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  1. desertdude

    thin White smoke from car Exhaust

    What's the history of the car? Do you have it since new? Couple of years or just bought it. Hard to believe a motor with only 55k kms on it is already smoking. Did you drive it without oil, overheat it etc etc etc. Also I'd get a second opinion.
  2. desertdude

    thin White smoke from car Exhaust

    Check your PCV system, the most ignored thing in these parts. Look it up if you dunno what it is.
  3. desertdude

    Little G and Little D

    Body kit for the new Zuk Jimny. I like the little G
  4. No nothing funny, Italian cars specially the Lancia are like this, need regular expensive maintenance. I knee someone who hap to scrap a perfectly good older manual transmission Alfa Romeo because the clutchplate was worth more than the value of the car itself. So he said screw it and scrapped it.
  5. Believe it or not Ive had a chance to buy this ans many other cars which now demand a high price at dirt cheap throw away prices. When the whole jap import scene just started and the Afghanis and Khans had no idea what they were bringing in. If only I knew all this cars would go up in value not so long after. A particular one I remember was a 1984 Mercedes 540 SEC coupe, guy was asking 7k would have sold for 5k . Nice clean low kms fresh import. Then of end of line soft dash RRC for 5k which I skipped too.
  6. Lancia Integrale. Stopped making it because it's a Lancia and breaks down every 500mtrs
  7. Relax mate, take a chill pill before you blow a gasket. All you had to do was say its an original piece and that would be the end of it. Absolutely no need of dragging balls and ass'es into it.
  8. Old GPS systems were like this, remember this is almost 20yrs old, which other car even had a GPS 20yrs ago.
  9. desertdude

    Floor well heat 3.8l pajero

    Well just because its a Pajero doesnt mean its like yours, its a different generation Pajero with a lot of differences. Well depends on how sensitive and how your car is setup. Slight chances of failing emissions tests if a car uses downstream O2 sensors, and throw up a CEL but since the old jeros like yours and gauravs dont seem to have none, don't think it will be an issue.
  10. Would be nice if you at the very least pasted the link from where the article was copied. Credit should be given where credit is due.
  11. Why did you buy an entire driveshaft? You can easily get replacement Ujoints around 50-80dhs and its an easy DIY job too. Now you have no idea how long these old U joints will last?
  12. desertdude

    Request - Don’t DM me for car advice

    Unless you know the dudes, ignore em. I used to get the same on many previous forums. Still do from various FB groups Im on. FB is even worse first they want to "friend" you. Blech. I just I to the G to the N O R E them, nah wha I'm sayin homes.
  13. desertdude

    Inside Of A Working Diff

    Interesting to see how a diff lubricates its self and also how the shape of the cover influences lubrication
  14. desertdude

    Dealing with tailgaters - solution

    Unfortunately the reality of this place is what you are driving that leads to how many times you get tail gated and flashed at. Recently I was driving someone's new rented Sunny and in that short drive I got flashed and honked at more than I would care to remember. Even hiace vans amd canter pickups were coming up to my rear flashing and honking. This never happens in my own car, even patrols and cruisers if ever will slowly creep behind and maybe after a while give a quick polite dip of the headlights at worse. More like a camera flash and not be breathing down your neck honking and blaming full beam headlights like when I was in the sunny!
  15. desertdude

    Floor well heat 3.8l pajero

    Who gave you the bright idea of deleting the Cat converter? Dunno about the jero but now you could be running a wonky fuel air mixture which can throw up a check engine light, affect the cars performance and fuel consumption. Also check underneath maybe you are missing a heat shield, maybe previously someone had a similar bright idea and decided it was u wanted and got rid of it, or missing insulation under the carpets if it has any If none of that is the case then it's just poor design from Mitsubishi and look into installing some insulation of your own like dynamat