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  1. Initial diagnosis was engine oil leakage from between the engine and transmission....if I had included the Piston set who knows he would have showed up next year then....
  2. Told the customer to bring main and converter seals weeks ago when he dropped it atlast almost half an hour ago the phone rings and surprise it's him enquiring if he can get the car by night as he needs to go to abu Dhabi tonight....
  3. Have experienced it in quetta there it's really common but still whenever it happened everyone around me used to run to open ground where as I was usually trying to gasp if it was in my head or really things were shaking many times my relatives used to run and then come back to get me...but still it didn't register in my head what actually was happening...
  4. @Barry you already hit bullseye
  5. Baja seems rings like sugar to ears...
  6. It completely normal for AC to blow cold air in 30 seconds to a minute depending on the type and size of system most of the factory service manuals recommend that the evaporator temperature be recorded in idle rpms after the cars rpm is raised up to 1500 to 2k for 3 to 5 minutes that means that the refrigerant should be in full circulation... Those vapors could be a sign that the thermostat is set at very low temp or in some cars that the evaporator thermostat is bad and is not cutting out when reaching the desired temperature...to check that you have to open bonnet and monitor the clutch (if it's a clutch driven compressor) while in idle it should regularly disengage and re-engage if it's a direct drive compressor then you have to get a diagnosis machine and read live data of air conditioning ECU from there monitor the evaporator temperature sensor and AC duty cycle percentage both should be inversely proportional....now about the screeching noise could be the clutch bearing going bad could be the belt going bad could also be a sign of overcharged system There could be a blockage in the system which the compressor overcomes Could also be that something is broken in the compressor that when not in the right place stopes or make it harder for the compressor to start pumping refrigerant
  7. Yes there is a box type thing with a antenna which gets ground and b+ from car and you have to put sim in it then on a website you can track it and where there is no signal it just records to a memory then later on updates the time line where it had been....I had seen it while dismantling a Lc dashboard for a/c work...
  8. have seen black coloured sticker which is usually used on body of cars instead of paint...
  9. should be hard to fix them if you have a manual at hand to do the work and another one for the cars so you can differentiate which ones gonna be spliced...i recommend a competent electrician for this job who understands and knows his way around wirings @skumar83 please don't try that at home it will not be like that linkage thing you attempted ☺️☺️
  10. none taken @Barry just one of many ways this can end up if you use a bit of heavy oil everytime you change oil and filter this issue will be at bay and if taken care in of changes nicely should not worsen overtime and the sound will stop (chain rattling went silent this is only some minor thing) if you remove the head in this case the mechanic is intending to get the whole integrity of the head evaluated...which i guess should not be necessary because there is no heating oil consumption or misfiring issues only minor sound which is really evident when the bonnet is open and more evident when you are using scope....
  11. when i got it in first try in ajman which is notorious for heap of trys then obviously can do it again....
  12. I am not asking to replace oil with grease what I meant is put around 100 to 150 ml of stop smoke oil it's a thick gooe which will after starting the car be pumped up and will settle where there is more clearance to dampen the sound because you say it's just completed 100k and the lifters are singing then the last owner was really not interested in taking care of the car....
  13. the launch itself was not that good apart from him fighting gravity and worsening his fishtail situation other then that all was good
  14. shadow79

    windshield repair

    I have crack on my lancer windshield I drive highway and city all the time till now it's there from past 3 years hasn't grown a bit...
  15. They will fine you automatically if you come in any camera with expired registration in about 2 months or so but please confirm this statement
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