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  1. Park n shop used to stock it but they only stock orange flavour now. Spinneys is good for British brands but they never seem to stock what I am looking for, only stuff for English immigrants
  2. Just running the engine won’t work. This is the bleeding procedure, you can do it yourself at home if you have a 12mm spanner or socket. Make sure the engine is cold. Don’t try it on a hot engine or you will get scalded and it won’t work properly. Open the radiator cap. Depending on model, your car will have either one or 2 bolts on top of the thermostat housing. If it has 2, remove the lower one first. If it has 1, remove it and leave the top one. Pour coolant into the radiator. Keep pouring until only pure coolant comes out the hole, no bubbles. There is no harm in pouring extra coolant in to be sure. If you have one bleeder bolt and you are sure no air is coming out, put the bolt back in and top up the radiator, job finished. If you have 2 bleeder bolts, once you are sure no air is coming out, close the lower bolt and top up the radiator. Then open the top bolt and repeat the process. I shouldn’t even have to post basic stuff like this online. Any mechanic should know this. But here in uae there are so many shitty mechanics who have no idea what they are doing but they charge low prices so people run to them even if they don’t know what they’re doing and it’s because of cheap customers chasing cheap incompetent mechanics I refuse to work on cars now. If someone offers me 1,000 dhs an hour to fix a car I won’t do it. If you make your bed you have to lie in it. Competent mechanics who charge for knowledge have negative reviews posted all over google because of price.
  3. Searching for Lucozade original flavour in Dubai. Used to have a small handful of shops I could get it but they only stock orange flavour now and won’t order original flavour because not enough people buy it. Can order from UK but shipping prices and import taxes make it almost 20 dhs for a bottle. If anyone sees it around, would really appreciate knowing where. Preferably bottles. Cans have a weird taste.
  4. I like how they do in Germany when there is traffic. Everyone pulls to the side of their lanes to make room for emergency services to get through.
  5. Nice work. I’m impressed. It’s a great feeling when you do jobs like this yourself and succeed.
  6. There is air the heater matrix. Causes can be bad radiator cap, pipe in the expansion bottle isn’t totally covered (ie low coolant in bottle), cracked pipe to expansion bottle, coolant leak or the system wasn’t bled properly. Id guess the system wasn’t bled properly. On pajero you need to bleed the system from the bolt/s on top of the thermostat housing. You can’t just open the radiator cap and leave the engine running.
  7. There’s also an issue that different coolants will gel rather than mixing which can create hotspots in the engine and cause things to warp or weaken.
  8. It looks a bit like a bicycle pump that clips onto where your radiator cap goes. Usually you pump it up to 12-14 psi and it will push coolant out through any leaks but you could go up to 18-19 psi and it something is bad you will find it
  9. Probably a good idea to stick a pressure tester on it and put in a few more psi than normal and see if anything else starts leaking
  10. I am planning to visit the Dead Sea. I have a skin problem and I hear going there will make my life easier. Always interested in cheap ways I can go there and spend some time
  11. 😂😂 when I see lady owned it means they have hit every kerb in all 7 Emirates and the tyres will be full of bubbles and the alignment will be out of whack i know “British owned” has become a meme in UAE but when I’m buying random stuff on dubizzle I like buying from British sellers. The price is the price, the item is described as is. There is no “last price” bs. The price advertised is a fair price, pre haggled. You get what you see.
  12. Apparently now the thing in Dubai is make sure the ad says "British owned". If it says "lady" in the title, bonus points. If the owner was a "British lady dentist", you hit the jackpot.
  13. Yes. The Gurkha regiment were recruited by the British army and saved the British imperialists ass so many times, they are still saving their asses in Singapore, but this is a non political forum so lets not get into that.
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