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  1. That’s fine. Channels 9 and 10 are not used very often, but try to get a spare radio anyways. A simple Baofeng UV5R is only 75dhs and you can use it as a backup in the event when any of these frequencies are needed.
  2. Hi @Shahid Mehmood apologies for the misunderstanding, your profile is indeed not showing “fewbie” level yet which must be an error in the backend. you can attend the drive. I’ll get in touch with Janarthan.
  3. If you are planning to put inside the vehicle, i would recommend the plastic ones. The metal ones are more suitable for putting in a pickup truck or mounting on the outside. Try to get at least 20l, either in 1 jerrycan or two smaller ones. Strap them safely so they don't fly around. The ones from the gas station are fine, have a look at Speedex as they have different models as well. Don't forget to buy a spout as well. In some cars it might work by cutting a plastic water bottle, but in some cars it hardly works. On the small plastic ones the spout is included i think (the black ho
  4. If you need to fix a Toyota or Mitsubishi, no need for any tools. If you need to fix a Jeep, you’ll be needing the 142 assortiment piece of Yato kit so you can fix exhausts (not talking about any crew member here @Srikumar) Kidding aside, a mini socket set with sizes from 7mm to 13mm will do and doesn’t take up much space. The bigger socket sets with sizes up to 23 are nice but quite heavy and a regular adjustable spanner would do the same job.
  5. there is no track. Trip lead navigates his way to reach the actual location.
  6. What is Yellow Truck ? Buried deep inside the Bu Hasa Desert near Madinat Zayed City, there is an abandoned water tanker truck, which due to its remote location, has become a pilgrimage for many Offroaders all over the UAE. How did it get there ? That remains part of the mystery..... What's the location ? https://goo.gl/maps/9aiJC29bUyRFHmvJ9 And why exactly should we go there as a club ? This area, together with LIWA Moreeb area, is the ultimate playground for offroading, where you will find monstrous dunes, stadium-sized bowls, and
  7. Welcome @Osama M ! No doubt you’ve had the perfect introduction to off-roading. see you soon in the sand !
  8. https://www.omv.com/en/blog/our-seismologists-take-a-look-below-the-dunes
  9. Very good point. What i meant with good utilization is this: - your peak torque is indeed between 3-4k revs, so for most off-roading this will be your powerband you should try to keep the 4x4 in (during high level drives that is). That will give you good response and excellent behavior. - For climbing, you will need to use that torque in combination with a good headstart, so once your torque dies out, your BHP would take over and you can keep it close to the rev limiter. Above are just my two cents as a practical guy. @Rob H is a professional tuner and would definitely be abl
  10. Yes its advisable to try find one which is as low as possible. The height can be slightly altered if needed by putting some extra block or spacer. Have a look at the width of the floorjack too. The very narrow ones like the Michelin / Total are not that good. Heard good things about Pro-Lift, no idea about the Hadeen brand.
  11. That is indeed true, but on Fewbie level onwards we tend to give the member some time for him to assess his situation by himself and give him some attempts to self-recover. That is for them the only way to learn self-recovery. Holding hands is fine in Newbie level but once they have entered Fewbie level, they need to become a bit more self-reliant in my opinion.
  12. I can’t fathom the internal stress and temperature a constantlyspooling turbo must be running during a high level dune bashing drive. Add to that the many components, additional heat, intercooler piping, which sounds to me like a recipe for disaster in the deserts we drive in. The main and only reason why turbos have been so popular is the higher engine performance with a smaller engine displacement. For onroad vehicles this will be fine because you’re not constantly in the high rev band, but in 45 degree desert environment I’d take the NA engine any day.
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