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  1. I’ve looked into that last year and the MUT-II protocol which was used in Mitsubishi from 1995-2003 is not compatible with MOST OBD scanners https://www.evolutionm.net/forums/other-mitsubishi-vehicles/678452-mut-over-obd2-elm327.html i remember checking all the EVO tuner forums and they suggested using the Evoscan software, but that requires a laptop, which defeats the purpose you’d want to use it for. The icarsoft I am not sure about, you would be best off emailing them with your car details so they verify it, but I doubt it will work.
  2. The old pajeros don’t support OBD open protocol, they are on MUT-II protocol. But there are converters from what I’ve heard.
  3. Frederic


    You’ll find me under “Dafgadget” I follow photography and 4x4 stuff.
  4. Isn’t this just regular white lithium grease ?
  5. That will be the version where, whilst using all the possible key combinations on your controller, you’ll need to shift, look away from the flashing cameras, and top up your salik at the same time !
  6. I’m currently exploring beautiful Sri Lanka (not off-roading) and will be back end of the month. Missing you guys, and the sand between my toes 😂
  7. Frederic

    New music

    Tool is one of the very few bands that still amaze me and deliver stuff that’s far beyond others.
  8. @adil I only have wonderful memories from my visits to Oman and I absolutely adore the hospitality and helpful attitude of the people. My comment about the drivers is not meant in a bad way, but as you know there are far less speed cameras installed and i felt the driving by the Omani locals was sometimes really crazy. And yes that might young people mainly but they mess it up for the others.
  9. Not yet. But i just run out of momentum while i'm at 6000rpm in 1st gear. Tried with central difflock on the last time and was slightly better, but very marginal. Rear difflock can only be engaged in low gear and is too tricky for climbing a hill as you can seriously damage your diff if you go to fast or if there's too much friction inbetween the rear wheels.
  10. I know... it all depends on the mood of my car, myself, and the amount of anti matter in the atmosphere at that time 🤪
  11. Yes that’s a good remark. Also check if the unit accepts MP3 only or not. You might have other audio formats on that cards like M4a, AAC, Wmv, etc... that the unit is having difficulty with.
  12. Me standing in front of Faya:
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