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  1. @Simon D @Davie Chase I just found out that Gaurav Soni's FB doesn't have any support, i will be supporting his drive. Apologies gents
  2. then we definitely exceeded 30kmh, we had a couple of refusals and lost track. but also because all these I could sync more with the Pajero!😈 look forward to more chaos this Saturaday! pleasure driving behind you - A beneficiary of your newly upgraded exhaust system during the drive😄
  3. I knew we were moving fast but didn't think its anywhere at 28kmh average moving speed, while climbing the medium and big dunes, thank you @Looper and the rest of the convey.
  4. + cheapest fix, you dont need very high pressure to make this work, and it works very well for the oil sand mixture
  5. Shocking to read this, have known you since the 3rd NB drive till now, I wish you the best in all that you do @Hisham Masaad, @Abdelghanitake care
  6. Hi Muddassir, I have identical set up, it is the suggested set up by the garage and I have not face rubbing so far, 265 65 17, 2inch MRA, 30mm spacers. But spacers are either of the brands, I suggest you have a look of the material and weight, perhaps those are making such huge price difference.
  7. i dont see there is any enforcement even if there are some regulations, the guys at petrol pump never checked on me, I could fill the cans up myself at Adnoc stations. I strap the jerry can on the second row seat instead of the tail when I was driving the LWB pathfinder, the tail part of the car tend to swing a lot and may cause damage or leakage still available for order😎
  8. Another factor that would influence my choice between the two options is whether the trip leader is driving a SWB vehicle. When you're driving a LWB vehicle and following a SWB lead, it's crucial to have the central differential open (4H for Pajero/4H auto for Wrangler). This setup reduces the turning radius, making it easier to follow the track created by the SWB lead. I faced significant challenges when I drove the LWB Pathfinder, which lacked a central differential. In this vehicle, the front and rear wheels were locked at a 50:50 power distribution at all times when 4WD was engaged. I had to make the wheels spin excessively to stay on the path created by the SWB lead. In technical terrain and more advanced drives, deviating from the lead's track can be quite risky. After driving the SWB Pajero, I've come to realize that driving a SWB vehicle in the desert is a blessing! especially vehicles like the SWB Pajero and JL, which allow the central differential to remain open when 4WD is engaged.
  9. Thank you @M.Seidam for the drive. Took us to the northern part of pink rock that is rarely visited, and the last bit of FF drive in the big red area after night fall, good time catching up with you and other friends that I havent seen in a long while!
  10. Great drive led by @Looper, you drive quite differently when you are leading, pretty much a different person in the same yellow looper jeep, and an impressive 25km/r of 80km route, consists of different terrains, But I must say it is never easy to catch up with a SWB car with 2850mm WB Pathfinder😶. Good work! @Theo09 this is definitely not a standard FB drive but you coped with it very well. I was concerned that you may tackle some part of the drive too rough, being a first time FB with faster pace, But you handled it exceptionally well, never fought gravity yet had no refusal except a popout that was partially due to the low profile tire. You should take a look at the jacks and jacking points of your vehicle, 18inch rims have higher possibility of pop out but the possibility can be lowered with skills. @Fabien Monleau Thanks a lot for managing the centre and rescuing me with your magical winch, it worked just like a charm! @Juan R Pleasure meeting you for the first time and thank you for the perfect sweep. Had 2 occassions that the airbag jack was used, it works just fine, except it is as heavy as a spare!💣
  11. The AC sounds like AC fan failure(not the clutch fan), you have running air flow driving highway but not much in desert, and AC condenser doesnt work properly as no running air to cool it down. Acceleration issue can be the heated up fuel. I face the same in later part of higher level drives where I accelerate a lot. Once a senior offroader advised me that it can be the heated up and less condensed fuel affecting the engine performance. When more fuel gets pumped to the front due to frequent acceleration but partial unused fuel gets sent back to fuel tank and this unused parts become warm in the movement, and gradually heats up the rest of fuel in the tank. I noticed a lot of fuel vapor came out when I refuel on the way home from those drives, which evidences that the fuel was hot. this should not be an issue for dual tank cars, for example most of Toyotas🙃
  12. The answer is simple: Pathfinder r51! The 7 seater Xterra. Rarely you will find a Pathfinder offroad abused, and it's cheaper than Xterra most of the time 😃
  13. Something is going on 😁 Hope soon can be revealed
  14. I recently switched from Virgin to Etisalat for this reason. i will never forget that @Mario Cornejoreceived MOI's calling in the middle of a bowl in al Quaa where my pathfinder shut down! Virgin is more cost effective, but the price for it is the poor and slow customer service.
  15. it's indeed interesting topic to discuss, I looked up on the internet for a while, multiple media sources confirmed that for the first time Jeep made locking rear diff available for 4H at higher speed on OF+ mode for sandrunner only, But oddly enough that Jeep hasnt advertised on any of its materials online(I read entire brochure and spec sheet) this as USP at all, only mentioned OF+ in 4H is meant for high speed offroad scenarios in difficult angles, Maybe something in the owner manual? More interesting to know: in the worst case that you break the rear diff by doing high speed runs with rear locker on, will the manufacturer honor the claim 😁
  16. if you need lift, you can try suspension spacers which cost you few hundred bucks max, simply brings your car level higher. but your clearance will remain the same because the solid axle's differential is at the same level of the wheel hub, and it wont help you with driving. if you need better suspension for higher level drive, you have to do your homework, learn about different types of suspension product, hear what other owners have to say, and decide what you want. I bet every single offroad orientated aftermarket supplier has products for wrangler. lucky to have many options and unlucky that you have to choose one from many. you can read below thread, many interesting inputs from different wrangler owners I had spacers before only for clearance purpose(Mine are live axle front and rear, spacers do lift differentials), and replaced them with better suspension kit later on. the better damping and extra stability from the shock and coil help me lots in higher level
  17. I did both front and rear bumper cut, but that was required pretty much when I reached intermediate, dont worry about anything for now, start driving and you will realize the need of mods as you progress.
  18. What have I missed !, by reading the comments and the videos I am already imaging myself in the Pajero Bowl. Definitely need to make it up later! Now I am serious thinking of living in Al Ain, just 1 hour away from all the joy and fun😁
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