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  1. Had the same problem this morning. Selecting big JPEG files made the uploading hang. When I uploaded them one by one it worked fine. If you resize them to smaller size you should be able to select multiple.
  2. Agree with @Gaurav the fabric (nonwoven) has lots of quality difference. I’ve worked in nonwoven manufacturing for 12 years and have seen horrible stuff. Best quality is PP (Polypropylene). Worst is Polyester, especially from recycled sources. Look at texture and tenacity. If you pull it a bit it should not immediately deform.
  3. The family keeps growing and that’s what makes it so worthwhile waking up in the morning and seeing those people who are hungry for some adventure. @Gaurav came back with a bang and baptised the Pajero for a wonderful 2020. Good to have you back buddy. @Srikumar Your briefings are the main secret ingredient why we hardly have to take out shovels and ropes. People hit the sand and understand the basics and keep a cool head. @Obaid.Sultan.1987 got crested with the mighty big Range Rover but kept the smile on his face and I saw he truly enjoyed the drive as I was driving behind him. Due to the larger convoy, our Fewbies got the tasks to either sweep, take second lead, or help out their fellow team members. @Ale Vallecchi @AKR @Adam Marston @Xaf @Wrangeld @Jeepie @tjsingh a shoutout to all of you. I heard really good feedback from you guys. Carrying knowledge forward is a great thing and makes the group become a real tight family. Looking forward to many more of these drives !
  4. Yes when i was young i had the Cosworth poster as well, in Rothmans stickers (1986), but my dream was the Golf MK1 Karmann Ghia. Went to see one later on, but like most convertibles in Belgium the roof was leaking everywhere and it drove like a wheel barrow.
  5. Following will need to match when buying aftermarket rims: * Bolt pattern: this is the diameter of an imaginary circle drawn through the centre of the bolt holes. PCD is measured in mm. 4x400 means the wheel has 4 bolt holes and and diameter of imaginary circle through these holes is 100mm. * Type of Rim: 7.5 x 17 means 7,5 inch width x 17 inch diameter. ET46 means a positive wheel offset of 46mm. Lower offset values will make the wheels stick out more. If buying secondhand be careful that the rims are not bent, and they should be balanced properly.
  6. Hi @Tbone. Are you joining in on the drive tomorrow ? If so please RSVP on the link in Srikumar his drive post.
  7. Hi Mahmoud, You can buy them from Dragon Mart. Following models are tried and tested: - Motorola MT777: are also sold now under the Crony Brand - Baofeng UV-5R - Prolab WT-5WDB1 Other model is fine too, but make sure it is a UHF model and you can set the frequency manually. We are at 462.8875Mhz and can help you with setup and programming of above models.
  8. If the headliner fabric came loose from its foam core, then you could indeed use a kind of 3M adhesive spray, but i am afraid it might bleed through it as mentioned in below topic. This seems to be a common issue with the previous Accord models too: https://www.driveaccord.net/threads/whats-a-good-way-to-fix-a-sagging-headliner.39011/
  9. Any idea about the root cause of the sagging ? If the car has a sunroof you might have had water leakage ? If the headliner is dry and in good shape, you should be apply to apply some sealant silicon (like TEC7) on the headliner and gently push it back in place. If it got wet, then i would definitely advise to get it replaced or you might start getting mold and funky smells.
  10. Correct. These cars never get through inspection. They are being used on race tracks and exhibitions. Car inspection in Europe is extremely strict nowadays.
  11. German cars enthusiasts are doing same as the JDM madness..
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