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  1. I noticed carnity loves the little hand held walkie talkie style 2 way radios. Genuine question, why don’t you use proper CB style radios with external mag mounted aerials? A proper setup isn’t much more expensive than a handheld and you have the advantage of adding a burner and running higher wattage TX.
  2. It’s probably easier just to pull out the fuses before you enter the desert and replace before you go back on the road. Kill switches are handy to have but may invalidate your insurance. What year is your car?
  3. Have 9 of these left over from a project. 240VAC to 12VDC 2A. 10-15 Dhs new. 40 Dhs for all if anyone has any use for them. Dubai Sports City 0525713073
  4. What kind of kill switch are you looking for? One to shut off the battery when not in use or an automatic safety cutout for the event of accidents?
  5. EVAP fault will be easy to find with a smoke machine but as @Gaurav says, check the fuel cap first. Check the rubber vacuum pipes connected to the EVAP canister, follow them and see where they go and look for breaks. Sometimes the ends of the pipes crack and its as simple as cutting a couple of centimeters off the end and pushing them back on again. For the fan clutch, all you can really do without a power probe is check it its plugged in and look for breaks in the wire. If you're feeling adventurous, you can get a bit of wire and jump it directly from the battery to see if it kicks in.
  6. Barry

    CRC dry PTFE lube

    Dry PTFE spray? I've never seen it before, only sticky stuff. What are you using it for?
  7. Another recommendation for Sand Dance here. They got me a sweet deal on the last tires I bought and I wouldn't go anywhere else now. Ask for Justin and tell him you know Barry, I used to work with him in another garage. He's a good guy, very helpful.
  8. Removing the gearbox is easier for sure. It’s a days work at most. It’s not necessary to change the fluid but it will need a small top up due to removing the cooler pipes and losing a little bit. Probably less than half a litre. I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of removing the engine to do it. Too much work involved.
  9. https://gulfnews.com/uae/transport/dubais-electric-buses-now-pick-up-charge-from-the-road-1.69669621 How long until someone builds a big induction coil and sticks it on the bottom of their electric car and gets free charging?
  10. This one is pretty easy to bypass. Add a blank page to the end of your CV and put as many keywords as you can think of then change the text color to white. The computer reads it but a person won't see it so you have more change of getting through the system and having your CV seen by a real person.
  11. Just got back from Oman last night. The Omanis are some of the friendliest people I've met in the region. It's a more authentic middle eastern experience than UAE. If I was coming here for a holiday now, I'd rather spend a weekend in Muscat than Dubai.
  12. If you aren't a brand snob, check out the Lepin kits. Half the price of Lego and the pieces are compatible with each other. https://lepinworld.com/shop/must-have-items/king-93018-land-rover-defender/
  13. As desertdude said, looks like the rear main seal or transmission input seal. Good news is the seals are cheap. Bad news is you're going to get stung on labour costs. Gearbox out job to repair.
  14. We are now reaching the point where you can start your car with your phone https://www.macrumors.com/2020/02/06/apple-iphone-carkey/ With the latest keyless entry systems, cars are becoming so easy to steal. Any hillbilly with access to google and eBay can steal any car. The only way to really secure your car is going back to old school discloks and other physical anti theft devices. Is it one step forward and two steps back? Share your opinions!
  15. I’m just using Tesla as an example. Maybe this is setting a precedent for buying newer second hand cars. https://www.techspot.com/news/83919-tesla-remotely-removes-autopilot-features-used-model-s.html Someone bought a second hand Tesla Model S. Tesla remotely disabled the Autopilot feature because it was determined the new owner didn’t pay for it. Are we coming to the time where car manufacturers will be able to control the price of second hand cars by remotely disabling features? Remember the good old days when you could stick a fancy exhaust and an extra carburettor on your car to make it go faster and sell it on for a bit of extra cash? Are these days gone? How long until someone hacks one of these modern cars to have maximum features and lock it so the manufacturer can’t chevernise it? Share your opinions!
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