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  1. Barry

    Mechanic wanted

    Position has been filled. Thank you. Always open to hiring qualified and dedicated people in the automotive trade so feel free to send CVs any time.
  2. If you want to share a ride with friends it’s ok. Once money comes into it, it becomes illegal.
  3. I’ve noticed nobody said they have a set of axle stands? Jacking a car up is cool but when it falls on you it isn’t so cool
  4. And people continue to mock my interest in pre 2000 cars. Sure, the cars I like a crap but at least they’re interesting.
  5. If you’re giving a ride to friends, it’s fine. If you take money, it’s illegal. Hit up Facebook, search for carlift. Without meaning to be racists, Filipinos seem to be the main illegal taxi operators operating under the car lift term.
  6. What is it the kids say now? Hashtag triggered?
  7. Renault still make some cool cars. Its old age and nostalgia. What we had when we were kids was always better but in reality, cars are faster now than they have ever been. Having a car with 100 bhp used to be something special. Now you can go out and buy a 250 bhp standard car with no mods.
  8. Barry

    The movie club

    I like motley crue. Never been a huge fan but I like them. The Dirt was just released on Netflix yesterday. One of the most entertaining things I’ve seen in a long time. Way more fun than Bohemian Rhapsody but I know it won’t get the same publicity. If you get a chance, watch it. Since watching, I’ve downloaded all their albums and I’m tripping on them. Good band. Just got whitewashed because of the whole hair metal thing. Fun fact. Metallica were originally meant to be signed to elektra records. They decided to sign motley crue instead. Ok deal but someone missed out there.
  9. Spotted this in Barsha today. Never thought I’d see one in the wild here. Guessing it’s a European owner.
  10. It’s not just the desert. Dropping your trash anywhere is a shitty thing to do.
  11. You need to state engine size too instead of just the models. These models are all available with different engine sizes. Smaller engines generally give better mileage. I don't usually recommend other forums but google honest John real world mpg. They have real world mileage from real owners.
  12. Barry

    Car detailing advice

    If you can't polish it out, its probably went through the lacquer and down to the paint. I have a good guy who does smart repairs, can fix it without repainting the whole panel. Message me if you want his number.
  13. Hi Shafik bro, welcome to Carnity!
  14. Brake problem could be any number of things. Low pads, old fluid, air in the fluid. You need a mechanic to look at it. AC problem could be a weak compressor, dirty condenser, maybe the system wasn't cleaned and vacuumed properly before being filled, again any number of things. You need to see a good mechanic.
  15. Barry

    Mechanic wanted

    Mechanic wanted for multi brand workshop in Al Quoz. GCC experience preferred. Must have knowledge of how to repair both classic and new model cars. Must have knowledge of computerized diagnostic tools. Training will be provided on our system. Visa and health insurance provided as per UAE labour law. Accommodation can be provided if required. Driving license would be an advantage. Immediate start. Send CV to [email protected] or WhatsApp 0525713073 to schedule interview.
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