nissan Middle East and none of us! : D
  3. Bargain my ass! I bought the bushranger supermax from ACE for 500 regular price no sale. But that was more than 10 years ago though. But I doubt it went from 500 to 1300 and now on sale for 700. P.S : yes it still works just fine even though it's had a hard life P.P.S: but my even older much cheaper SACA comp also still works. They key to comp longevity I've found is keep it inside the car with the AC on full blow with all vents on it and giving it a short break between each tyre.
  4. Well you can do the same in a Chrysler Crossfire too, but that also doesn't stop it from being an ugly POS
  5. P.S : Iconic = Ugly as shit ala cybertruck
  6. You mean to say Citroen 2CV. Believe it or not my Dad had one of these sometime during the 60s. It's a pretty Iconic car a real easy guess
  7. desertdude

    Maybach 4x4

    Yeah you just need a reason to bash this place and how its not like "back home" isn't it. In its last year of sale Maybach sold a grand total of 6 cars in the US and it went defunct in 2012 because in its entire production run of 10 years since its revival it managed to sell only 3000 cars worldwide. Like I said no one wants to pay a huge chunk of money for a car that looks exactly like something way cheaper. Mercedes fucked up big time by basically just rebagding a LWB S class with a few extras and goodies. And seems like they haven't learnt their lesson. There is a good demand for a Luxury SUV nowadays hence everyone coming out with one, but Merc is being lazy again by rebadging a GLS. And if all you see is White Patrols and Land Cruisers you live in the wrong side of town.
  8. Just like Apple, there is faboi-ism starting to grow around Tesla. Regardless of what shit they put out the fan boi's will buy it. This monstrosity being one of them. If you come to think of it Tesla is very similar to Apple. Both put out expensive ugly overrated overhypped shit which you need to be in their eco system to use properly. Both treat their customers like shit
  9. Majority of these pre orders disappear when it comes close to cough up money time. Some detail comes up people don't like, delays in production etc etc many many reasons why people cancel. Many have booked because it's just a 100$ with no actual intention of buying it Some hoping to make money by selling their number in the line to someone who just has to have it right now So on so forth.
  10. Like in the old days I guess you just needed the card details for a transaction to go through
  11. Not really a big deal. All you have to do right now is put down a $100 deposit online.
  12. Seems like you and me are cut from the same cloth! The same reason I stopped doing newbie and fewbie drives when I was active. Just didn't have the patience. Plus I did enough training drives while I was working. I didn't like them either even if I was getting paid to do them. So most of the times I would do "secret drives" as in not post on the forums with just a select few in away from the weekend fish market areas. But credit is given where credit is due to people like RD and others who have the patience to keep doing them for years now again and again
  13. desertdude

    Maybach 4x4

    I guess one of the reasons Maybach hasn't taken off is because they look exactly like the Merc they are based on. Only up close you see the double M logo and slight variation in the lights and grill. Now If fished out premium money I wouldn't want my car that looks exactly like a much much cheaper S Class and in this case a GLS. And it's not like there isn't a market for luxury sedans and SUV. The RR phantom came about the same time as the Maybach was revived and it's doing pretty well for its self. So are the Bentley's and their SUVs the Cullinan and Bentayga. Maybach is not even like the Lexus of Toyota but more like Nissan's Infiniti
  14. I was going to say the same but for someone's whose been procrastinating about getting it done by someone else for over a month doubt he'll do it himself. I have a friend like this and he's supposed to be an engineer but won't change a fuse himself, too much self doubt. Forget that he once changed the car battery by someone rather than jumpstart it. Reason: oh man you never know these new cars, something might get screwed up! So 90% of the times I end up doing small jobs on his car
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