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  1. We’re always told never meet your heroes or you’ll be disappointed. This applies to cars also. There are cars we’ve all dreamed of driving or owning, how did it go when you met your hero? For me it has to be the Escort Cosworth. I always had the poster of this on my wall as a kid. In my eyes it was the car that god would drive. My cousin bought one and I got a chance to drive it. Super disappointed. I was expecting supercar performance but in reality it was a hot hatch with a cool spoiler. I still love how they look but I would never want to own one now.
  2. For some strange unknown reason, the head sheikh of UAE has put you in charge of all car, traffic and transport related matters, on the condition you change 3 things with immediate effect. What would you change and why?
  3. If you don’t care how it looks you can stick it with bison kit or spray adhesive. The advantage of using new fabric is that it’s clean. When you reuse old fabric it’s impossible to clean the old residue off so you will end up with little lumps and bumps where it was stuck.
  4. It’s not the puddles I worry about, it’s what’s under them. You could be driving nicely along in a 2-3 inch puddle and fall into a big pothole and never see it.
  5. Car testing in Germany is insanely strict. They even go as far to test the moisture content in the brake fluid.
  6. How do fuel prices compare in your home country versus UAE? I am North Ireland Current UAE price is Petrol 2.12 per litre Diesel 2.38 per litre This is an average. Sources may vary In my place we are paying £1.24 per litre (5.95 AED) for petrol. Diesel is £1.30 (6.23) We are taxed twice in our fuel. First they add 60% fuel tax, then they add 20% VAT. People ask why Europeans love small engine cars?
  7. Ford have filed a patent for this windscreen design https://www.autoweek.com/news/future-cars/a30360986/ford-shows-a-wild-massive-mustang-windshield-in-patent-drawings/ 🤮
  8. Some positive news https://matadornetwork.com/read/zero-children-killed-traffic-accidents-norway/
  9. I’ve watched a few episodes of this. I think it’s a prime example of just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
  10. What car things have you done that you never want to do again? For me it has to be buying rusty cars. The worst part about restoring a car is patching rust. It never looks bad but once you start poking at it, you end up replacing so many panels that it isnt even the original car any more. Far easier to just start with a good base.
  11. Same as last year. Just try to avoid getting crashed into.
  12. Does free count? I got a Mk2 Vauxhall Cavalier for free once. The boot and some doors were welded on to stop them from falling off. Had some fun with it until it put a piston through the side of the block. Also got a free Vauxhall Chevette Got a free Renault Laguna too Had a few other free cars. The cheapest one I paid for was a Lada Riva for £20 (100 dhs). Bought loads of cars for under £100 (500 dhs). There are plenty of cheap cars out there that people have given up on that you can get working again in a few hours with some tools and a bit of know how
  13. Yes exactly. Big dreams and aspirations but where will all the charging points be installed? How will the government cater for 4,000 people living in a stacked block of apartments? It’s a nice concept but it hasn’t been fully thought through.
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