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COVID-19 Precautions for Carnity Offroad Drives


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  1. https://www.indexmundi.com/commodities/?commodity=crude-oil&currency=aed&commodity=gasoline
  2. Amazing class and proud of everyone ! Well done guys and gal !
  3. I've heard same thing about the Multipla from other ex-owners. Ugly as a halfgrown bat, but very practical and comfortable.
  4. The soft shackles we buy are probably made of Polypropylene? So maybe that’s why they are thicker in order to obtain the breaking strength. Dyneema is the Ferrari of yarns, I wonder if it’s easily available in UAE ?
  5. Back in Belgium I’ve always been a bit of an outdoors person. Grew up in a small town so we only had few friends and spent days fixing our bikes and playing in the woods. I’ve always had this dream of exploring the wild but only after arriving in Saudi Arabia in 2012 and seeing the magnificent deserted areas I became more hungry to explore more and find unspoiled places, seeing farms and meeting locals, but my 4x2 FJ Cruiser forced me to stay on the hard farmer tracks. I’ve left Saudi and went back to Belgium for a while and was happy to be able to get a job in Dubai. I bought a 3 series beemer but after meeting few new friends in the community that went camping often, I realized the fun in Dubai only started off-road so tried to find a 4x4 commuter car which was big enough to take the kids to school but small enough to enjoy in the dunes. Fell in love with my little blue Pajero and found Carnity from searching info about my car and that’s how I ended up here. Wifey later sold our Beemer and bought a LWB Pajero as family / adventure car. And now both addicted off-roaders 🤣
  6. Have a look here: front bash plate is not really needed from the start, but the rear lip needs to be removed when you go off-road or apply the fix as in post below:
  7. @Melenany @Kalahari @Remco Snoek @Pancho @Chaitanya D @Colin Jordan @Cara Jordan @paolo dassi @Hariharan @Shiju Manuel @Jamy B. @Anvar Sadath Bekal @Lorenzo Candelpergher @Shamil @Brette Due to the current COVID-19 ongoing precautionary advises, we are postponing this drive until next Friday, 3 April 2020. Please leave the event if you are unable to join, so that others can join the drive. Keep safe and see you soon back in the sands !
  8. I am challenging ANYONE on this forum to understand a word of what these guys are saying.. It's West-Flemish dialect (where i am from) Maybe our dutch friends will understand 5%: @Xaf @Jeepie @Mels Wolf
  9. I work in a factory, so we always have leftover pieces of scrap lying around.
  10. With the massive tow bar in the rear I was quite confident that the rear bumper lip couldn’t come loose, but wifey came home with the pleasant message that the lip came loose anyway during her drive. She managed to put it back in place herself but I decided to put some 2mm stainless steel plates on both sides and drilled into the tow bar. Didnt cost me anything and will hopefully do the job.
  11. Wow.... endless possibilties !!! I have a Phantom 3 Pro but lacking time to experiment with it, and aways afraid to take it with me on the bumpy offroad drives. Been using maybe 5% of the functionalities, so be prepared for my questions
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