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  1. Frederic Nuyttens

    100k service

    Specialized Auto care behind al quoz mall. Rishi that runs the place is ex-habtoor from what I heard. They’re reliable and affordable.
  2. Frederic Nuyttens

    Best offroad vehicle for Dubai desert

    Time to give the Jimney the kudos it deserves !! 😁
  3. Frederic Nuyttens

    100k service

    Personally wouldn’t recommend doing a timing belt yourselves if you don’t have prior experience. I don’t know your technical level and I don’t mean to belittle, but if it goes wrong with a timing belt, your engine will be wrecked and it’s going to cost you big bucks.
  4. Frederic Nuyttens

    100k service

    100k service would mean timing belt, spark plugs, and maybe spark plug cables according to the Pajero Service Manual on top of your regular maintenance. Low cost and good quality are a bit of an oxymoron. A decent service will always cost a bit but the stealerships will take more than independent workshops. Depending on where you live you can have a look at the workshops listed here on Carnity that could/should give you a member price and you can check the google reviews on the nearby workshops and make some phone-calls to enquire if they are servicing Mitsubishi Pajero. Good luck !
  5. Frederic Nuyttens

    Funny Car Memes

    Nope i think it's one of our club members
  6. Frederic Nuyttens

    What should all drivers be able to do?

    Get out of my way when I’m coming along..... that would be make me so happy 😂
  7. Frederic Nuyttens

    Prince Philip wrecked his Range Rover

    Morissey described it so well: Farewell to this land's cheerless marshes Hemmed in like a boar between archers Her very Lowness with her head in a sling I'm truly sorry but it sounds like a wonderful thing I say Charles don't you ever crave To appear on the front of the Daily Mail Dressed in your Mother's bridal veil? Passed the pub that saps your body And the church who'll snatch your money The Queen is dead, boys And it's so lonely on a limb Pass the pub that wrecks your body And the church, all they want is your money The Queen is dead, boys And it's so lonely on a limb
  8. Frederic Nuyttens

    What was your first modification?

    Mine was a massive aftermarket air filter on my 205. Best 60 bucks I’ve ever spent 😂
  9. Frederic Nuyttens

    Recommend offroad equipments

    Like all hobbies, there's always equipment available for all budgets. Since i started looking around on Souq, ACE, Ramy, Speedex, DM, and many others, i've come across utter crap but also pretty decent stuff for an affordable price. If in doubt, google around a bit or have a look on Youtube. Most decent brands for offroad gear will have reviews about users in SA, Australia, US, or other offroad markets. Here goes my two cents: Compressors Bought two models from Xcessoires (ACE homebrand). The Grunter and Big Grunter if i am not mistaken.They are poorly made but do the job. Recommend to upgrade the hoses and supply wires as these fall apart after using a few times. Imho they cost way too much as these are just rebranded Chinese compressors. You can find the identical ones in DM at half the price. Ended up buying the Camel Brand 160lpm compressor in DM and so far is much better. I don't like using the yellow spiral hoses so i bought separate rubber hoses with pressure gauge. No experience with ARB, VIAIR, Bushranger, or other more high-end brands yet. Although read tons of reviews about them. Like engines, there is no replacement for displacement. The bigger the compressor, the less longer it will have to work, and the cooler it will run. Ropes You have a few options here: Either you go for an industrial type of sling which you can find in almost any hardware / general trading shop. This one will get the job done fine as tow rope and also as recovery rope if you are a bit careful. They cannot deal with heavy tugs because they don't stretch. You should AVOID the 40dhs tow ropes from the gas-stations at any time. They are made to tow a car along the road, NOT for recovery in the desert. They will snap if you sneeze at them. A very good price/quality KINETIC recovery rope is the AOR brand one. You'll find them in Ramy, Speedex, ACE, etc.. Price is around 370dhs if i am not mistaken. Mind that i mention KINETIC, that means it stretches up to 20% and that recoil builds up massive amounts of energy. I love kinetic ropes but be careful with them. Shackles AOR also makes the soft shackles which i highly recommend. Metal shackles will work fine and i also use them if needed, but always carries a bit of risk. Try to get rated ones as they should be better than the cheap ones from DM. Shovels Shovels were mentioned a few times before on Carnity. Buy a full size labourer/gardener shovel with wooden handle. I also carry a AOR aluminium one which works fine too. For the offroad drives i take them both along. It might indeed be good to have a separate thread for buying and selling stuff (like a market-corner).
  10. Frederic Nuyttens

    Funny Car Memes

  11. Frederic Nuyttens

    Mitsubishi Pajero head gasket is gone

    Good question, I’ll check with the mechanic.
  12. Frederic Nuyttens

    Mitsubishi Pajero head gasket is gone

    Exactly....told the same thing to the mechanic last night 😀
  13. Frederic Nuyttens

    Mitsubishi Pajero head gasket is gone

    Ok so we traced and found a decent Japanese low mileage import 3.0 engine. I came to know that it's available either as engine only (+/- 4000AED) or as a complete unit with transfer case and manual transmission (5500AED). I'll probably opt for the second option as my third gear synchro was already on its way out and i'd like to keep the engine with transmission "married" as one piece. We're still negotiating prices but at least we have some options now. Fingers crossed