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  1. @Hennie Schoeman when we carried out the recon on this drive a week ago, the gate in the fence was obvious and open beacuse it is an entry point to some of the Margham farms. In the event that we arrive there tomorrow morning and for what ever reason is it closed, there are alternative entry points to which I will lead the convoy but there is the chance to park on the outer side of the fence safely and wait. It's a great question, because we have found that fences and the like are erected from one week to the next in the past - but I am hopeful that in the space of the time we did the recon nothing new has happened.
  2. Dear Relay Riders, Please find attached the convoy numbers, roles and responsibilities for the drive tomorrow morning. Morning Fewbie Desert Drive Margham 25 Sept 2020 Attendees Level Car Radio Pos # Wrangeld Expert Mitsubishi Pajero SWB Y 1 Lead Ashok Chaturvedi Fewbie Mitsubishi Pajero LWB Y 2 2nd lead Sajit Modiyil Fewbie Nissan Xterra Y 3 Nizam Deen Fewbie Toyota Landcruiser Prado Y 4 Melenany Fewbie Ford F150 Y 5 Tamas Hoffmann Fewbie Mitsubishi Pajero LWB Y 6 CF Ajiesh George Kannankara Fewbie Nissan Patrol Y62 Y 7 Jodha singh shekhawat Fewbie Nissan Xterra Y 8 Muzamil Hussain Fewbie Jeep Wrangler 9 Hennie Schoeman Fewbie Jeep Wrangler Y 10 Christian Andres Fewbie Toyota FJ Cruiser Y 11 SW This is a new area, so there will be a bit of exploration tomorrow as we find our way through some new Fewbie territory for Carnity as a club. Think of yourselves as adventurers, discovering new tracks and trails. We hope to meet up with our 'reverse' drive and hand over the baton, but there is no guarantee. Everything depends on how the convoy performs and how we work as a team to support each other out on the drive. We will be using Carnity radion channel 4. The deflation point is inside the fence, off the road. Please do, however keep the appropriate distance as per COVID rules. Any questions, please let us know. We will try to leave on time and get as much out of the experience as possible. @Christian Andras @Hennie Schoeman @muzamil hussain @jodha singh shekhawat @Ajiesh George Kannankara @Tamas Hoffmann @Melenany @Nizam Deen @Sajit Modiyil @Ashok chaturvedi We do have one waitlisted driver if anyone is unable to come, so please let uis know now if that's likely.
  3. @Heisem you are a braver man than me. Importing from here to Poland ... I considered trying the same into NL where prices are even higher, but when I looked at the import charges, transport and the fact that the GCC models might not have the same catalytic converters as needed in EU, I decided to just buy and enjoy here.
  4. Dear Relay Riders. Carnity is very pleased to present you with another, brand new, area to visit during our weekend drives. This time, we have explored, and chosen for you, the stretch of dunes between the farming villages of Margham and Lahbab. This is an area that some of you may know also for the presence of one the Royal villas. Perhaps for this reason, it is very little visited by off-roading clubs, with the few tracks that one encounters mostly made by locals. The terrain is mostly made of low yellow colored dunes, not very high and with frequent openings between cordons, that allow an intricate, yet quite safe, navigation. Some low bushy vegetation is present (as almost everywhere else this year) but less dense than in other areas nearby. There is also a very nice play area, of relatively taller dunes, presenting some large sand bowls. The skills required to complete the drive successfully will be controlled driving over technical dunes, side sloping techniques, and principles of ridge riding and crossing over (low dunes). In order to allow more drivers to enjoy this nice new playground, we have decided to launch the "Relay drive" format. As explained in the post's Action Plan, we have organized 2 separate convoys (this one and Ale's), that will follow roughly the same path, but each leaving at opposite ends, and exiting at the other convoy' starting point. The 2 convoys plan to meet halfway through the drive to exchange a symbolic "baton" (like in a relay track race). We think the "relay" format is a safe way to drive 2 convoys through the same area, rather than creating one convoy, too large to manage effectively.
  5. Congrats @Anish S As probably the only other driver sharing the driving duties, and who knows what it's like to be a passenger, I am so pleased for you with this promotion. Enjoy the new challenges, and continuing to give the incredible support you do.
  6. Congratulations @Hatim Patharia. Looking forward to driving with you soon.
  7. Congratulations @Shaaz Sha. Look forward to driving with you soon.
  8. Congratulations @Ajiesh George Kannankara loom forward to seeing you on a fewbie.drive soon.
  9. Congratulations @Ammar Naji well done. Looking forward to seeing you on a drive soon.
  10. Congrats @Yousef Alimadadi delighted to see this promotion. Well deserved.
  11. @Janarthan the ultimate team player getting just deserves. Excellent news and really looking forward to seeing you on more drives.
  12. @Jun Zamora watching your development from Murano driver and stuck at Fossil Rock, to your skills last weekend, has been incredible. Delighted for you and looking forward to seeing you on more and more drives.
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