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  1. @Looper Part Number 171309 Most Australian Offroad shops have it, example here. Just use ShopAndShip to ship it to your Australian address then forward it to Dubai
  2. thanks @Frederic & @Anoop Nair, i'm in fact inspired by Fred's technical-but-for-laymen articles. I'm already thinking my next article: 4LO Explained πŸ˜‚
  3. Thanks @Asif Hussain bhai for leading today. Ridge riding experience is a result of following you, Sri and Fred's multiple drives 😁 Looking forward to more challenges & training 😊 we always own up to our mistakes bro @Naveen Raj, that's what Principal Asif taught us πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. My car is like 911 bro, call me anytime you're stuck πŸ˜…
  4. i'm in, spoken like a true Director, keeping the option open for only-driving, only-meteorhunting and whoever wants both πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»
  5. @Gaurav PCR has never stopped me from coming to Dubai, if this thing's on I'll spend my Marriott points to stay overnight in Dubai πŸ˜…
  6. Congrats @Zixuan Huang - Charlie , might see you for some Fewbie Plus drives...
  7. Coincidentally, 12th August is declared UAE Public Holiday for a good long weekend https://gulfnews.com/going-out/uaes-next-public-holiday-when-is-hijri-new-year-1.1627193460855 But according to @munkybizness's links, it will only be visible from 22:00 until 04:00, so the right plan would be: 1. Night drive Γ -la Srikumar starting at 9pm night on Wed 11th Aug or Thu 12th Aug. 2. Stop for stargazing at 12 midnight 3. Those who want to go home, exit. Those who want to stargaze more, do camping πŸ˜…
  8. @munkybizness if they did, it's probably to save cost to make similar features for both Europe & Middle East. According to European Union Law Regulation No 48 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UNECE) β€” Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to the installation of lighting and light-signalling devices [2019/ 57] (europa.eu) : 5.1.5 Reversing Lamp color is White and Rear Fog Lamp is Red 6.4 Minimum 1 Reversing Lamp mandatory 6.11 Minimum 1 Rear Fog Lamp mandatory So to fullfil above requirements, they probably make
  9. @Zixuan Huang - Charlie this is why for desert we prefer SuperChargers compared to Turbos, it's powered by the Crank Pulley like Clutch Fan & Timing Belt, so the power increase is instant 😁 Turbos depend on Exhaust, hence the lag πŸ‘‡
  10. Thanks @Zixuan Huang - Charlie for the additional cars, wow I believe with the price advantage, these can be considered for dune-bashing 😁 Even though the engine is 2.0, I think we can find some garages who can add turbos to add the horsepower & torque πŸ˜ƒ After all, now manufacturers care more about pollution & fuel-efficiency, so they put less powerful engines but add turbos. For example Toyota stopped making V8 Land Cruisers, and instead use turbos for their V6 to achieve more power πŸ’ͺ How are aftermarket compatibilities? Do you think because BAIC was a Jeep manufacturer in Chin
  11. Thanks @Gaurav bhai for adding these extra correct points. Man how could I forget Rubicon, I almost bought that car and I did look at videos of how cool sway bar disconnect is, most will show putting the tyres on a fork-lift but as Gaurav said; when you are crested press that Electronic Sway Bar Disconnect and the front tyres will drop to touch the sand like a Long-Travel Dune Buggy would, in the hope of gaining traction to self-recover 😁
  12. Found a better illustration on the side-effect / disadvantage of differential: the point that the power will always go to the least traction wheel, shown below: If your car specs says "Limited-Slip Differential", then you're a bit better, as some power are distributed to the wheel with traction. However note it's not an "Anti-Slip" Differential, just limited, so the arrow to the left is smaller (less power / limited) than the green arrow on the right wheel (more power / slipping). To achieve 50% left : 50% right power distribution, you still need to Lock the Diff.
  13. If you can, get the 3.8 engine for that extra power. We have a lot of Pajeros in this club, so you'll have friends who can advise you on stuff. Regarding price, of course haggle it as low as the owner is willing 😁 For mileage, use it to negotiate price, but don't be scared of high miles, my Land Cruiser has done 350,000 kms and it still climbs dunes ☺️ You need to do 2 things before you finalize the price: 1. Take it for a test drive. This will tell you if you want it or not. 2. Take it to a garage that does Comprehensive Pre-Buy testing. They will check for leaks and any flaws that
  14. Hello @ShereenMK, i think we "crashed" to your private session last time and @Karthikeyan Govindarajan showed that if you get distracted or miscalculated for 1 second, you can get crested & stuck πŸ˜‚. Hope you'll enjoy driving on the sand and make it a weekend hobby, we need more folks in Abu Dhabi 😊 As for your car, it's too early to hunt. Watch the video link below, my friend drove a Montero Sport to climb Bu Tais Dune, and he always says it's the driver that makes it, not the car ☺️ You only need to find a second-hand car once you damage your Montero like breaking bumpers πŸ˜‚
  15. I had a center diff lock issue few weeks back: after self-recovery the center diff lock remained locked and would not unlock, causing heavy steering when driving home. My mechanic was trying to solve the center diff problem by isolation: whether it was mechanical (possible fix: change center diff lock actuator), or was it electrical (possible fix: clean dirty connections). While he was doing that, I was reading the materials from my Land Cruiser Repair Manuals and some other sources. Thought I'd share my "differential enlightenment" here, and try to explain it as non-technical as possible πŸ™‚ F
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