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  1. Envious does not even begin to explain it ... @Frederic I am laying down my writing materials, never to be used again! Your lyrical waxing of this drive has me salivating at the thought that some day I may ride the magnificent Liwa if I am fortunate enough to reach the elevated heights if intermediatoryness (yes, a made up word, but you get the gist). Hopefully you'll be sufficiently down from the bubble to tell us more on Friday. Thanks for sharing. See you soon in the sand.
  2. Not been a member long enough to have gone out in the Summer, but I am told by all the seniors that yes, there are drives everyweek, including the during the summer - so the season is 52 weeks of the year.
  3. Hi Emmanuel, Just a quick clarification - is the start point for this drive next to the finsih point of the Newbie drive? Question is if we can do both a Newbie and a Fewbie on the same day or not. Thanks in advance.
  4. If only it was possible to get hold of Geolander AT/S at the moment 😂
  5. Hi Chirag, As I think our our experts will tell you (so aologies for offering an answer as you did request 'expert' advice only!), the secret in the sand is not the width of the trye, but the length of the track when deflated (so it's actually more to do with the height of the tyre than the width). Being wider will of course give a wider footprint, but that is along a perpendicular line to the vehicle, and what you really want to achieve is more parallel coverage on the sand. Issues such as economy/tyre life/noise are driven just as much by the tyre thread pattern and quality of the tyre as the width. What I learned (as I needed two tires recently so have a tiny bit of understanding from that experience) is that the quality of tire is more important than just about anything else. I was tempted to buy some really great looking big tyres for my car - because they would look great - until one of our real experts brought me back to earth. The tires are the only thing in the car between you, the road and crashing. They have a really small footprint when you think about the job that they are supposed to do - which is keep you safely where you need to be on the road while the car tries to rip them apart with it's 00's of horsepower. A hgher quality 265 might be quieter, last longer, give better road holding and improved performance than aless expensive but really good looking set of 275s.
  6. Anyone trying to work out the key words a great trick that I learned is to take the job post and put the whole advert into word cloud. The word cloud will tell you which are the most important terms for the prospective employer. Fill your CV, blank page and covering letter with these words and it may just get you past the computer screening.
  7. Hi TJ - how's Bali! Would love to join you, but like Frederic, the chances of getting time out from work during this period are slim to nothing. Everyone tells me that Oman is spectacular, so it's on the wish list. We have a great book of trails and routes. Let us know if you make it there.
  8. So you're sitting on the fence about that one then?
  9. 4L Wrangler insured in November with RSA. Roadside and Oman AED 876.75 Was offered by three other companies, all above AED 1,100. BTW compared to EU insurance either is a massive decrease. I was paying the equivalent of AED 3170 per year third party for a 15 year old C200 in the Netherlands.
  10. Until I met Carnity (and the sand became my early morning mistress) Friday was gym, swim and anything but look at more screens. The great thing about Dubai is that there is always something on if you look for it. There's a festival, a concert, an opening. My bank has been great at inviting me to launches at Porsche and Ferrari and I thought, why not? Otherwise, the same as everyone else no? IKEA 😂
  11. Oh boy, time to get back on the wagon (so I can enjoy more time in the wagon).
  12. I have been at both ends of this I can concur on a few of the points aready raised. Here some insights that you do need to take into account with Linkedin. Recruiters use it to identify people who are unhappy in their job. When a job is posted and people apply, the poor agents go running to the company where the recruits come from = not a genuine job. Many jobs posted are already filled internally, but they go hunting for potential alternatives just in case. 99 times out of 100 the internal candidate gets the job because they are the internal candidate = not a 100% genuine job. Many jobs are posted speculatively by multiple agents someof whom have the instriction, some of whom hope that by brining in a candidate they might be able to get the instruction = potentially a genuine job, but not one that that agent has in its books Many agencies apply computer scanning to filter the CVs. If you CV does not have the key words they are loking for, even if you are the best possible candidate in the world, you will be excluded by the automatic system = genuine job, computer searches. People tend to employ people they know like and trust. Don't reply to the job application, network your way to teh job poster and get in touch direct. An internal referral is always better than being one of the many = genuine job, but network to get there. Is it possibly your CV that is not working? Are you preparing a new CV for EVERY SINGLE position. I kid you not, I drafted a new CV for every application. Small changes maybe, but someone opening the mail and seeing a xxxx CV, vs CV prepared for xxx company has much more impact = genuine job, make sure you do your homework before you apply. You are not right for every job, even if you think you are. All companies have a culture and some principles by which they operate. I have been excluded for being too old, too experienced, too qualified, too whatever ... in the end, tehy know what they are looking for = genuine job, but they are just not looking for you. There are sadly soem cruel, manupulative SOBs out there looking to earn a big amount of money from you. They post jobs, but what they really want to do is sell their CV writing services or some make it rich quick scheme. You don't know until you are too far down the line = no job, just misery and manipulation. LinkedIn is brilliant if used effectively. I pay for a premium account (especially when unemployed) because that investment means I get more information and can make my searches targeted and am assured that the poster is real. Applying through the normal portal is regrettably hopeless. Because of the situation just about every job gets 1000 applicants. You need to narrow your chances from 1/1000 to better odds. Never ever rely just on LinkedIn and boards for your job search. LinkedIn is about networking, so use it for that as well. Post interesting content that gets you noticed. Link with people that can advise you. And your question about favorite site ... anywhere but online. Get out into the world and make sure you network with people, at the gym, in the park, walking the dog, with your friends, old jobs. This network already knows you and can recommend you. Even on LinkedIn you're really just a stranger.
  13. @Rahimdad Rahimbhai Once more beautifully written and giving reminiscences of a drive I did not enjoy with you ... until now! Reading all the weekend's reports has been a massive pleasure as you add colour from your perspective as lead to the enthusiasm of the people in your convoy. See you soon in the sand
  14. Not sure I agree with you @Xaf about your writing skills, you brought an energy and sense of movement to every word. Sounds like some real seat of the pants excitement before the Liwa drive ... where your cooling fan will likely get some real exercise! See you soon in the sand
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