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  1. Bet you will and I am sure you will master it so fine , my first impression how you dealt with your Suzuki was perfect
  2. Hi @Brian Dev Yes this thread and also every off roader must know what went wrong and more and more are precious ones to see and read the comments within Carnity platform . It’s good to see these from time to time . please check the thread of the greatest of the recoveries I and others put nice pict clips and comments from the heart of our drives
  3. Beautiful one @Enrico Biscaro I believe @Lorenzo Candelpergher can help regarding drone operations. When I sow the footage I imagined how beautiful our vehicles were sailing the fossil rock !
  4. Apology be lated . After reading all the previous feedback I had no doubt that we all enjoyed it . I do always and each drive has its own spice . A special spice was seeing two legends making the perfect duo in the little blue thank you both @Gauravand @Frederic for the amazing night drive🙏 I have been to pink rock many many times and in the dark it’s the 4th time if not mistaken and the point is I always drive back home with something in my pocket. But this time I kept the gift for the next morning reload drive and it helped a lot so by the time I reached home next day I had two gifts 🎁
  5. Yes I feel same . The night before although we drove about 40km in total at the end my gas pointer was at almost 3/4 Toped it again before the reload drive and by time we finished the fuel gage was just above 1/4 in my X even total KM was by 20 more
  6. Dear @Danish Mohammad no need to apologize at all. If you want to know how I became an advisor it won’t be a secret any more . Simply because from day one some one drove me out to safety and on day two another one took my hand literally and showed me how to approach the ridge and criss cross it safely. And today it’s time some one took your hand and did the same . And trust me we are all happy that we get in together and get out together and that’s what matters . You have done very well eventually and hope to see you and drive with you again my friend .👍
  7. Totally agree with @Gaurav Bahai Adding more to that just enjoy it no matter what level of the drive is . Yesterday I totally enjoyed the newbie style and I always have some thing to bring back home along, if nothing at all it’s more than enough a smile at my front door .
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