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  1. Rav 4 is alright but not really an offroader. LX470 is good, it's basically a Land Cruiser and has great resale on top everything and comes with Lexus reliability. And great on road too. But some here measure a car with only one metric and that is how high a car will climb a particular dune. Everything else secondary. But IMO unless your only aim is to wining dune climbing competitions then it's not the car for you. But if you like to dune bash up till a pretty advanced level its a great car. And that's just my opinion
  2. TBH I still don't get the logic of not clubbing all of them in one thread and keep the place nice, clean and tidy. Instead of putting feed buttons and what not. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the simplest ones. Plus I'm too lazy to delete all my old bookmarks and add new ones across all my devices. I've renamed this forum Covid 19 Promotinity lol Because all you see is Covid 19 Covid 19 Covid 19 Promotion promotion covid 19 promotion. Seems like one has logged into a disease control center! 😆
  3. Well take solace in the fact you are not the only one who feels this way. I tried once before and from my original Post you can see I was fully expecting to be shot down and that's exactly what happened. So don't expect any different this time round either
  4. Not really this is popularly know as the poor man's difflock. I myself have tried it a couple of times with mixed results. This is no different than doing a standing burnout and less stressful on the drive train.
  5. Well they are selling cheap enough even the last gen models to buy and collect.
  6. Montero sport is nothing but a L200 pickup with a station wagon shell on it. And it drives like one too. Just like the Fortuner is a Hilux pickup underneath
  7. Can't say I'm surprised. https://www.thenational.ae/lifestyle/motoring/over-and-out-mitsubishi-pajero-to-cease-production-in-2021-1.1057296
  8. Yup as Fred said it's perfectly normal whole inflating. I just use to note what pressure my gauge is at while pumping when it's 35. I remember my ARB pump the gauge would show 45-50 ish meant it's almost done. So do it once see what pressure the gauge is at when pumping when your have reached the required pressure. This way you can carry on withoit stopping every now and then to check.
  9. I guess just years of doing it you get to know around what psi your tyre is down to by just looking at it before plonking back the stem in and doing the fine adjustment of a few psi with the stem in place. BTW you guage will work when it's deflating with the valve stem removed invade anyone wasn't aware of it Biggest issue for me was I started off working was not deflation but inflation. Because our camp compressor like the ones you see in tyre shops had no gauge just the nozzle. So I devised a way so I don't have to keep checking. Just dump some sand on the tyre sidewall as the tyre inflated more and more sand slid off and when it reached a certain level I knew I was almost done. It worked pretty well and was pretty accurate within 2 to 3 psi
  10. That's belt driven, the engine main pulley/harmonic balancer is the lower one.
  11. I'm with Wrangeld. I also was given a set of deflators, the amount of faffing and the time it takes is ridiculous! Nothing beats this, the cheapest, simplest and fastest tool hands down. https://www.amazon.ae/Garneck-السيارات-الشاحنات-الأساسي-الإطارات،/dp/B084RJH4SC/ref=asc_df_B084RJH4SC/?tag=googleshopp09-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=406722604018&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=15111790251819978835&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1000011&hvtargid=pla-920112005471&psc=1
  12. Why not get it fixed, I'm guessing it's a stuck motor. Since it does shift in 4wd. Can't be too complicated or expensive. Specially since it shares it's drive train with the Tahoe and Yukon. Other than that the HE in capable hands is a pretty decent off roader.
  13. I don't doubt you. Last time I saw you was when you had the discovery and boy it looked severely abused and beat up and that was just from the outside.
  14. I haven't washed my rental sunny since april. I just roughly dust it off The Range Rover is white and on road only and can easily go without a wash for 10-15 days
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