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Morning Intermediate Desert Drive - Nahil / Sweihan - Chase the Waypoints - Abu Dhabi - 12 Nov 2023

Ale Vallecchi

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All waypoints collected and posted (in yellow).

Below the intermediate waypoints, set to mark the approach to Nagra, with 2 options available to avoid and pass a large farm cutting across our planned route.



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It has been couple of months since I last joined an IM drive, and I was not disappointed to have waited that long.  With the new scheme from Ale, we all pitched in to identify a waypoint that we wanted to explore.

@Ale Vallecchi thank you for giving us the opportunity to follow your lead, identify the waypoints, and also enjoy ourselves during this drive.  with such a beautiful (and cool) morning, it was tempting to stay in bed....

It was also a good opportunity for me to train for the upcoming DCT, with high paced drive in tricky terrain.

I hope that you will be able to get your 'power' restored to your car.

@Salim Akhtar @Tareq Al Turq @Jona @Beide Worku  thank you for making all of us enjoy this drive - barely 2 - 3 re-attempts, which is normal considering the terrain, including the break to help the 3 'locals', who BTW, followed us for more than 1 hour until they wanted to get out and find the nearest gas station.

Until we meet again, enjoy your week.



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