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  1. Did I hear someone mention Rav or I am still imagining it on that list....
  2. It also helps to drop the temperature inside the cylinders by interducing burned up gases when the cylinders reach high @Barry said they can be blocked and pcm can be programmed to delete the system itself.. engines smaller in size and higher in displacement have been running without this system and they didn't have any problem so that engine shouldn't be any different....
  3. shadow79

    Only 1 fog light working

    if you can get you hands on a multimeter then you can sort if +ive is missing or the -ive is missing then from there we could help you reach somewhere...if you are installing them from scratch then better to go to a sound electrician so they can handle the job better....
  4. shadow79

    Car Service

    You can just open up fill plugs and put a finger in to check the level and also the viscosity I am doubtful that it's bad unless bashed hard off road or reversed kms or parked up to the doors in water for a good time....
  5. It will not lift until you put spacers or a harder lifted spring or adjust the torsion bars if it has them....
  6. shouldn't the fox guys be giving you the kit instead of only shocks and those shocks might have to be changed if you lifting the car...
  7. shadow79

    Car Service

    i told you bhai just forget it if it ain't leaking...or used offroad
  8. shadow79

    Funny Car Memes

    yes brother if not his job then some other job will come up just keep hopes high...
  9. shadow79

    Car Service

    if you don't off road hard or have leaks and that transfer case and the diff are not using some magical oil then leave it its fine....most of the company also recommends changing all rubber pipes at 170k and all those sensors and actuators at 250k too might as well change the car itself when you reach 350k... there is moisture problems when oil is left out inside those components but those heavy oils change very minutely in properties with moisture and still do what they are supposed to do just fine....
  10. shadow79

    Daihatsu Rav4

    we 2 are already in the gang brother....☺️
  11. shadow79

    Daihatsu Rav4

    didnt knew that this name would also be hanging on other cars
  12. If you use the right oil and change oil exactly on time or Lil bit before time with original filter then no need to do anything
  13. That 96 2k Rav is a hot cake seen them most on uaq and rak and ajman side I myself know of 8 homes having that exact shape or coupe of Rav which comes out when it's raining although most are with expired registration As we go towards the Sharjah dxb side then the count is high for the shanabs and Hilux I am not biased never here or anywhere else have I recommended anyone to get a Rav for off roading use but have implimented that whatever you have at hand will do and myself would love to get my hands on a Jeep Cherokee until time permits it's Rav which is gonna row me there
  14. shadow79

    Isuzu Trooper Offroad Capabilities

    Here if it shows then it sells The customer mostly breaks down work to amount of money which is spent they don't care however the work was carried out... Worst case I saw silicone on head gasket the customer had rebuild it recently somewhere in Ajman The saying goes well reap what you sow...
  15. shadow79

    Isuzu Trooper Offroad Capabilities

    all the troopers i have seen are only manuals definitely the part sides is really bad had to wait for around 2 months until the customer found a used distributor (delco) as some know it