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2 minutes ago, treks said:

Did your friend's Mustang have wider or better tires than yours? If so,the added traction will increase the tilt  because more of the engines' torque is being transferred to the body because it is more difficult  to make wide tires spin. The same is true for tires with high traction ratings. 


No, he was on stock tires, on the contrary, my Mustang had wider tires and still doing the burnout in a straight line with proper steering control. 

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On 9/15/2018 at 10:27 AM, sertac said:

I like this discussion. I want to take it further. I think we are agree if you are not in car businees it is very risky to have American spec car because they are mostly salvaged. What about Japan specs Mercedes and BMW cars. They are coming here with crazy low milage and good condition. What you guys thinking about them? 

Same, it's nice to see a good old forum discussion on car topics!

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