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  1. have you tried gently blowing some compressed air into it ?
  2. Good morning @Trent and welcome as well ! With regards to the radio, you can have a look at below article. I think the basic motorola set you are referring too is a Motorola TLKR model which has the PMR446 frequency range. These will work for the 4 channels we use in Carnity, but not for all. You are welcome to bring the radio coming Friday so i can have a look at it. In general we recommend the following models, as they have the option to enter any frequency: 1) Motorola or Crony MT777 2) Baofeng UV5R You will find the programming instructions in the below article as
  3. Good morning @Desert [email protected] Mostafa @aaron kamalland welcome to Carnity Offroad Club ! I am looking forward to meeting you all coming Friday morning. In the meantime please send a small introduction here below with the following: 1) Which 4x4 are you driving ? 2) Do you have any prior offroading experience ? If so please indicate where and what.. 3) Is your 4x4 equipped with front and rear towpoints ? This is a necessity and they should be in perfect condition. For your first offroad drive it's sufficient to bring a pressure gauge and tire deflator so you can d
  4. @Niki Patel that's a nice setup you have made. Well done ! To identify sand in your engine, i do not think you will be able to measure this. The ECU is programmed in such a way that it will trigger the ENGINE CHECK light as soon as the MAF readings are deviating too much from the expected results, which would indicate a defective MAF sensor. In the case your air intake hose has a crack where sand could enter, i do not think you will see this in the MAF sensor measurements. It would be more useful to ask your mechanic to inspect the flexible rubber hose whenever the air filter is being rep
  5. until
    Drive Details Level: Only for "ABSOLUTE NEWBIES" or first timer with Carnity Off-Road Club When: 16 April 2021, Friday. Meeting time: 06:00 AM (SHARP - Without any exceptions) Meeting Point: https://goo.gl/maps/mDoAFDb4r3eGm6yV6 Type of Car: Any 4x4/4WD/SUV/AWD with front and back tow hooks and 8-10 inches of ground clearance. What to bring along: Tire deflator, pressure gauge and compressor, Loads of water, snacks (for yourself), face mask, rubber gloves, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Approximate finish time: 10:00 AM End Point: Qudra Last Exi
  6. Join us to explore Al Qudra Desert to find what's beyond Qudra lakes And learn the art of offroading in a versatile playground for your first off-road adventure. You will learn to self-drive your vehicle from experts having decades of off-roading experience in the UAE. This area offers a good mix of playable long set of dunes and broad ridges to practice your off-road skills slowly but surely. Drive is open for all 4x4/4WD/SUV/AWD vehicles having 8-10 inches of ground clearance and (MANDATORY) Front and rear tow hooks (MANDATORY) What you'll lear
  7. Well done @Ahmed Wagdy and very much deserved !
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