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  1. Hi @Siddick Sait that model can only be programmed with a laptop, special cable, and Crony software which is mostly in Chinese. So you are better off getting a model with a programming display. Baofeng UV5R, Motorola or Crony MT777 are all good models that are easy to program without a laptop and we have the programming instructions posted on the forum here.
  2. Well, as you will be having a lift, the tyres should not be rubbing against the fenders, so that issue is already solved. But from an aesthetical point of view, ET0 might be a bit too much, as the rims will really stick out a lot (unless you fancy that look, then yalla do it )
  3. Hi @Mike M. I agree with your below points: 1- I have to compensate the Center of Gravity for the 2 inch lift 2- Even if i keep my 18 wheels, i will have to install spacers to compensate for the 2" lift. I prefer to change the rims instead of adding spacers 3- Since i will change the rims, best is to downgrade for 17 so that i can get tyres with higher walls for footprint. In all cases, i have H/T Tyres now and i prefer to have A/T Tyres 4- Based on all the above, i am stuck at what Offset should the new rims be so that i tick point 1 above for the Center of Gravity and try to stay as close as OEM specs as possible. To offset the 2inch lift, you can go for new rims with ZERO offset. Similar thing was discussed here: Ideally you can check in a wheel shop and ask them to put a ET20 and ET0 rim on your pajero so you can determine which one suits best.
  4. Engaging the traction control was a brilliant move
  5. What an amazing convoy today guys ! All of you took the challenges with a smile and kept coming back for more Of course, with a skillful @GauravSoni as second lead to correct my sometimes bumpy tracks, @Mahmoud Taha , @Amr Aydin and @Pascal wonderfully digesting the terrain, and our captain @Hisham Masaad in the back to keep us safe, it was evident that things would run smoothly. The terrain was pristine, and apart from the camels there was nobody else in sight. We eventually headed south to what I’ve come to call « Little Faya » which has a few nice big dunes where we played around (and shoveled a bit) the last half hour of the drive 😂. We exited after about 3,5 hours of driving and having covered around 72kms. That’s pretty decent and we had good fun ! See you soon in the sand !
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