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COVID-19 Precautions for Carnity Offroad Drives


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  1. Alert received on my phone. We aren’t allowed outside from 20:00 to 06:00.
  2. Ford just finished up the lawsuit relating to their powershit, sorry powershift DCT this month too. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a30689585/ford-settlement-transmission-lawsuit/
  3. Some of the Netflix OC is OK. I enjoyed bird box and room. But I agree, a lot of it is making movies just for the sake of making movies. Movies purely for killing time that never seem to go anywhere or have a proper ending. And they seem to have some sort weird deal with Adam sandler going on.
  4. Leave the pathy at home and come by for coffee one day. We must be due to catch up again soon. There’s only one exotic there? It’s one thing seeing nice cars on the road every day, it’s another when you can work on and drive them every day. You get to experience things there’s no way in hell you could otherwise afford.
  5. Nissan CVTs are a different breed. The oil cooling in them is inadequate and they usually start to give problems around 60k. Sure, there are people who have bigger mileages on them but as someone who works on cars, I wouldn’t touch one. Nissan seem to have no intention of rectifying the problems either. They have so much money invested into the R&D of their CVTs that they can’t back out now.
  6. Rally driver Samir Thapar Samir you’re breaking the car!
  7. Picked up the machine for disinfecting car interiors. Kills bacteria, viruses and other nasties living deep inside the dashboard and fabrics. https://youtu.be/qRI1tcOJpeU
  8. I watched the platform last night. Definitely a weird one. Still haven’t decided if I enjoyed it or not.
  9. No danger of me getting any time off. As long as there are vehicles on the road I will have to work. Wife is currently working from home and I’m out working every day so it kind of makes her working at home pointless. I get the feeling there is no planning or method to any of this, it’s just futile gestures to appease the panicked masses.
  10. Most of the stuff I like has been mentioned already but I’ll add, Sons of anarchy. Brutal drama based around a gun running MC Lucifer. The devil turns up on earth and decides he wants to be a cop. One punch man. Hilarious anime about a reluctant superhero I’m thinking about cancelling my subscription soon. There’s just too much stuff missing off it. UAE is way behind on their lists. Most of the time I’ll watch a few series then have to stream the rest somewhere else to finish it.
  11. I’ve heard that alcohol kills the corona virus so I’ve decided to make an experiment and consume as much as possible tonight for the benefit of all humanity and share the results with carnity. It will either go spectacularly right or spectacularly wrong. Will update with results.
  12. Time to invest in some of these, Nailhead Stud Leather Craft Decoration - 50Pcs Purse Handbag Cone Feet Nailhead Stud Spike Leather Craft Supplies(Nickel 10mm) https://www.amazon.ae/dp/B07L8YVX5H/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_.p4CEbFSEV69K They have some pretty cool leopard print jeans in New Yorker in ibn battuta at the minute. Thinking about getting myself a pair and going full on steel panther.
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