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  1. Frederic Nuyttens

    Newbie drive Kalba/Maliha 16 Nov

    Hi guys I just saw the pics. Is that @EmVarlet his Xterra ? Hope he is ok ?
  2. Frederic Nuyttens

    Share your favourite Offroad Soundtracks !

    😮 ooh and here I am thinking that this radio was a show off gadget ! 🤣
  3. Frederic Nuyttens

    Share your favourite Offroad Soundtracks !

    Anyone remembers Smokey and The Bandit ? 😂
  4. With so many cultures and nationalities in UAE, i'd like to compile a playlist of your favourite 5 music tracks; particularly when driving offroad. Please also share your motivation on why you chose that song. I'll start with mine (in no particular order and a loose selection as i can easily put 500 songs here below 😂😞 Wolfmother : The Joker and The Thief Fantastic song while crossing the dunes, uptempo and adrenaline rushing song !! The Doors : Love her Madly The Doors should always be a part of a Roadtrip or Offroad soundtrack. America: A Horse With No Name Just love the smooth rhythm and groove throughout the song Eagles : Take It Easy Same like the Doors basically, mandatory stuff... Fleetwood Mac: The Chain again... mandatory stuff... I have a particularly liking to Seventies Rock and Americana when driving in UAE. Maybe the desolate deserts and climate gives me that typical feeling.
  5. Frederic Nuyttens

    Floor well heat 3.8l pajero

    On my ‘99 Pajero the heat seems to come more from the area just next to the 4WD shifter. Can get pretty warm. The road noise came down a bit indeed since @Gaurav bhai gave me that piece of soundproof plate to stick under the passenger footwell. Does RTA inspection complain if the Cat is gone ? Or does it go unnoticed when they are “emptied” ?
  6. Frederic Nuyttens

    Dealing with tailgaters - solution

    Just release the pedal and when they get too close use your windshield spray washers.
  7. Frederic Nuyttens

    Newbie drive Kalba/Maliha 16 Nov

    Shame but i'll have to skip on this one. Need to bring the father in law back to the airport
  8. Frederic Nuyttens

    Abandoned cars in Dubai

    Found a sticker near the windshield. It's labeled as a State Farm Insurance Collision. So American i suppose. It's actually a '95 240SX according to the label. Potential driftcar
  9. Frederic Nuyttens

    Hyundai Nexo - Hydrogen powered car

    Have a look at this one:
  10. Frederic Nuyttens

    Abandoned cars in Dubai

    Doesn't seem like a RHD to LHD conversion. It's pretty bad and i am wondering what the plan was by gutting this car's interior. I don't wanna burn my fingers on this one, although it would make a pretty nice JDM project. But then again if i drive around in Al Quoz i constantly find myself falling in love with the abandoned wrecks...
  11. Frederic Nuyttens

    Abandoned cars in Dubai

    Thanks @Barry i noticed this morning that the dashboard is missing and havent had a look Underneath the bonnet yet. As it’s an abandoned car it will be tricky to find the owner. Probably will be impounded soon. And my best excuse to not buy it is that I don’t have the bucks 😂
  12. Frederic Nuyttens

    Abandoned cars in Dubai

    Since a few days this lovely Japanese green devil is parked and left abandoned in our community. It belonged to one of the neighbours but they seem to have disappeared overnight. Is this a 240SX ? It needs a front bumper and quite some parts seem to be missing but i wonder about the value and it makes my heart bleed to see this standing here. I can only assume fixing this up is gonna cost quite some Dirhams due to the availability of the parts.