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  1. @syed salman raza No such thing as 'only' a Newbie. If you want to invest, then please feel free, but there is no requirement to have running lights. Drive lead must have lights so they can see. Keep up the driving and in no time that will be you too.
  2. Hi Syed, Unless you are the lead on a drive or one of the Seniors you should not need special lights for the night drives. There is already a thread on night driving lights on Carnity, so if you want to buy there are some good tips there. As I drive a 2004 TJ the solution that I mentioned might be suitable for you.
  3. @Ale Vallecchi amazing ... at this rate you'll be a marshall within another 2 weeks 😂😂 Great news and i am delighted for you that you have been given this additional promotion. Looking very much forward to supporting you on a drive some time soon.
  4. Congrats @Yousef Alimadadi. Welcome to the Fewbie world.
  5. Congrats @Rajeevan Vickneswaran welcome to the Fewbie world
  6. Congrats @Janarthan love that new Xterra and now it's gonna great some amazing workouts.
  7. Congrats @Leo Francis looking forward to driving with you some time.
  8. Congrats @Magellan you'll really enjoy your Fewbie life!
  9. @Colin Jordan since the first day you arrived and every drive since your boundelss enthusiasm and immense skill have brought you just rewards. It's great to have you on any drive and now knowing you'll be joining the more extreme adventures I am looking forward to seeing just how far this goies.
  10. @Foxtrot Oscar this is a well deserved promo that shows just what it means when you borrow a car and then control it so, so well. Can't wait to see you out on more drives and enjoy you having to get the shovel out ...
  11. Yes, it's formulaic and I destest the 'Parts blagging ... " bit. Fuzz is a really sound guy and I watch it largely because he is a great teacher and has some good ideas ... like electrostatically charged paint the lights up
  12. Not sure if anyone else here watches the show Car SOS, but they did a treatment on one of their restorations (a VW Camper van if i am not wrong) where this paint was used. In the right hands, and I am a real fan of Fuzz Townsend, the addition of the pain had an amazing impact on the vehicle and gave it a real wow factor. It does not change the color of the paint on the vehicle so should not be a problem in registration as the base color would stay constant.
  13. The One Where An Unfortunate Reputation MIght Start to be Formed Yesterday afternoon was a bit strange, starting with the confusion over how to get to the proper starting point at Badayer Shops. In the blazing temperature, it was excellent to see almost everyone wating in the parking area with the others arriving on time - having also been a bit confused by the ROAD CLOSED sign that MIss Google Maps has not yet been informed of! A word of warning to any trip lead looking ot start at Badayer and move to Iftar Bowl - enter the desert from the first roudnabout or you will like @Emmanuel end up in Al Madam before you can turn round. The end result, we entered the desert a bit later than planned. As it was showing 54C on the termerature guage in my car the later the better! With @Jeepie at the wheel, leading for 2nd time and @Colin Jordan in second lead, we moved off. It would not be an understatement to say that we had three recoveries within the first 500 meters and this was the theme of the day. As mentioned, it is a bit worrying that for the second week in a row the drive was defined more by the number of stops and recoveries needed than the driving fun. The summer sand was punishingly soft and a heavy long wheel based car will inevitably find the going harder than the three SWB Jeeps that handled the conditions quite well (I think @E.C. TAN who was sweep only had one or two moments - and he had to gind a new route after the sand had been churned by much bigger vehicles). A welcome back to the drives to @Roshan Abraham who was acting as centre forward, but even for an experienced driver thse conditions were not easy. The intention was to get to Iftar bowl and play. The challenge was that the desert from this direction was unforgiving, technical, and for newish fewbies a big challenge. @Shiju Manuel, @RohanH @Chaitanya D we tried valiantly to get a route that was less challenging from the start point and all of you will have learned from the experience - momentum is your friend (whether you approach a dune straight on or try to criss cross) and with a longer vehicle that becomes even more critical when the dunes are soft like they were yesterday. After the first hour and a half, i took over leading duties from @Jeepie who had done a magnificent job of taking the convoy forward and on a route that on any other day would probably have been less challenging. Every route she or I took seemed to end up with almost certain knowledge that if others tried to follow through the soft stuff, there would be even more stucks - and after the extreme revcovery of last week, I for one felt a bit once bitten, twice shy. A massive, massive thanks goes to @Emmanuel who shoveld, tugged and coached more in one afternoon than in probably many before all rolled up in one. And a massive thanks to everyone for your