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  1. Don't follow only the video have real time data at hand because once it gets updated then this function used to work and now doesn't work and all shit comes loose.. My friends new launch when hooked up with a 07 or older Lexus erases the abs program and he has to come to me for getting it calibration and mine when does not do a recent one I go to him to get it done so scratch my back I got yours is what happens lately..
  2. It not a roll bar it's more like save your head just incase bar as rollbars purpose is to try to roll it back when the roll rolls...so we rolling Yes @Javier M that's the one I am talking about that thing has fascinated me since I laid my eyes on it in some dreamy future where every impossible things become possible I'd love to drive one...
  3. I already have launch x431 master with me and have access at will to g scan 2 and latest launch pro... G scan also doubles as a j2534 but still won't work with many dealer softwares
  4. The Shelby I remember is a open roof roadster with a metal type tube behind the driver...
  5. I am using torque it's not just some crappy software it's really good. if it's not showing you what you need over the counter then my friend you have to feed the PID of that particular sensor and to calculate the PID you'll have be proficient in protocol extraction plus you will need a better dongle not just any will do it...
  6. Does it support j2534 pass through protocol then I want it
  7. Not any grease Bhai I once had a car come in with funky starting issue cleaned the grease on the terminal which seemed like he got for free so why not just dip the battery in it....
  8. It's not a matter of over torque it's just Nissan's aluminum head which just bites it...and lately most of the plugs have built in crush washers on then just hand tight then with tool just feel it sinking in that's it no more no less... Lately just getting guys from turning workshop to see who got bigger balls to take the job without opening the head...or else will open it up then.... Say thanks to engineers who have buried the plugs deep Placed Acadia's low side air conditioning nozzle beside the exhaust Placed subi's oil filter in a donut of exhaust Placed Lexus starter deep under the manifold To remove a Porsche radiator have to start from under the car all the way up to the radiator support and headlights out They all's mama a hoe...
  9. Gone are the days when the plugs were visible lately it deep in so such things don't work...as you increase in height then the force doesn't reach there like when you increase in width the torque is increased....
  10. You should have visited me at my workshop missed the chance to see me melting... Morning drive....no comments...😨
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