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After seeing so many drives with newbie and experience offroaders from other clubs and background ignoring the radio communication, ask me to write such a lengthy explanation.

  1. Your car fuel is less important than radio communication as if you don't have the fuel you will not move but still, you will be safe and alive, whereas if you cannot hear that critical advise on what's happening on other side and enter then you might lose your vehicle and even life.
  2. Your music, passengers chit chat, mobile calls, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social distraction can wait rather than missing important advice over the radio that tells you the plan of action to not get lost in the desert.
  3. Your food and water are less important even, as without food you can stay alive for 4-5 days and without water up to 12 hours, but without radio communication, you might not be able to return home safely.

No excuses are acceptable for not using the radio and responding back in time:

  1. Oh I forgot the radio
  2. Oh I didn't charge
  3. Oh it's volume was turned down by accident
  4. Oh I changed the frequency
  5. Oh my passenger switched it off
  6. Oh I didn't realize it's this important

ENOUGH OF EXCUSES for your own safety and safety for others, if you cannot process this simple device then you are not fit to be an offroader, at least NOT with Carnity Offroad Club.

Safety is paramount here and members who cannot understand this basic requirement will be removed from the Carnity Offroad Club.

Spare radio is available for absolute newbies only if you have done 1-2 drives, please get your radio. It just cost less than 200 dhs for years of fun and safety. This is the first thing that any offroader should buy, who wants to drive in a disciplined convoy with safety in mind.

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Thank you @Gaurav, I second your views. Radio is a very important tool for communication in the desert and should not be neglected at any time. Have seen lot of mishaps in the desert due to lack of communication and a few disasters or close encounters during this drive as well due to lack of respect for radio.

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