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  1. I had some experience with this on an older Mercedes. It seems none of us really trust the garage mechanics but let's face it, most mechanics coming into the business today have little knowledge about mending cars, instead, they plug the car into their computer, wait for the error codes and then fix what ever the ICU tells them needs fixing. It's why I prefer an older car as well, because having moving parts you can look at and fix. Having your own OBD means that when you hear that sharp intake of breath from the mechanic you can smile, knowingly and call them out if they invent new problems. It's amazing how may problems can be fixed with a simple reset. Let's not forget that there's a computer running most modern cars and from time to time they might, just like your phone or computer need a reset that do not just get fixed with a reset. Random errors should more or less be expected, but in the end, there will be an end of life for just about every component. Clearing the code is not a solution, because all you do is clear the code, not the cause of the problem. That's why it will come up again. As a general rule, I decided to follow Rahim's advice. Green lights in the car mean go. Yellow mean be careful and red stop. Ignoring them is a bit like ignoring your first heart attack and wondering why you feel a bit unwell after eating too much cholestorol!
  2. Another fantastically well organized and marshalled drive by Rahimdad, Freddie and Emmanuel (sorry to those I forgot in that list - we were at the back!) Thanks to all those who helped us make our way round, gave amazing tips once again and made sure we all got home safely and securely. Great also to meet more new faces and learn so much from all the people out there making sure we have fun, smile, laugh and learn about going out to the dunes safely and carefully. Being a newbie it's excellent to be given the opportunity to test out ourselves and the car, find our way out of (and into) trouble. We truly appreciate the planning and thought that you give to making these events a success. Till next week.
  3. An iconic off roader!. Built with incredible capabilities for the farmers and families of France.
  4. Srikumar, our leader, and everyone involved - fantastic. Thanks from the two of us for the brilliant introduction to the desert. Massive smiles all day, massive happiness (and a bit of relief) that our little Wrangler still has what's needed, massive enjoyment meeting all you guys and we are looking forward to the next event. For any Newbie wondering about this group or joining this type of ride: From the moment we met at the gas station to the briefing, through deflation and on, the incredible professionalism and care of attention to detail by the whole Carnity group was simply outstanding. There is a simple rule. Enjoy yourself, safely. This means that the convoy leaves with people looking out for you front and back. When you get into trouble there is advice on how to get out of trouble - practical, helpful, encouraging and most of all PATIENT advice on what to do to recover the vehicle from the situation The more experienced drivers do not make you feel like you are holding them up, do not make you feel like you should know more and are there to advise, support and if needed, help you dig yourself out. Noone would be left behind, and everyone is welcomed. We will be back again and again.
  5. Wrangeld


  6. Thanks for that Srikumar. We will make sure to check all the levels when we take possession and look forward to our first off raod adventure in the Dunes.
  7. Hi there. Will take delivery of an bn oldish swb wrangler on weds. My 4x4 experience is almost 100% in mud, not sand and quite a long time ago. I did courses and had a swb patrol. The car has hooks on both ends. But I don't have other equipment yet (boards, big jack) Is it ok to join?
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