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Morning Intermediate Desert Drive - Qudra to solar park - Dubai - 28 Aug 2022


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This drive is organized in full compliance with the COVID19 guidelines. We expect every member that joins this drive to go through below information and strictly follow these guidelines.




Drive Details

Level:  Intermediate and above 

Meeting time: 05:15 Sunday (deflated and ready to move)

Meeting Point: https://goo.gl/maps/4jyD6zeufhExAocKA

Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 8-10 inches of ground clearance.

What to bring along: Loads of water, snacks (for yourself), smiles, face mask, rubber gloves, enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

Approximate finish time: 09:15

P.S. Only join if you have a compressor to inflate your tires after the drive.



  • Limited to 10 cars maximum. RSVP will close on Saturday - 12 PM.
    • If the RSVP is full and you wish to join, please mention your name on the drive thread to add on the waiting list
  • Latecomers will be returned back - without ANY EXCEPTIONS.
  • Members without RSVP will be returned back - without ANY EXCEPTIONS.
  • Members that do not confirm the terms of the COVID requirements will be removed from the RSVP list.
  • Please withdraw your RSVP, if you aren't joining, so your spot can be taken by others.
  • Repeated no-show members after RSVP will have their account suspended for a month.




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Dear Driends

Good day and welcome . The plan of our coming drive are two folds the first  is to start as early as possible not later than 05:30 so bit earlier arrival before 05:15 would be greatly appreciated . this will give us the time to drive bit in the dark till the sunrise. the second is to cover as much of a distance crossing different terrain in a semiconstant speed ranging from moderate to fast to pretty fast in some occasions and minimize the stopping time to the minimum. in ideal spots we may repeat the maneuvers as better as it gets swinging from hard to slip faces and vica versa. ... at the outskirts of Qudra south two routes are available and both will lead  us toward little sweihan upon which one we choose is govered by how fast we get there in time . from little sweihan twisties will head tward the exit at the exhibtion center of solar park.

cant wait to meet you all 

till then enjoy the remaining of the week 






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Dear Driends

Please find the convoy order for tomorrow’s drive . We will be on Carnity channel 3 and my cell is 0554045278 in case of emergency.

get enough rest as you needed it a lot 

see ya all tomorrow , Inshallah , on time 05:15 or bit earlier 


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@M.Seidam I removed my name/"left event" this morning at 6am as won't be able to participate due to work.. not sure if there are waitlists... 

Lots of familiar names so sorry to miss out 😞

Have a great drive! 

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Drive report 

Just realized that today it  was my 💯 drive I did so far , 28 of them was as a lead . It feels like yesterday i entered the sand with carnity for the first time 😄 the more we do this hobby the more we know new things and one of many things is that it was a pleasure and honor driving with you friends todays🙏

the morning was amazingly cool today and the view to the crescent lake was fabulous , I always like to stop by it for a short coffe break and quick chitchat .


The way to it was steady and nice except of some bushy spots that we had to navigate it more or less smoothly.

after that and According to the plan we headed toward south Qudra where the real action started from there till we reached little Sweihan taking the shortest way possible to catch up with time. 

running along the northern fence of the military area and detouring left to the sweetest spot and best to my knowledge and the final section was there  bowling in and out . Side sloping . Crossing from either side of the dunes. That was epic and I enjoyed it so very much so you did I hope. next time we will dedicate a drive for this area inshallah.

along the journey couple refusals and two stucks including mine was managed nicely with self recovery  with bit shoveling at times and the only car which needed the rope twice was mine 😜 maybe the second one was toward the end and it started to heat up 😜 

along the track toward the exhibition center at solar park was our finish point on time 09:30 . 

@Simon Dawood perfect second lead . Attentive always to what comes up 👍thanks for the tug 🙏

@Ahmad Shaker considering your first IM drive you did great and your self recovery from the sideway crest was amazing 👍

@Chris Wing drove like a pro today well done my friend 

@Davie Chase it was pleasure driving with you today after quite a while , thanks for the hardy felt tug , brilliant 🙏

@DP1011 , Deepak wrangler it didn’t feel to me like it’s your first IM , probably the ‘sandwich’ effect had helped 🤣. Kidding you drove and self recovered brilliantly today 👍

@Rob S nice seeing you after a while thanks for all the help today whenever needed. 
@James Thorn and @Tom B I am sure you had your share in the back enjoying the drive . Flawless 

last but not the least a word of thank you to @GauravSoniour guardian sweep today. The idea of putting sand ( usually we remove 😅) which gave a cushioning effect was fantastic . 

till we meet once more take care and drive safe 





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Wow Doc 100 drives congratulations and was a pleasure being a part of your celebratory drive 

everyone drive extremely well and it was a pleasure to see everyone on the drive, I had driven with all previously which made it a great experience 

couple of the drivers were having their first intermediate experience and I believe you gave them a little taste of everything that can be experienced during the inter drives 


thanks to all for making it such a pleasure to be out and about in the desert again 



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Well done @M.Seidam ! Up to 500 ! 👏🏻😁

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"Go as far as you can see; once you get there, you'll be able to see further."

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