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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021


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  1. “The team to cover all required waypoints and finish first in a minimum amount of time will have the honor to lift the Trophy” Time to download the military-grade high-res maps and run shortest-distance algorithms on them for this challenge 😅
  2. I read “circling the waypoints”, “don’t tamper the GPS with FakeGPS simulator” and my mind triggered GPS Challenge too early 😄 but here’s one question: Up by crossing the crest may be a faster way but if some cars are stuck that’s lost time. While meandering through the flat valleys might be longer but if pace is kept it could be a faster route. So the Marshal decides or a team can give suggestions here? ☺️
  3. Our own Carnity GPS Challenge! Yay, this is creative and well-thought effort @Frederic 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  4. Yay, congrats bro @GauravSoni, soon you’ll be leading our Sweihan drives 😁👍🏻
  5. @Srikumar: Told her it was another Newbie drive… better ask for forgiveness later than missed the opportunity 😂😂😂
  6. If Ruan wrote a report, that’s a testament of how good the drive was today 😄 Thank you @Mehmet Volga & @marks for coming all the way from Dubai to lead today’s drives. @Archibald Jurdi for CF too. Thanks to bro @Mus_hus78 for being my spotter today, the Y62 is a heavy beast, and once gone into a bowl can be tricky to self-recover without having second set of eyes to find the work-around. Lucky no need to tug, after some forward-and-back dance and finding non-churned sand, car was able to go up again 😊 Thumbs up also to the rest of convoy for able to keep up pace with the front li
  7. I think it’s a locality thing, gonna drive to Dubai to find this straight-angled shovel… I reckon they’re called Spade and Not Scoop 😅 Thanks bro for the links, I think after a while, due to insurance and old engine, I’m gonna retire the LC100 and try to sell it as a classic 😉 Since that guy sold to celebrities, his ones look better valued than Vogue Industries luxury-mods 4x4s https://www.vogueindustries.com/4x4
  8. Dear @Mehmet Volga I will be driving the Y62 Patrol today as the LC100 is in garage. Not sure if this changes ordering, but I’m ok with front or back 😊
  9. I’m sure with the line-up, this too will be a Fewbie drive 😂 Translation: Newbie > bump > NewbiePlus > bump > Fewbie 😅
  10. Confirmed Boss @Srikumar 👨‍✈️, sorry for hours delay, just got approval from the car owner + made sure to buy a longer dig-a-grave shovel 🥄😁
  11. In a uniformed world, the Lead + CF + Sweep would connect their BaoFengs to this BingFu 12.5” external antenna for an added 8 dBi gain over stock antenna. This way, the 3 most important positions are always audible to other drivers 😁 👇🏻 Product photo:
  12. Fair enough, Keep It Simple and Noise-Cancelling (more expensive radios) are easier for everyone 😁👍🏻
  13. Dear Prof. @Frederic, SQUELCH (SQL setting) is the White Noise ("ssszzzzz"). Setting SQL to high basically mutes white noise, that may be caused by other radio signals, mobile phones, or even electronics from our cars, BUT high SQL means now your radio will only receive the STRONGEST signals from other radios on the same frequency. If you are in the same building yes, high SQL makes sense, but when we are 10-cars apart, a high SQL can mean you only hear the car in front of you and behind you. Of course this needs testing, but this is the theory anyways 😁 I propose 2 different approach (ag
  14. Was about to register for Waiting List here (1st drive with Mehmet on Friday), but noticed superstars @Gaurav Soni and @Niki are already in support.... I think they do better shoveling than me 😁 , but if Mr. @Srikumar allows for 1 more party after RSVP limit is reached, happy to join this Fun Gang 😄
  15. Ah there's another AAA, and these are the ones with the proper Desert Trucks: Hitachi Crawler Tank & a 4x4 Lift Truck... I saw AAA Recovery sign and I thought they're the same, apparently not 😂
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