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  1. I guess this applies to 140 litres Patrols too 😄🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️
  2. Thanks @Rahimdad, could you kindly share the Frequency we're going to use? Finally got myself the Motorola (looks fake but hey it works 😄)
  3. @Rahimdad bhai are you joining this too? If so and time permits, I'd like to purchase the Bubba Rope + shackles please ( sorry everyone, not sure how to use Private Message feature on this forum 😁 )
  4. Thanks @Rahimdad, see you all this morning, leaving at 7am from Deira area to Tawi Nazwa.
  5. @Rahimdad thanks! PS: is there any mosque nearby at the end of trip for Friday prayers? GMaps location if possible so I can save it on my GPS
  6. Thank you for the Google Maps location, I will surely pay them a visit and check around. Cheers! Double-Suction Cup, yes, this ought to hold the fishing rod
  7. Thanks Fred, I went to Ramy both in DXB and AUH, but they don't have the suction cup adapter. But on their website, they used to have this "black bolt adapter" that bridges between the suction cup and real flag pole. I just need this adapter (see screenshots). Thanks and see you tomorrow!
  8. Hi all, currently I used a suction cup + carbon-fibre fishing rod for my safety flag pole. For slow drives it's ok, but after jumping from uphill, it dropped once. Not sure if it's the suction cup, but looking for a more stronger mount for my safety flag. Any recommendation for garage that can do a Flag Mount for Nissal Patrol 2019? And what is the standard M-size of the flag pole screw? Maybe I can drill a hole to my suction cup that fits the flag pole. * thanks in advance, friends.
  9. Front tow hook confirmed, back tow hook confirmed, measured 35cm / 13inched from ground to the foot plates. Will be my first time driving with this group, please be gentle to this newbie
  10. Zed


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