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  1. Me today . . . *spots a Carnity post on Prado after work* thinks *Yes A fellow Prado owner I might be able to help!* *Too late* @Frederichas already been and solved the queries! HAHA! Welcome to the Prado club @Taimur Khan, No part time 4x4'ing in a Prado
  2. Don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of driving with you, but certainly enjoyed reading a lot of your content on the forum. Congrats @Looper
  3. I've bought all-sorts of different levels of insurance in the past. this sounds similar to "GAP" insurance they sell in UK. It really depends on your financial situation, but my best advise is buy what you feel comfortable with. as example: If you will drive the car the same way whether you have the higher insurance or not, then it really comes down to more financial cost / risk analysis only. If you believe that you will n be extra hesitant due to not purchasing the extra insurance, and driving around with worry, then for me its worth paying for to give you the freedom to enjoy you
  4. Congrats @Patrick van der Loo it was a pleasure to drive with you as a newbie in Liwa and learn about the Prados desire for fuel saving and early shifting! Hope to see you on a fewbie soon!
  5. I believe there is a lot of cross over between spares and modifications across fj cruiser and Prado. Not sure so much about fortuner, so you may want to research and consider this if you think you will get more serious down the line and only want to own one car rather than desperate desert mule! @Frederic any fortuner owners in the club that you can tag to balance out this debate?
  6. I test drove a fortuner, Prado, LR4. On road, LR4 was best, followed by Prado then fortuner. I ended up going for Prado! Added bonus of the Prado is that many people get out of your way when charging down sheik Zahed rd! I trimmed the bumper and got a bash plate and enjoying the dunes. Depending on Prado age and model, wheel size will be 17 or 18 and if a newer one, 18 or 19. Try to get a model with the smaller wheels as will help to get better tyre footprint when deflated.
  7. Congrats dude! look forward to seeing you on the fewbie drives soon!
  8. @Tbone apologies from my side with my timing mix up. Hope to drive with you soon.
  9. hi @ASAD., not yet researched much about what type of lift (that will come later!). I will replace tyres soon so first evaluating keeping current wheels and adding spacers or buying new wheels with the new tyres as I want the wider look!
  10. Congrats Mark! see you on a drive again soon!
  11. Hi All, Seeking general consensus and opinions on widening the wheel track! I have been looking into doing the above for two reasons . . . . . one cosmetic (whether or not you agree!) and the other with the mind that its sensible thing to do when (not if haha!) I eventually upgrade suspension and do a 1-2inch lift. I currently have an offset of +25. So moving to zero offset wheels will give me 25mm wider each side. If I move to -10, I will get 35mm wider each side. Whats the advantages / dis-advantages of just getting zero or negative offset wheels, or getting some good qu
  12. Congrats @Davie Chase!! Good luck at the next level! Maybe bump into you again in the future!
  13. Just to confirm, this ride will not venture into Abu Dhabi so no need for Green status and PCR?
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