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  1. I don't know about you, but I really enjoyed this drive. Yes, I will accept it was a bit 'bitty' due to the number of recoveries - but that was, more or less expected because we were doing just the sort of practice and 'exercises' where people get stuck. If you keep in mind that, as drivers that do not have lots of experience behind them to criss cross and ridge ride, it's inevitable that we will get stuck. We could have just played on the wide dunes to our heart's content and convered more ground - but then what would the learning have been: that we can drive up and down the dunes and do a bit of side slipping. Instead, we approached the crest of dune after dune and rode the ridge or crossed to the other side. We ploughed through some soft sand and even ventured into some of the smaller more entertaining dunes that Qudra has to offer. We did not get technical (anyone interested I will post a Lisali drive soon) but we got close to it. And we covered a lot of ground and different types of dune. The teamwork was as always amazing - the enthusiasm to help each other out is astounding sometimes. The area around Qudra has so much to offer, and was we saw this morning, a lot of that area is not regularly travelled. It means we can drive without worrying that other convoys will come along (think Pink Rock or Fossil Rock) not, until we get close to the lakes do we need to worry about cross tracks. Highlights of the day? I am not sharing that one, because what goes on in Qudra stays in Qudra. Let's leave it that there are just some challenges that you might think twice before making. There were some excellent perfromances today. It's really great to see how drivers develop from Newbie through Fewbie and on to higher ranks. No specific feedback today because i think that everyone learned something and it would be good to think about what your key takeaway on the day was yourself. @Jeepie - sorry to choose a hobby that means we have to get up at 4am every Friday. As ever your help held it all together today. @Nivin it was a bit of a workout with all the diging - and you did great For those driving next week in Liwa - make sure your car (that means tyres, valves, flags, oil etc) are all in good order. It would be a real shame if you had the chance now and it was your vehicle that fails because of something you could have had a look at in the next few days. Liwa is simply not the sort of place you can 'wing it'. We can get away with it in Qudra because we are 15 km from a road at any time. In Liwa the roads are 50km or more away, and there's no recovery truck that can make its way in. We all saw the car in the bowl in Qudra this morning that had been left by its owner - you really don't want that to be you next week. As an anniversary drive, it was great. A chance to enjoy a bit of the community of Carnity and a great group with which to share the drive. Looking forward to seeing you all again in the sand soon.
  2. Friday comes but once a week - and the terrible truth is that if all plans go as we want, our drive will be over by this time tomorrow morning! That's why the drive is now closed. You are all confirmed and expected tomorrow morning. Here are the convoy positions. We will reconfirm these in the morning. Morning Fewbie Friday 27 Nov - Angel's Anniversary Attendees Level Car Radio Pos # Wrangeld Marshal Mitsubishi Pajero SWB Y 1 Anand Nataraj @Anand Nataraj Fewbie Nissan Xterra Y 2 Shaaz Sha @Shaaz Sha Fewbie Jeep Wrangler SWB Y 3 Mahmoud Asar @Mahmoud Asar Fewbie Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Y 4 Ashok Chaturvedi @Ashok chaturvedi Fewbie Mitsubishi Pajero LWB y 5 Hennie Schoeman @Hennie Schoeman Fewbie Jeep Wrangler Y 6 Nivin @Nivin Intermediate Nissan Xterra Y 7 Abu Muhammed @Abu Muhammad Fewbie Toyota Sequndra Y 8 Ranjan Das @Ranjan Das Fewbie LR Discovery Y 9 Tamas Hoffmann @Tamas Hoffmann Intermediate Mitsubishi Pajero LWB Y 10 Francois Germishuys @Francois Germishuys Fewbie Ford F150 Y 11 Jeepie @Jeepie Expert Jeep Wrangler Y 12 We will also be checking that everyone has the equipment expected for a Fewbie drive - because shovels will be needed tomorrow morning. See you soon in the sand.
  3. Different cars, different challenges. A big car rides ridges more easily than an SWB. The SWB is more nimble in smaller dunes. It's all part of the challenge. That's why we enjoy it so much. Catch you soon @Mohamed Seidam
  4. What a fantastic attitude - and yes, you're right. You cannot get the expertise without the practice and the practice has the risk of getting stuck. See you Friday.
