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Fuses - ABS/TC and Airbags


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@Nathan hi Nathan, i recently picked up a 21' ram rebel and am trying to figure out its off-road capabilities and limitations (total newbie). sorry if i have a few questions but i don't see many of these cars on the group or on the road here and very interested to learn more if you don't mind , … you seem to be doing well with yours, and congrats on your new ranking, how is it off road? did you try the fuse option to kill the TCS completely? and i cant figure out where to mount my flag, where and how did you mount yours? 

cheers, Phillip

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Hi Philip! Congrats on the new car, have you been out in it yet? Is it the Rebel+? It’s a great machine, I’m loving it so far. 

- yes, the fuse is 26, it’s a red one. I can take a pic later. Just pull it with engine off. 
- I use a suction mount from DM for now. Will get a proper mount installed another time when I can get round to it. 
- beware the slowwww and painful speed of the transmission when it gets hot. Ive set mine up so I have a constant view of all T&P’s on the dash when off-road. 

other than that, it’s brilliant. 

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@Nathan thank you very much! iv been out once on a masterclass with marshals from this group which has taught me alot, now comes the time to practice. during my ride i got bogged down twice and had to be towed out as all 4 were in the air.. the breakover angle is huge man! scary actually that i feel it needs more height for sand riding. 

tbh i have no clue which rebel i have, id like to know how to check, i dont have offroad pages on my screen, just a small offroad section on the dashboard that shows me tilt / lean ... im still figuring out what the car has and doesnt have... any advise from you would be great. .

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Nice, that’s great. You got it from Festival City? They were great for me. 
Haha, welcome to the club. Many times I have crested and I’m sure it will continue. Just takes experience, won’t be an issue with the car generally. 
The Plus is a great car. If you’re ever on a drive with me I’ll show you how to set up the display to give you all the things you need. 
If you’re on the WhatsApp group then you can find my name in there, ping me a WhatsApp and I’ll answer any questions you may have! 

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