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  1. Thanks @Gaurav , this is some awesome Fatherly advice there! Now that I think of it, yes, I had the option of skipping the top crest by going sideways and continue following from below. But why did I kept on following the convoy?!?!?!? Haha, strange how Ego is undetected within oneself, but easily pointed out by (usually a more senior) person with experience. This is a very good lesson learned indeed, thank you again Gaurav Ji!
  2. Nice pics @Srijith Gangadharan πŸ‘πŸ» Wow I see Prado and LandCruiser, besides the regular Pajeros, group has gone diverse too, missed the drive 😊
  3. Thank you all and to @Mohamed Seidam for giving another spot-on advice there. I really love the community wisdom from different perspectives here πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I also remember another thing, which is visible from the time stamp at around 11:30 noon. We were done at Nagra Hill, this was probably 2-3km from the highway as we are exiting and concluding our morning drive. I guess the heat and the hunger for lunch made all of us speed more than we should have done. Another lesson learned, when it's time to leave the dunes and racing back to the highway, do it just as we enter: in a nice slow fun fashion and not too rushed to catch some appointment. Thank you all, looking forward to rejoin Carnity Sweihan and Khatim drives next year πŸ˜„
  4. Even better @Gaurav, here's 5-mins video before the rollover. See, it started off just fine like any other Solar Park drives, flat then up-down πŸ˜„ ... as we say, it's nasib... what's meant to happen just happens PatrolRoll5Mins3.mp4
  5. This is Very SOUND advice @Chaitanya πŸ‘πŸ» . Agree: if the car in front of you exit, you should follow exit regardless you have momentum or not. This way, you won't have to worry the car in front of you will suddenly be on your left-side or right-side as you'll have time to manouvre even if he drifts or spins like crazy. Thank you, definitely lesson learned 😊 so does my war wound warrant a status upgrade? *joking Just realized recently that Carnity still does weekly Abu Dhabi trips, so I will stick to that in the future (either in my repaired Patrol or some other 4x4 - here's wishing for something after new year 🀞 *fingers crossed)
  6. Sure will do that after coming home from office today πŸ‘πŸ»
  7. Thanks @Srikumar for the always helpful tips. Regarding #2, I suddenly remembered I did turn my steering wheel to the left cos I remember @Rahimdad briefings kept on saying "don't fight Gravity!". I preferred my nose to go down first so I immediately turned left when I lost momentum, however I felt that my Patrol rolled over immediately as soon as the steering went left 😒 As for the drive level, this was with a couple of friends, not an "official club". We went to Nagra Hill in Sweihan. The drive was very similar to my last Qudra 15 May Drive led by Mr @Srikumar , with a lot of side walling and I think we did a few ridge riding too? I remembered cos this is where I broke my bumpers and started the thread "Should I fix my Y62 bumpers or buy second-hand Jeep?" πŸ˜‚ So I guess, I dunno, between Newbie to Fewbie? 😬
  8. Alhamdulillah I survived a rollover that happened yesterday. I've been watching the dashcam recording and trying to remember what I did wrong, but my brain seems to block the memory of the moments before it happened, so I'm reaching out to the experts here, what could be the cause of my rollover? *dashcam video attached below Some stuff that I can think of: a. Did I lose momentum? The bottom speed timestamp says I went from 48km/h, 46, 44, 37km/h before rolling over. b. Did I get a tyre pop-out? When I got out of the car, both of my left tyres popped out. I had to use a jack and fill them up to 40psi to make the tyres pop-in back again and to drive the car outside the desert. But maybe the left tyres popped out due to the rollover to the left? If that so, why are my right tyres intact (right tyres didn't pop out). I was driving with 15psi all tyres btw. c. At the 00:02 footage, you can see the Jeep in front of me swerved to the left. What the camera didn't show was that the Jeep went on drifting on my left side instead of exiting gracefully with the nose down first. Basically in a quick moment I turned my face to the left, seeing a car on my left side and scared that if I also exit-left-with-nose-first to go with gravity, I might crash into the Jeep... could I have done something wrong with my reflex? Like maybe letting go of the gas pedal to slow down cause afraid of crashing with the car on the left side. Someone said "look front when driving off-road and don't be distracted by left and right sightseeings." I should have focus straight and not be afraid of my left side. d. I was the last of the convoy, so nobody was behind me, otherwise maybe that person could tell from behind what went wrong... PatrolRoll.mp4
  9. Dear @Srikumar , with a heavy heart I had to leave this event due to my Patrol sent to the body workshop. Next time we meet, I can tell the group the tale of "Rolling Patrol", to add to the previous "Flying Pajero" as lessons learnt πŸ˜‚ Carnity is the safest offroad group I've been with, and I think better stick to it next time... or forever πŸ˜… Good news for those in the waiting list, there's 1 slot available now! 😁
  10. Yay, I'm in, even tho 1hr late after reg opened πŸ˜… . Glad to be back with the gang after some months building up antibodies 😊
  11. Thanks @Gaurav and @Wrangeld for clearing up the Jeep's reality distortion field πŸ˜„ , I think it's clear now, time to go bargain hunting, this looks like a good deal ☺️ https://www.offroad-zone.com/product/jeep-wrangler-tj-2006-sport-gcc/
  12. I'm fascinated by Jeeps ever since I follow @TheOffRoadClub on TikTok, below amazing vids: Is Rubicon worth it? That Sway bay disconnect button seems useful πŸ˜„ 90050282_581053719158381_8855004159439536128_n.mp4 90488744_2559462117647189_6904464510220763136_n.mp4
  13. Hi @sertac man why you gotta bring that up?😁 Now i just had a seizure of flashback where my Pajero went flying (this is why my feet usually brake automatically on the tip of dune pyramid, to prevent flying again) and hit the back of Nissan Armada v8. I think that Armada went for total loss and I felt so bad 😒 Flash-forward now, yeah I want to avoid to be in that same situation. Cheaper car, yes definitely to avoid total loss where insurance gives you puny amount of cash, but at the same time Strong Metal to protect your head for when that flying thing lands on your car *knock on wood Speaking of Jeep, should I be worried after looking at this: https://www.iihs.org/ratings/vehicle/jeep/wrangler-4-door-suv/2020
  14. Thanks @Gaurav and @Frederic , Fred's remark on resale value hits the spot right there on the heart... so now i'm leaning on getting a 2nd car for off-road purpose. Question for @Gaurav : why is XTerra better than Patrol for offroad? I mean both are Nissan... example if I look at this ad https://tnydu.biz/DOy9Ol for a 47K XTerra, will I have bumper issues like Y62 too? Or at least that can be used as baseline for further modifications...
  15. Thank you @Srikumar for leading this drive and thank you @Emmanuel for pulling my Patrol when it got stuck at the tip of triangle dune 😁 . I think this drive is above Newbie, since some people also got stuck at the tip like I did and there was a lot of slide sloping more than Sweihan last time. Also my rear bumper is coming off, so my CFO (a.k.a wife) demanded i fix this first before the next drive. Now i'm torn either to remove it completely so i don't have to deal with bumpers everytime (since the drives get more advanced & challenging) or start looking for second-hand Jeeps πŸ˜‚ thanks everyone who joined the drive, felt the camaraderie after a bit of hiatus 😊
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