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  1. less then 62k and engine gasket and timing belt change sounds like something funny is going on....
  2. it seems a aftermarket on wont last a good tug or 2....
  3. shadow79

    Mistery leak

    can you trace where that pipe is going the 2 fat ones seem for the heater core... and also check the radiator level if its dropping then you have a leak or else its nothing to worry about...
  4. shadow79

    Floor well heat 3.8l pajero

    take it to any exhaust guy he will cut it open and remove the insides then wield it back up without any issues
  5. @desertdude if you can't back your spineless claim with a link please grow up some balls and apologize instead of accusing me of plagiarism i really don't have any idea or understand how you see things from your perspective my head doesn't even reach that far up my ***
  6. shadow79

    Floor well heat 3.8l pajero

    not all cars go cucu if the catalytic converter is removed the plus side on some cars is they gain bit acceleration because of the freeflow exhaust. but on some cars there is a marriage hall on the instrument cluster and various systems just shut and not work. the passing tests are not so strong here as they are in california so don't worry it will pass without any issues have taken many customers cars to passing with issues like that...
  7. @desertdude @Gaurav google is your friend you can search articles from the internet and be kind enough to post the link here if its a word by word copy then i will be glad to remove this from here....? the only thing are the pictures that have been copied from the net the link you posted here is from a ford manual and it is way different from what i have written please back your claims with some evidence or else have the decency to at least press the like button for my efforts and time instead of this childish behaviour
  8. it's a dual cardan like a cv joint but on the shaft have not seen them in aftermarket here as well
  9. p0300 this comes usually when one of multiple cylinder are misfiring which actually means that the cylinder is not burning fuel adequately or not at all. there are many reasons for this as its one of the most wide scope code in automotive line it can start from the tip the air filter to the end the exhaust.its bit easy to diagnose if accompanied with other codes if not then the fault could be anywhere in anyform it's not that you can't fix it but it's a long procedure to narrow it down if left alone its a very nasty thing which can create many troubles like drivability issues rough idle,high fuel consumption, weaken the engine mounts, ruin the catalytic converter,choke the catalytic converter which in turn will ruin the rings and fail the engine and or run the catalytic converter so hot that it could lead to a fire hazard. the fix The spark plugs first off all is to pull the codes and see what actually is going on get some live reads from the diagnosis machine if its a advanced car if not then start from the basics like check the spark plugs if their ceramics been burnt at the base then it is time to change them the air air filter should be inspected and replaced if necessary air metering sensor should be checked and verified if in specs the throttle hose should be inspected for air leaks also the intake hoses and the intake manifold itself should not be ruled out too they too get bent or develop cracks that can be checked by spraying starting fluid and or carefully listen you can hear a hissing noise sometimes the ignition coils/plug wires then check the ignition coils for any electricity escape burn marks it'll show up like rainbow color (if distributor less) just loosen up the ig coil and raise it a bit while the engine is running you will hear the ticks ticks at uniform speed if not then switch off and exchange with the one which does tick tick that way you can narrow it down to the ig coils or the wiring of that particular coil harness which can be corrected looking up the wiring diagram of the particular make and model if still it remain in the particular cylinder then the coil driver of the particular cylinder located in the ecm is bad if the car is equipped with the distributor then wait for it to be dark or darken the place nicely and then open the bonnet and observe the plug wires for any lightning escape through the wires be careful though as its gonna sting real bad because of very high current the injectors/fuel pump it could be that the injectors are not working or its wiring could be bad that too can be checked exchanging the injectors place and again hearing the ticks of the injector using mechanics stethoscope if still not then the wiring of that particular injector needs to be looked at by using the wiring diagram also its important to remove them all and get them serviced at a good place so that you can know that the spray patterns and the spray quantity is good if still the problem persists in that same cylinder then the injector driver in the ecm is the problem for some cars which have direct injection injectors you wont be able to do this as removing injectors in those means you have to put back new ones the fuel pump pressure can be checked by fixing a gauge at the fuel rail and or a T joint should be put between the fuel rail and the feed pipe. please bear in mind that if the car was standing for a long time then its better to empty the tank and start with fresh fuel. the timing components the timing belts or chains could skip a teeth or two and the engine will run out of timing and result in misfire like behaviour you always have to check the camshaft ,crankshaft and the balancers (if equipped) that they alin at the right timing marks (if present) you can look up the FSM's of particular engine's the engine cylinders to check these you have to remove the fuel pump relay so no raw fuel will contaminate the catalytic converters ( if equipped ) and stick a gauge in the spark plugs place and note down each cylinders pressure also (generally) be aware that no two cylinders pressure should be more the 20 psi apart. they should be above 80 to have a start condition for specific engine pressure please look in the manual (to pin point ring and valve or leaking gasket problem apart you have to put oil in the cylinders to take the reading) the exhaust sometimes with a direct hit it crumbles or sometimes because of running hot the catalytic converter melts and chokes the pipe if it is in the right place of the pipe. it can stall or run very different then you are accustomed to as there could be very high back pressure which could alter the firing cycle the waiver those with heart conditions stay away from ignition components as very high voltage risk is involved. the work explained above is very dangerous to attempt on your own. there are many additional steps which have not been mentioned here but is not limited to like cover removal or the intake removal,timing cover removal which maybe required multiple times to complete the procedure you will always need the help of someone who is professionally trained to handle this types of work. the risks involved can be of electrocution, burning (yourself or the car or the premise where you are performing these exercises ) amputation, respiratory illness, blindness
  10. if only road then google maps is also good but you need to update every 30 days
  11. shadow79

    Floor well heat 3.8l pajero

    or maybe there is a duct missing its cap around the firewall....
  12. if its really full of gunk then even the filter change or the spray trick won't do you will have to tear down the dash and get the evap out and leave it in the tub of soap solution so the gunk will loosen up after that give it a full wash and fix it back in and recharge the system....
  13. shadow79

    Dealing with tailgaters - solution

    @sertac while tailgating a tiida you pushed that guys trunk up in the rear seat but sure you wasnt tailgating it was just he came in your way...☺️ those big flashy cars think they own the road but it ain't like that the occasional crazy ones teach them the lesson ☺️
  14. shadow79

    Dealing with tailgaters - solution

    @skumar83 driving a jeep you are one of the tailgaters....
  15. shadow79

    Drive in search of love - 9 Nov 2018

    motorola units are expensive when i asked they were selling at 200+ so that's why i got the baofeng one and am using it without any issues was once in deep trouble for being immobile and was really far from the convoy searching for something but when i tried to reach the convoy with the radio they sure did heard me and came to save the all know which day i am talking about ☺️