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FIFA World Cup 2022


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With all the controversies and jubilation of the Middle East’s first world event, FIFA 2022 World Cup bring a lot to talk about to the table. I am setting up off-topic, topic to discuss all things football for this season.

Let the game begin.


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1 hour ago, Frederic said:

Wonderful idea @Looper !

Let me come up with the first statement:

If Belgium wins the Worldcup  i will organize a drive and camp, and free drinks  are on me for the whole night :) 

Safe bet @Frederic ;) :D  - Atleast for Free drinks- I will hope and wish Belgium the best of luck ( Unless we have other lucrative offers :D

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This one tuning out to be the WC of Asia, of the underdogs. first Saudi beating Argentina and today Japan overcoming 1 goal deficit to beat Germany.  Of course it can be too early to say anything. But 🤞it looks promising. 

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1 hour ago, Anthony Tan said:

It’s going your way @Frederic, at half time Beigium 1, Canada 0. Probability is positive!

Waiting for free drinks, IRRESPECTIVE of drive level, @Vaibhavalways look for bigger picture.

More drinks, more stories, more laughter. 

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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