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  1. RSVP is now Closed. Please find your convoy number below. Radio frequency will be: Carnity Channel 1: 446.00625 Mhz. Please make sure your radio is charged and set to this frequency when you arrive at the deflation point. Keep your distance when deflating and do not "gather" upon arrival. Deflate your vehicle and step back in the car so we can convey the briefing over the radio. Whenever you need help to deflate, announce on the radio and a senior or marshal will come to assist. Make sure you have a deflator, flag, and your radio. We will be ending nearby the gas station, so a compressor is optional. See you tomorrow ! @Anish S @Pickey Singh @Mels Wolf @Jose Martin @RohanH @Incognitoes @Jeepie @Nizam Deen @Foxtrot Oscar @Nacho @Brette
  2. Welcome to Carnity ! Most of these things you will only find in Dragon Mart. See the advice below:
  3. Hi @Nikola Bozovic, There is one extra spot availabe due to a signout, so i have added you. Please confirm if: - You have read the COVID precautions and saw the Newbie Briefing video. - You have a two-way radio programmed to our frequencies. - You have an offroad flag. Which 4x4 are you driving ? Are the front and rear towpoints in perfect condition?
  4. When using your vehicle in the desert, certain electronic aids like Active Stability Control (ASC) or ABS need to be disabled, as the soft and slippery sand will make the traction aids kick in and you won't be able to spin the wheels, which is something that is unavoidable when driving in the sand. Below i will describe the easiest two methods to disable your ABS and Stability Control (ASC) at the same time. There are ways of installing a kill switch too, which will need to be done by a professional workshop. I will not explain this method now as it requires opening the center dash console and grounding a wire. Below steps are easy and non intrusive and will not bring up potential warranty issues. You can choose either method 1 or method 2 as per your own preference. Method 1: Removing the ABS relay 1) Switch off the engine and open the hood. 2) Locate the relay box and open it. 3) Locate the ABS relay on the upper right hand. Remove it by pulling it out. 4) Close the cover and hood, and switch on your engine. You will have no specific alarms on the dashboard but they will start to flicker after a while (ABS light, ASC light, etc...) and eventually they will stay on which indicates they are completely disabled. Method 2: Unplugging the ABS connector This method obtains the same result, but faster. After unplugging you will have immediately disabled ABS and ASC, hence you will have no restrictions. After your drive, there could be some sand inside the connector, so carefully remove it with some compressed air or a small brush. After your offroad drive, you can open the hood, plug the relay or connector back in, and restart your car. The ABS and ATC dashboard lights will be off again.
  5. That was our friend @G.huz that got stuck in a ditch. I was there too. We had fun that day
  6. have a look at the above video. I am not an expert in hi-lift jacks but using them in the desert and not being able to lift from any point of the car renders it useless. On top of that this is a pretty dangerous tool.
  7. This is well fabricated and a good idea. Just be aware of the fact that in the desert most likely you’ll need to be able to insert the jack from weird angles and have very limited space. That will create issues for a bottle jack I am afraid. Secondly, once you reach higher levels on the off-road ranking, you will be fixing pop-outs on other vehicles too, so your tailormade solution won’t work anymore.
  8. My former neighbor drove a syangyong Rexton which was a good looking SUV equipped with all bells and whistles and Mercedes engine. And a lot cheaper than the competitors.
  9. Same here: 359mm for the 2T JZX model with swivel neck. Which is enough In my opinion, as long as you have some thick wooden boards that you can stack on each other when you need to obtain a bit more height. It also depends if you’re lifting on the arm or the chassis. If you use jack up the arm then you don’t need to lift much, if you’re lifting on a chassis point you’ll be reaching the max lift height mostprobably.
  10. @Incognitoes Welcome to Carnity Offroad Club. As this is your first drive with us, please confirm that you have read the Covid precautions, watched the Absolute Newbie Briefing video, and have a radio (already programmed) and offroad flag for the drive. See you on Friday !
  11. Check Engine Light is ON 😅 Not a TJ model. The 3.8 is not as good as the Pentastar 3.6, but nevertheless a good solid engine for off-road in my opinion. Of course the inline 6 engine on the TJ is better.
  12. Cool. I can see myself wading through the deep waters of Vietnam with it, admiring the loud 2.6 Petrol with massive 125hp
  13. The Pajernity crew will strike back with excessive force and with all means possible, wiping out these Xcessive squeeking vehicles.... 🤣
  14. Welcome to the club @amro elshafey Looks like the drive is already full. Keep an eye on next week's drive and in the meantime you can get things like radio, flag, compressor sorted. You will find a two-way radio only in Dragon Mart. We recommend buying the: - Crony/Motorola MT777: Very good radio for about 120-150AED. - Baofeng UV5-R: Good radio for 75AED. You will find more info in below advice. And here you can find instructions on how to program them: Let us know if you do have more questions.
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