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  1. Complete mirror with the assembly just open the 3 bolts toss out the old one and put the new one in and put the scoket and 3 bolts back...
  2. I do have a scanner and if you have time to come to Ajman then I can hook it up and see if we can pull some codes And regarding the engine mounts even if it's ripped in 2 you can visually check unless you test them...
  3. If you can post a picture of the side view mirror and front of car I could check it for you
  4. Have seen all the popular cars like marks and gtrs with Dxb plates only makes me want to get a mark and toss in a 2jz twin in it...
  5. Lately they are allowing rhd cars with classic plates but so far I have only seen Dubai classic rhd's...
  6. Oil is not water it doesn't boil away you are either leaking it or burning it...
  7. There are 4 garages which do good paint work so I show them all the work and whoever gives me the least price I go for it...till now haven't faced any issues...
  8. There are 2 questions there for you to answer... (1) is there smoke 1st thing in the morning when you start the car ? (2) Is there smoke when in highway speeds ? you will need someone's help in both cases to take note of the exhaust....
  9. Pvc valve makes a notorious smoke. They usually go bad in German cars in Japanese this rarely happen If using 10w40 is reducing oil then I would advise to use a thicker blend of 20w50 you might reduce less oil and also reduce the duration between oil changes... Honda's are strong engines but if not taken care like any engine problems start to begin...it could be leaking valve seals or worn down rings if there is no visible leaks in the engine bay...do you see smoke when you start the car in the morning..? Get someone to follow you at highway and ask them to notice the exhaust for any smoke coming out...
  10. You will have to put champion plugs other don't go well with it and the one which has the coil over plug engine they have to go with moper plugs
  11. Park cars where people come and go if it is parked it in a quiet place then it's prone to such activities...
  12. Only glass can be bought and if you aiming for complete assembly then used and aftermarket is the way to go
  13. Sajja and crispy clean parts can never be in one line Mostly are American and Australian imports then the insurance claim cars (GCC) have even seen them putting bearings and rings on engines (repaired stuff) are there that means that place is mostly good for body parts and other outside tid bits... I had brought a crank sensor for focus from there which was not available in company had to return it 5 times . ultimately I towed the car there so I could change it then and there so I avoid coming and going after putting 18 sensors I even lost count of how many sensors I had flipped till I got a working one...
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