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Morning Intermediate Desert Drive - Faqa - Dubai - 17 Jul 2022

Islam Soliman

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Thanks @Islam Soliman for the nice drive, it was a bit easy at the beginning but still we got some extremely surprising soft sand every now and then. also, the weather was easy on us thanks to those clouds shading us along the way...

It is always fun driving with such great people    @Chris Wing  @Zed @Fabien Monleau @Thomas Varghese @Ranjan Das @Vaibhav

Thanks @JeromeFJ for the dates  and congrats on the 100 Drive Milestone , looking forward to celebrate with you the 200 Drive milestone with some  Canelés sweets 😁 . have a safe and enjoyable holiday .

For me the Milestone was to manage to drive the Pajero with the AC on 💪 😂.... 


looking forward to see you all again soon. 



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Thank you @Islam Soliman, it's always a pleasure driving under your lead and with @JeromeFJ joining to celebrate his centenary drive and the pleasant weather made it all the more special. A strong set of drivers meant that we had complete radio silence and fluid drive for almost the whole drive until the two crests, at the same spot, brought out the ropes. 

Congratulations Jerome on the milestone and may you keep driving :-)

@Chris Wing, @Simon Dawood, @Zed, @Fabien Monleau, @Vaibhav, @Thomas Varghese - was wonderful, as always, meeting and driving with you. Have a wonderful week ahead.



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Thank you @Islam Soliman for leading the drive. Quick Recap: We started with some warm-up dunes while waiting for another Big Convoy (~50 cars) to disappear into the desert. But seems they were having a nice Big Breakfast, so we entered into more technical dunes. I'm always anxious with these kinds of dunes cos my Y62 is on stock suspension, not lifted, long-wheel & heavy...basically higher chance of getting crested 😬 But being no. 4 in the convoy helps to anticipate some terrain challenges and when extra pedal power is required 😊 Continuing the drive, as soon as the Big Convoy approached our play area, we moved across the Sabkha for a better, more technical and quieter area. Weather was awesome with 3hours of cloudiness accompanying our drive, maybe we could have done a breakfast & karak party too there! 😁

@JeromeFJ  congrats on your 100th drive. You inspired me to do 45 more drives, which at this rate (1 drive per week) probably gonna take 1 year to catch-up 😂  Also thanks for the Pitted Dates 👍🏻 since it's seed-less I can easily eat 5 of them 😁

@Chris Wing great 2nd-leading, you showed us where the tricky terrains were, so the rest of convoy can navigate freely. Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated bro 👍🏻 Maybe FJ's next mod is 3" lift to match the bigger tires? 😁

@Simon Dawood was awesome with his Pajero. There were many moments we could see from the back (hopefully verified by @Vaibhav's 360° videos) that the Pajero's slipping, but amazingly you pushed through 👍🏻

@Vaibhav great to drive behind you buddy, appreciate the many heads-up. Terrain was tricky as there were some bushes stuck in my skid plate during the car wash 😂

@Fabien Monleau nice meeting you and I hope when my LC100 is fix, we can meet in more Intermediate drives. I find it fascinating to see someone drive real manual-manual (not automatic-triptonic) in technical dunes 👍🏻

@Thomas Varghese always nice having you in the convoy and listening to your stories buddy

@Ranjan Das great sweeping, bold move to tackle the left-side and not get crested while the rest of us take the easy way 😅

See you all in the next Intermediate drives 👋🏻

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1 hour ago, Vaibhav said:

@Zed i agree with you @Simon Dawood was fish tailing. but he controlled like a pro! 

@VaibhavHAHAHA thanks man , actually it would be great if you can share with me some of those videos..

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