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  1. Thanks @Srikumar for leading us through the dunes in the night! what an experience! As my first proper night drive, I learnt quickly how easy it is to lose the track and a need to follow the car in front much closer, while still making sure to do it safely. tough learnings, and big thankyou to @Ashok chaturvedi for looking after us at the back when we got detached from the rest of the convoy! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!
  2. Hi @Ivan P, I use”offroad hose” Greenzilla 4in1. There is also a company called quickflate and morrflate also. If you search these names on instagram you will find the different options.
  3. Thanks for leading the group on another great morning out @JeromeFJ, it is always a pleasure to be part of your convoy! and thanks @Looper for ensuring the convoy was safe at the back. It was also good to meet some new faces @Emanuel @Zulfikhar Naiyar@FiNaR @takeshi sobue @Gerrit Busand also see some familiar ones @Suresh K @RiaanJH@Paolo Pellegrini. Although I have been driving mostly Fewbie+ and Intermediate lately, it is always nice to step back down to Newbie and Fewbie drives and encourage others to do the same every now and again. With a bit slower pace, it gives opportunity to learn not through doing, but observing. So, having done so, I wanted to share a brief summary. 1) Be careful where you stop . . . . especially as the sand is getting softer, positioning your car correctly when stopping is important to make sure when the convoy gets going again, we don't have multiple stucks. A few members had a few moments (including myself, requiring the first rope recovery of the day). Ideally, always try to stop on a flat or decline and not on a crest! 2) Self Recovery is encouraged at Carnity, and a key learning for us all. Although at times we took the rope out it was mainly due to the heat and the delayed start. Almost all the stucks the convoy faced could have been resolved with some more shoveling. @Emanuels was very close to self recovery from his cresting, and we were successful with @Zulfikhar Naiyar after he deflating his tyres further. 3) Momentum Momentum Momentum and gravity. After recovering @Emanuel, @Suresh K didn't have enough space to build the right momentum and by trying to steer up only slowed the car further resulting in a stuck. Here, it would have been better to have reversed more to start with, or looped round. This is all part of the learning process and you will get it right in the future. 4) Looping round and exiting earlier is not failure, and its something that carries no shame in the desert. At one point, I could see each car struggling a little bit more over one criss cross as the line got tracked. When it was @FiNaRs turn, as soon as his car lost momentum he immediately steered down, looped round and tried again. This resulted in no awkward stuck, no pop out and the convoy could continue without stopping. Well done. Thanks again @JeromeFJ for leading us and @Looper for the support!
  4. Yes buddy! well done! now you can choose any of the drives
  5. Fantastic drive yesterday! Thankyou @Ale Vallecchi! Well done to the rest of the convoy and we all got into a nice groove! Only 2 or 3 minor stucks for the whole convoy and a few "loops". @munkybizness I checked, yesterday was drive number 40!
  6. Well done @JeromeFJ ! Looking forward to following more of your tracks through the dunes!
  7. Yes @Amr Aydin!! Well done! Looking forward to seeing you on a drive again soon. Enjoy the new level and Challenge
  8. A little different than the signature @Hisham Masaad “yalla push” drive today, but fantastic scenery, changing terrain and some very soft patches to challenge us all! Thanks @Hisham Masaad! great job to @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler in SL and @Mohamad Anwer looking after everyone from the back! Limited number of few refusals and very good self recovery, especially from @salah2u. The perfect balance and combination of throttle and steering. as everyone said over the radio at the end, fantastic morning with a really great group of people! week off for me next week, so hope to see you all in a couple of weeks time!
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