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  1. Ouch that might be a challenge. I am not sure but perhaps there are like these kinds of universal rubber spacers you can get installed to get around 1,5 inch lift?
  2. DRIVE RSVP IS NOW CLOSED @BHANU PRAKASH VISHWANATH @Ferl Brown @[email protected] Basit @Simon [email protected] Obst @Alex Raptor @Davie Chase @[email protected] Samuel @Joji [email protected] Rodas @Alfred Alinazar Please find your convoy positions for tomorrow in above list. Some pointers: 1) Please be on time, and a bit earlier is always better so you can get your flag up and deflate in time. 2) Please make sure to bring your offroad tools and flag. No flag=no drive. 3) We will be using CHANNEL 2: 446.03125 Mhz for all convoy comms. 4) Please wear your mask whe
  3. Yes, we have seen the fences being installed over the last couple of months and heard rumours. Last week on our Mahafiz drive we avoided this area due to the fences, and we should stay out of it. With the amount of people littering all over the place and disturbing this area, it was bound to happen and i am in a way happy that they have fenced it off for preservation. There are plenty other areas for us to play in.
  4. Congrats Mohamad ! Well deserved ! Keep rocking the Y62 or LC 😀
  5. Hi @PaoloMaraziti great ideas ! We have a yearly Liwa trip which we are working out logistics. So stay tuned !
  6. Many Pajeros are a bit sensitive on the transmission cooler side. Especially the models 2018 till now they seem to have more issues, OR they let the oil cooler temperature warning appear earlier in comparison with the older models (Vanessa's 2008 model never has this issue). Most popular solution is to add an external cooling fan and mount it in front of the transmission cooler. On the other hand you have the cooler season now coming the next coming weeks so if i were you i would wait a couple more drives to see if this issue persists or not. @Anish S and many other are happy with the ex
  7. DRIVE REPORT Gone are the days of roaring up onto Fossil Rock. And I may speak against my own adventure spirit, but I believe fencing off this beautiful area and conserving it for future generations is a good thing. As you have seen in Faya this morning, the amount of rubbish left behind is an absolute shame and makes me truly reconsider my faith in mankind Having said that, we had a blast this morning and went from Mahafiz to Faya, did climbs and loops, and then circled back and exited near Mahafiz mosque. At a brisk pace, where everyone did amazing and the Newbies amongst the conv
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