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  1. To @Islam Soliman and whoever coming in the early morning. Fog is forming near madinat Zayed, and the last km to the camp is extremely foggy, visibility less than 5meters. be cautious
  2. @Pacific has the one in the tailgate, I dont think it's fast enough because he has the second one in the trunk. Let him chip in. But talking about the compressor, I am extremely satisfied by my recently obtained DM 4 cylinder compressor. It has 2 outlets and I mated it to 2 x 1 to 2 air hose, inflating all 4 tires at same time, to 35 psi for around 3-4 mins. couldnt be happier with its performance 💪
  3. Congrats Fabien! Happy to see you in support team, which you were pretty much in!
  4. Congrats Deepak, now you have to teach how to crest and uncrest the belly👽
  5. I remember you had air leakage on RR tire one of the drive that I was behind you, it would have been a popout if not for the beadgrip rim. My pathfinder has similar weight and output to Prado, I run G015 on stock rim between 8-10 psi with no single pop out for a year already, even tho one of tire pressure sensor broke due to aggressive driving style. A flawed batch could be most probably cause.
  6. I am sure the post 2013 FJ owners dont have the relevant information for you cuz they dont need it The gas station ones will be fine, the only issue is how to strap them properly, they are rounded with only 1 handle You can get other types but make sure the cap properly seals the body, gasoline evaporates very quickly when its exposed in air and will take over your cabin. and make sure you have a funnel to pour it in. I will be taking 80L fuel tank + 20L Jerry since its only a full day drive
  7. I was right at the tire shop when I read this post, immediately I checked the threads and they are all good thanks God. BTW I must praise to the G015 + Nissan OEM rim combo. After a year of full time offroad, no visible sand observed inside any of the 4 tires which means I wasn't even nearly popped out, even tho I broken one of the newly replaced tire pressure sensor inside the tire👌
  8. hey @Imran Kashif , good be driving with you again! I believe that you have the wrench that I offered to you to remove the Pajero battery terminal last weekend in Quaa, Can I have it back this weekend 😶
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