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  1. All that extra weight you carry because of the body extension and extra axel and wheels negate any precived advantage. It's one of those Jeeps things that no one gives a shit about other than jeepers like your twin front diff jeep which should belong together in the same collection of bullshit wranglers. Maybe have them over as part of to the soon to open off road museum in Sharjah in the mods gone wrong section
  2. Well real car enthusiasts really don't care about any of that. These are just fads that come and go. Like all of a sudden everybody is a JDM fan ever since fast and the furious released. 99% haven't even seen one let alone drive one. These are just boring Japanese sedans of the 80s and 90s but all of a sudden they are cool now! I remember walking through lot after lot of these RHD jap jdms as these were parked in the open spaces back then behind Megamall in Sharjah. That time they were being exported to Africa and other places and dirt cheap prices like 5-6k per car. Every once in a while we came in that was remotely cool like a 2dr Corolla or a turbo starlet or a Mark II which was basically a boring Cressida with the straight 6. More interesting that the cars were the aftermarket ricer mods by the japs on them
  3. That's the problem with you young chaps you measure everything in 0-60 times and speeds at which something can take corners in. There is SO much more to car than that!
  4. My point is you probably going to sell you car way before it goes again and plus one of my real good friends had a car upholstery shop in Ajman and I basically spent a lot of time there for many years so I know most of their shenanigans in and out.
  5. It's not the cloth it's the adhesive. And they all pretty much use the same. Bison kit carpet glue which comes in a can. It's an easy one day job. I'd go for the 250 guy even if it lasts 3 years and you have to do it again still outlasts the warranty of the other guy and is still cheaper.
  6. Old cheap bastard ghetto fix is thumb tacks or as sertac mentioned staplers
  7. Hence I said donkey with extra legs and if you watch the video you'll find out the 3rd axel isn't even connected to anything and is just extra weight being dragged around. All mouth and no trousers
  8. Ok fine one is a donkey with extra legs I'm really liking the looks on this one Pretty Snazyy Hyundai. The rear end reminds me of an Aston Martin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UO_6eIl4E2M Oh and the Donkey
  9. I read the co driver actually broke a few vertebrae in that crash.
  10. Make petrol and insurance cheap and get rid of toll gates. Shoot to kill orders for tailgaters, people cutting in, people crossing 20 lanes to make their exit and anyone over 10 kms the speed limit Only smog, tyre, headlight, indicator and brake and brake light check for renewal
  11. ^^^^These are the fancy pants ones. If you don't get what you are looking for drive straight in the direction of Sharjah from the signal and you'll see more of them on both side of the road. These tyres and wheel shops go on for a further 2 or 3 signals. And don't be afraid to haggle. Start with 50% of asking price.
  12. And probably cracked a few vertebrae, sprained a few discs in his lower back plus suspension components and mounts.
  13. JDM madness, just saw a video of a Rolls Royce Phantom with a 2JZ Turbo Supra engine, seemed like manual transmission too. Oh those Japs!
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