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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021


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  1. Since I joined @Carnity last year in July I learned a lot from every one . Honestly the leaders lead sessions lead by @Gaurav and supported by @Wrangeld and @Jeepie , sincere huge thank you to them , came to open a new door for us in off-roading . I needed to hear and see and to be involved in many and few things that are extremely essential to what we are coming for. From my side I will do the best what I can to maintain and develop this club SAFELY . thank you @Shaaz Shaand @Hisham Masaad for being together and I was honoured 🙏 I am looking forward to lead in the desert soon.
  2. That’s wonderful dear Gaurav @Gaurav Soni very well deserved you have earned it truly . Congratulations bro 🎉👍
  3. I remember our Emmanuel had a post about a beautiful island in AD check it out please
  4. Only one exception , the one who will get out by him/her self , will be sitting on 🪑eating popcorn and drinking and chilled Coca Cola 🤣 and having the privilege to document all recoveries 🤣😄 … I know it’s just a dream that 99 % ain’t becoming true at least for me 😂 Waw the vot till now reached 24 and it’s less than 24 hour since this thread started . ✌️😄
  5. This is going to be needed a lot Angela especially for up and down pull rope bringing ppl yallaaaaa 😉
  6. @Gaurav this feels challenging to the core , what are we weighting for … lizz gooooo , and @Hisham Masaad for the slide it’s ain’t a bad idea . In case I get sucked down at least you can pull me on the slide by winch join the others looking how to pull the X up hill 🤣
  7. I liked “ thinking out of the box “ and exactly this what we need .. in addition to my coffee ☕️ definitely I will keep few extra “teabags “ in the glove box 😂
  8. Mastering the proper recovery techniques in knowledge and practice is definitely a cornerstone in the world of off-roading . It’s important for the “back bone “ as @Fredericsaid. I humbly ask each of you guys to go through if you have time to what we have collected so far in the thread of the greatest of recoveries as well before you hit this session. It’s not perfect but I hope will give you some background to what you will hear from @Gaurav all the best 🙏
  9. Best congratulations 🎉 @Lawrence_Chehimi very well done , keep it up my friend 👍
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