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  1. Daniel, thanks for the update. Please remove your RSVP if you did not already do that.
  2. Good morning. Here is the meeting location for the Saturday drive: https://goo.gl/maps/Ym96fZ4afEZN7KPWA The Convoy numbering is below. We will use Carnity radio channel 3. @darren thompson as it's your first drive of the weekend, you are added. Unfortunately, to keep the convoy a reasonable size, we cannot take the 2nd drivee on WL. See you in the sand on Saturday.
  3. Hi All, I will post the meeting point later - still deciding on the best meeting point: Warning, it will be further than usual - plan 20 minutes minimum from Last Exit.
  4. Sorry Anoop - i was looking at your profile. Of course you're included. This is why I did not remove as there are often issues like this.
  5. I go to Rage Performance in Al Quoz ask for Ranjhod 052 722 2844. You can mention my name (if you want really poor service!)
  6. Sunil Mathew @Sunil Mathew Enrico Biscaro @Enrico Biscaro Niki @Niki Anoop Nair @Anoop Nair Tareck @Tareck Adhir Saxena @Adhir Saxena Rawad @Rawad Nihal17 @Nihal17 Hi @Enrico Biscaro @Anoop Nair It looks like both of you are not yet ranked as a Fewbie Plus - which is the level for this drive. I will leave you both on the drive for the moment because it looks like you both missed the classification and until we find another drive for you to attend at the right level. I hope you both understand the risks inherent in driving at a higher lev
  7. @Mohammed Mansoor Thanks for signing up for this drive, but it looks like you will complete your Absolute Newbie drive with Carnity in Friday - which is essential before you sign up for any other drive. Here is the link to that drive: I see you are signed up for this. @Ale Vallecchi will confirm your attendance after the drive and then we can allow you to have your second drive of the weekend in this drive. I will add you back into this drive.
  8. Hi @hasan hamadeh sorry for the confusion (maybe you did not notice yet) you're on this drive - confirmed.
  9. Hi All, As @Frederic already mentioned, a Carnity Liwa adventure is already in the planning stage. We took 5 convoys out last year despite Covid restrictions, so this year things should be a little easier to arrange and manage. Hang tight guys - and be ready with your fingers on the mouse for the moment that the drives are announced ... actually, what we tried last year to do is run as many drives as practicable at different levels so that no-one who was able and wanted to come was left behind. No-one should under estimate the challenge of driving in Liwa. @PaoloMaraziti is r
  10. It's always your choice where and when you join. We will only make it to Little Sweihan on the drive on Friday in Dubai so if you want the real thing, then yes @Kailas is the only one offering that experience. With borders opening up again to AD, I think you can expect a lot of drives being posted in that direction as most of the marshals are chomping at the bit to move away from the areas to which we have been restricted for the last 18 months.
  11. Sunil Mathew @Sunil Mathew Enrico Biscaro @Enrico Biscaro Niki @Niki PaoloMaraziti @PaoloMaraziti Anoop Nair @Anoop Nair Tareck @Tareck Adhir Saxena @Adhir Saxena Rawad @Rawad Great to see you al signed up for the Solar Park ride with myself and @M.Seidam We kept away from Solar Park for a while because, being close to the AD border we did not want to inadvertently cross over and cause problems. That's now over and bot, are we going to make use of these new freedoms. Expect a well paced roller coaster drive. Lots of swooping dunes, bow
  12. @darren thompson @kiranshinde @Sunil Mathew You're all waitlisted. Looking at the signup at the moment, assume you'll be driving.
  13. Thanks for the feedback @Larry Cadden - I did warn in advance that beautiful though this area is, it's challenging. Funnily enough, it's probably easier if you drive in a Fewbie or Fewbie Plus around here, because it's easier to navigate this type of soft dune a little more easily when the terminal speed is higher. For me, however, the best accolade I think I can have is that you felt it was a good learning experience. We all enjoy flowing non stop drives, but once in a while a 'challenge' drive like this can really help for what is to come in the future.
  14. So glad you brought this up @Alain Canivet-Abikhalil . Just because you can drive an IM does not mean you must, or should drive at IM. We are a community.
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