  5. Tamas Hoffmann @Tamas Hoffmann Nivin @Nivin Anand Nataraj @Anand Nataraj Hennie Schoeman @Hennie Schoeman Ranjan Das @Ranjan Das Shaaz Sha @Shaaz Sha Ashok chaturvedi @Ashok chaturvedi Francois Germishuys @Francois Germishuys Mahmoud Asar @Mahmoud Asar Abu Muhammad @Abu Muhammad Wednesday evening and we have had a few drop outs with spaces filled by our waitlist. I am really pleased we are able to fill the spaces now and that the waitlisted members get the chance to drive. In looking at the vehicles that we have on the convoy there's a lot of mega vehicles (i.e. BIG) which has me questioning my original plan of driving into technical dunes as a part of the proposed route. @Francois Germishuys, @Mahmoud Asar @Abu Muhammad please let us know your level of confidence of driving through small technical dunes. I have said it before that the ability to navigate through these small tightly packed dunes is an essential 4x4 skill, but it does not have the adrenalin of high and wide dunes [and let's face it, getting through without problems is more difficult]. Hopefully you are all up for that challenge. If not, get yourself ready for it! More to follow tomorrow, with the convoy numbering and the radio channel. See you soon in the sand.
  6. Hi @Mohamed Abo ElKomsan shame that we will not see you on Friday. @Abu Muhammad it's your lucky day, you are off the waitlist and into the drive.Please confirm to me that you saw this so we know to expect you Friday.
  7. Camping round here is the only realistic option unless you want to spend an arm and a leg. A pice of advice from my side. I have done only one Liwa drive - and I can tell you that it's not the sort of thing I would do if I had also driven 350km from Dubai before the drive in the desert. Driving in the Liwa dunes is not like a morning desert drive in Al Qudra. The dunes are immense, and endless. We will be in a wilderness like you have never seen before. There's no easy quick exits if for some reason you decide it's not for you. There's no way out other than the way in ... and that's likely to be through dunes like you never saw or experienced before. I do not want to put anyone off: the experience is immense, but I also do not want anyone to disregard Fred's comments about preparation. Mentally, physically and your car will all be challenged.
  8. Tamas Hoffmann @Tamas Hoffmann Nivin @Nivin Anand Nataraj @Anand Nataraj Hennie Schoeman @Hennie Schoeman Ranjan Das @Ranjan Das Mohamed Abo ElKomsan @Mohamed Abo ElKomsan Shaaz Sha @Shaaz Sha Ashok chaturvedi @Ashok chaturvedi Francois Germishuys @Francois Germishuys Mahmoud Asar @Mahmoud Asar As most of us have driven before, you will know that I do like to give a heads up about what to expect on our upcoming drives. This week will be no different. It was a year ago that myself and Jeepie (Marjan) first ventured out into the sand of the UAE. She has never driven off road before, I had only driven in Europe - where mud rivers and rocks are the challenge, definitely not sand. A year on, I am a Marshal in Carnity and Marjan at Expert rank. It's been an amazing year, learning about the UAE [mainly Dubai since COVID], our driving skills, our car and yes, as we shared a car for the first 10 months, our relationship. So far all of us survived! So what's this anniversary drive about? Fun: At the end of the day, driving in the sand should be fun. If that's fun because it is very exciting, or seeing nature or challenging ourselves, it should never be something we do because we have to. We have had a lot of fun during the year and want to share that feeling. Challenges: There are different types of challenge we face in the desert. The reason I chose the Qudra, Solar park area for this week is because there are a lot of chances to try different things. We can drive from area to area one part highly technical, one part with long straight dunes where we can side slope or drive the create one part with swooping high dunes where precision is esential because the sand is so soft nearby. Recoveries: I know it's quite boring waiting for someone else to be recovered, it's the best learnign you will get to be able to sort out your own problems if they arrive when you are driving. As drive leads, helping out with stucks and recoveries is part of the fun and the learnign as well. Yes, it's always nice to keep moving as much as possible but we also need to take up the level so that everyone learns how to get out of trouble as well as into it. Rising your drive level: We increase intensity on drives based on the driver response. If everyone is doing well, if there are no stucks, if the drivers can cope, then we will increase the intensity and the type of drive accordingly. Look out for moments of criss crossing, and ridge riding during the drive - you're fewbies after all. So, please, lets make it a fun drive. Come with your car in good order, with your mind clear and we will all have a great time. See you soon in the sand.
  9. Hi @Rizwanm2 - good for you. @Mahmoud Asar you're in! Please confirm and I will add you to the drive.
  10. Tamas Hoffmann @Tamas Hoffmann Nivin @Nivin Anand Nataraj @Anand Nataraj Hennie Schoeman @Hennie Schoeman Ranjan Das @Ranjan Das Mohamed Abo ElKomsan @Mohamed Abo ElKomsan Shaaz Sha @Shaaz Sha Ashok chaturvedi @Ashok chaturvedi Francois Germishuys @Francois Germishuys Rizwanm2 @Rizwanm2 You are all confirmed on the drive. If anything changes please advise. We already have a waiting list.
  11. Brilliant news @Jeandre Bezuidenhoutjeandre Bezuidenhout really pleased to see this.
  12. Congrats @Janarthan. Will deserved after all those drives and recoveries.
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