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  1. https://www.titanwheelaccessories.com/products/1980-2001-jeep-cherokee-hub-centric-wheel-spacers-5x4-5-bolt-pattern?variant=12943138357271
  2. Yes wheel spacers can be found as universal ones but these are crap as they don’t have a center hub so alignment might become an issue. Better to order the ones specific for XJ online. Maybe some of the Dubai off-road shops have some on the shelf. H&R is a very good brand but a bit pricey. I got 35mm spacers front and back with center hub second hand via my workshop where a guy ordered them specifically for Pajero but never collected them. When buying rims look at the ET value. This is the offset value.
  3. So you heard it @Shamil no more Celine Dion. From now on put on some AC/DC. Your car will fly on every dune
  4. Same here, no music when i am offroading with the club because 462.887 is too important not to hear. But on my way to the meeting points and on the daily commute my music is always on. @Xaf Giorgio Moroder is great. Also Kraftwerk is quite relaxing to drive with.
  5. Ooooh DJ Krush, John Coltrane, Biohazard... Nice !!! but very eclectic You'll probably like DJ Shadow too. (check out his album Endtroducing) France has a LOT more to offer than a Canadian goose called Celine Dion. Just a few: * Daft Punk * Serge Gainsbourg * Air * Phoenix * Erik Satie * Charles Aznavour * Laurent Garnier * Indochine
  6. After being almost ran over by some Super Safari gangsters again, my wife wanted to call the police recently to file a complaint but she didn't have any details or license plate number. Which brings me to the question: * Are Dashcams allowed in UAE ? * And can the footage be used in court or legalle when sending to the police ? Not sharing footage online of course because that would be a direct invasion against privacy laws.
  7. That is a very good question and will make a separate topic for that !
  8. Totally agree. See the thing is i don't mind others seeking their thrills and adrenaline, as long as they are not risking other people's lives while doing that. I live on Al Qudra road and multiple times per week my wife or me are being tailgated or almost run off the road by these Super Safari driving knobheads that have absolutely zero brains in their heads and do not have any respect for their own of other peoples lives. The racing on that road and the rev limiter noises just go on ALL night ALL the winter time. Both the MIRA community and Townsquare have launched a common Whatsapp group that calls the authorities constantly to get them to do something. I'll be buying a dashcam soon and sending footage over to the authorities. It's sickening that we're sometimes arriving home with shaky legs and a heartbeat of 180 because of this.
  9. You'll need a 3000 and wetsand it.... Skipping one of the steps will not help you.
  10. Again a super-organised drive with a team of hungry contenders that wanted to have some dunes for afternoon snack. Given the terrain and the contrast with a Newbie/Fewbie level of drive, all did very well. I really really wanted to take up @Shamil his Xterra to the top, but the grunt just wasn't there. No idea why, and also not sure if it could be related to his intermittent Check Engine light coming up. Bidayer in the evening was indeed a mad house, and definitely to be avoided. I was making prayers every time the quads where flying by doing wheelies and overtaking others at the same time. I simply cannot believe what's in their heads (must be saw dust).... Thanks @Emmanuel for the impeccable drive. I enjoy being in pursuit of that Velociraptor every time.
  11. When seeing another pre-2000 off-roader on SZR:
  12. Diesels are indeed much less popular here. I think the main reason is that the gas prices remained low, which takes away the motivation to buy diesel. Torque is indeed higher, and my Swedish neighbor who joined us for a drive earlier this year drives a Landcruiser Diesel which has mountains of torque. Another neighbor of mine drives the Ford Ranger Wildtrak with 3.2 DID and also does fine in offroad.
  13. In general since i came to the UAE, and it might be having something to do with the climate, is that i love to listen to Americana, Country, and 70's Rock. Some examples: - Wilco - Steely Dan - Eagles - Fleetwood Mac - Johnny Cash - America - Doobie Brothers - CCR - Boz Scaggs - Little River Band On a late Thursday evening on that horrible commute home, Guns 'n Roses, AC/DC, Billy Idol, Bruce Springsteen, and other more "energetic stuff" comes on the list, just to shake off the stressfull week.
  14. Perfect condition ? What about damaged front bumper, worn seats, faded headlights ??
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