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  1. The seatbelt law should be better enforced here. I always see the mother/father wearing the seatbelt in front. Then there’s 2,3,4 crotch goblins crawling across the rear seat sticking their heads out the window. Maybe even some stupid mother holding her child in the front seat up against the airbag explode area. You think because you’re wearing your seatbelt it’s fine? I hope you get fined 10,000 for each of your unbelted crotch goblins. You want to watch them fly through the windscreen in an accident? Ok cool. Don’t leave someone else to mop up their guts when you have an accident.
  2. I’d buy a ship load of 1,000 dhs cars and invite everyone for a demolition derby. If there’s any money left, I’ll donate it to the rahim bhai benevolent fund.
  3. Simple answer, Emissions regulations. That’s why catch cans don’t come as standard. With a catch can, you’re venting gases directly to atmosphere whereas with the standard PCV system, the gases are pumped back into the engine and burnt. The oil filter doesn’t take all the contaminates out of the oil. If you’ve ever taken a sump off an engine and seen all the crap in the bottom, you’ll understand.
  4. Where is the after picture? Did they just fill it with grease and put it back together or did they replace the CV joint? 3 month warranty doesn’t sound good. Sounds like they just filled it with grease to temporarily stop the noise. A set of new CV joints should be good for 10 years so I’d expect a better warranty than 3 months.
  5. I think Ferrari got it wrong here. Porsche, Bentley, Rolls Royce, they all put their own spin on the SUV and you could tell what it was, but this has all the glory and splendour of a 50 year old aborted fetus preserved in a glass jar.
  6. Whatever is available in the garage. Be careful with windscreen washer reservoirs. They’re a hot breeding ground for legionnaires disease. It’s always better to use something that will kill the bacteria. If you use just water, try running your finger on the inside of the bottle. That slimy biofilm stuff, it’s worse for you than you could ever imagine.
  7. I used to let anyone drive my stuff until one day 6-7 years ago I was fixing a car for someone, he asked if he could borrow my motorbike that was parked beside the garage. I asked if he could ride a bike and he said yes so I took him it his word and let him ride the bike home. He came back an hour later with the bike. I don’t know what he hit but the front forks were so badly bent that the wheel was scrubbing the frame. I can bet he went over the handlebars and hurt himself pretty bad. So now, if I know you and trust you, sure take whatever, if I don’t know you, I’ll call a taxi for you. Reminds me of something my boss in my first job said to me. He had a brand new Mk4 Golf GTi, the PD150, he said “drive it, but don’t crash it or don’t come back”.
  8. Anything that costs money. If something breaks I’m not worried about fixing it but the price of the parts are scary sometimes. Especially when you’re into weird cars like me that a lot of stuff isn’t easily available for.
  9. Well the supra is a z4 in drag so I’ll say supra.
  10. I will send you a number to text. This guys job is just spending all day scouting the scrapyards looking for parts for garages. Tell him what you want and he’ll keep an eye out. Cheap too. Only charges the price of the part plus 100 dhs. Would cost you more than that in time and petrol to do it yourself.
  11. Looks like the new Supra/Transvestite BMW Z4
  12. That’s a cheap mechanic. It’s costs 200 dhs for me to turn the key in my toolbox 😂
  13. Looked like a Porsche Cayenne crashed into a Tesla Model X 😂
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