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Drive to Sweihan Sand Mountains - 10 March 2017

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It's due time for calling a sand dune drive with a little twist for carnity explorers. Twist is that Sweihan sand dunes are the second tallest dunes in UAE, after Liwa humongous dunes. Though we want to keep this drive open for all newbie - fewbies level so we will definitely sketch an appropriate track between those sand mountains. We will start with an easy track and small dunes near Al Haiyir and Nahil town and depending on convoy response we will end up at Sweihan tall dunes range as per my below pictures from 2010.

When: 10 March 2017
Meeting time: 12:30 PM
Starting time: 01:00 PM (SHARP) soon after Friday prayer

Where: First ADNOC service station on E20 (Al Haiyir to Nahil) after turning right from Dubai - Al Ain (after faqa).
GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/CgheV2mSLp12
Level of drive: Newbie - Fewbie

Type of drive: Although it's not a typical family drive, but feel free to bring them if they like more of drive time
Plan: Lunch and Learn advance sand off-road driving
What to bring along: Ready lunch (no bbq), water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn

Approximate finish time: 6 PM

Safety advice:

  1. All vehicles should have proper tow hook in front and back
  2. Drive is only open for proper 4x4 vehicles, not for SUV's and Sedan's
  3. Vehicle should have minimum 10-12 inches of ground clearance
  4. Every vehicle should have proper shovel, deflator and tire pressure gauge
  5. Two way radio, air compressor, tow rope and shackle are advisable to carry if you have

List of participants:

  1. Gaurav Khanna - 050 5258706
  2. Mujtaba - 055 2313829
  3. Srikumar - 055 9567471
  4. Jason Shilliday - 0505547290
  5. Waqas Zohair - 056 1777392
  6. Rahimdad Kadwani - 050 6749099



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Its been a couple of years since I have been to Sweihan. By no means is this an easy terrain so following convoy discipline will be imperative. Among the important stuff to carry would be loads of water and I would recommend everyone to have a 2 way radio.

I am in with full support as usual @Gaurav bhai and I will try to dig out the route I did with JJ Bhai a couple of years back.

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6 hours ago, Rahimdad said:

I am in with full support as usual @Gaurav bhai and I will try to dig out the route I did with JJ Bhai a couple of years back.

Thanks Rahim bhai, really need and appreciate all your support ALWAYS.

Route you must have done with JJ was based on my research as I was the one to find the Sweihan long dunes range through Google earth and we did that route twice in 2010 - Same as per pic above. I still have the coordinates for that and that's easy to find as they were next to road (first pic below), but maybe difficult for this newbie - fewbie level. That's why I kept that spot for end after seeing whole convoy performance in Nahel area.

If you can get some Nahel area newbie track, that will be awesome as I have sketched some points through google earth (second pic below) but following some known track is always better with newbie - fewbie level and not waste time.

Sweihan big rolling dunes: 100% Very big dunes



Nahel Area: 25% Medium dunes + 25% Big dunes + 50% track / sabkah + couple of exit points ICE

Nahel track.jpg


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Wow we already have some awesome adventurers on this one.

@Gaurav Bhai, I am not sure about Nahel, but I will try to see if I can manage any route that is more targeted towards fewbie track. I will keep you posted.

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Any good "photographer" want to join for this drive as a passenger, more than welcome to ride with me please.

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Guys I am in. But bit confused about taking family along considering the previous posts in this topic and you guys are aware of the ages of my children. Your advice will help me make up my mind @Gaurav@Rahimdad

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Thank you Waqas bhai for joining and thank you for a very valid question. As per my experience I would recommend that your family sit this one out due to the long hours and challenging terrain. Any family oriented drives will clearly be marked as family drives. However for couples who are more adventurous, we would not mind the spouse joining in.

@Gaurav bhai, please do add your insight to @waqaszohair query, and please add your valuable insight.

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