patience and persistence. We decided to exit sooner than planned, simply because the prospect of digging each other out in the dark after such a tiring afternoon seemed the right thing to do. For sure, next Badayer trip wil have a different entry point so we can get to the bowl and have some play time. So, back to that reputation thing ... second week of leading drives and second week of drivers having multiple stucks. We will see if that results in the take up for any new drives falling off! In my earlier reports I have written about the excitement and challenges of moving up from newbie and the experiences of what it it like being promoted in this game. The move from being a participant, even with responsibilities as centre forward or sweep, to actually planning and leading a drive is also a big leap. It creates renewed respect and admiration for the amazing marshalls of whom we have the benefit in this club. Learning to lead effectively and safely is not something that is going to happen the first time you sit behind the wheel of the lead car. There is an even steeper learning curve than when you move from other promotions. @Gaurav, @Rahimdad @Frederic @Srikumar @Asif Hussain @Emmanuel Hats off to you. You make the whole leading thing look so effortless - just like taking a drive out in the sand! Practice makes (well, not quite perfect) us all better. With the continued patience of our club members, I will continue to hone these skills in the aspiration of leading in some way comparable with these guys. I am keeping in mind that @Jeepie and I started this journey with Carnity in November last year. There's still a long way to go and lot of fun to be had. Bring it on. See you soon in the sand.
  14. The One Where the Reputation was Under Threat @Rahimdad has a reputation for leading Newbie drives which are exciting and challenging and where there are no Stucks. This morning's drive stressed out that reputation beyond recognition ... but let'sget to that later. Everyone had deflated and put up their flags by the time our fearless leader arrived. This meant that with the briefing delivered, we were under way in record time. There was quite a large convoy today, and it was great to have @Vanessa8580 in 2nd lead, @Brette in centre forward position and @Jeepie sweeping up at the rear. As usual, the pace was great, the route interesting and enough challenges for everyone. We even had a wonderful breeze blowing so that sitting in the car with the windows open (yes guys, that is an option) was warm but not oppressive. I thought we were in for a relaxing, problem free day ... For about another ten minutes, until we had our first refusals. Thankfully, we were able to help with instructed self recoveries and I commend everyone for retaining their cool when things did not go as planned. The first major stuck of the day saw @Mehmet Volga recovered by @Brette for him to find himself stuck and in need of a quick tug. I think I ought to say here that for what ever reason it was not @Brette's day. It seems that on more than one occasion he did his job as centre forward perfectly, only to find himself refusing or stuck once the recovery was over. It turns out the mighty beast was suffering a transmission oil leak as well, which probably has some impact. It took almost 1 hour 40 to get to the base of Pink Rock because of the number of problems. BEFORE COVID on the same basic route plan we had arrived here within an hour. The sand can be a very changeable thing. @Yousef Alimadadi found he needs to train his Pajero better as it was initially difficult to climb Pink Rock. After a few attempts, he was up and over and the r est of the convoy climbed the hill without incident. The route to 2nd December cafe from there is a challenge for Newbies at the best of time. With the extremely soft sand today we faced a lot of Stucks and refusals. @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ needed a quick tug, @George Francis had a moment and @Brette needed recovering again. All thos took time so we really had no moment for play before we ended up on a track again and out to reinflate. There were some drivers really deserving of an 'honorable' mention, navigating their way round with aplomb. @Gregory Perkin excellent drive, and contributions to the seniors to advise on the situation as well as helping out other drivers, @Chaitanya D looks like you are getting to grips with the Xterra (we will see a bit more in the Fewbie drive ...) @Magellan you really have the FJ well under control. @Denizzalbayrak @Anish S the fact we did not hear anythjjng from you speaks volumes. Most improved driver of the day goes to @VipinShetty. Following your feet finding drive last week, you handled today's challenges really well and get extra credit for having no hesitation to ask @Rahimdad to help on a t echnical section where you felt unsure. Brilliant. As we are always told by the seniors, there is no shame in getting stuck or asking for help. We exited by 10.30 as planned, having all had another enjoyable morning, and I think it would be appreciated, if nothing else to retain the reputation of the superman that led us fantastically today if noone says anything about the stucks. See you soon in the sand
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