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  1. Get back out into nature. Feel the sand between my axles. Give friends a hug rather than a shrug. And then fly out to get to see my kids.
  2. Thanks a lot. I never said how big it is ...
  3. So, I thought I would give a quick update here. We have fitted the secon, independent fan at the front of the radiator as proposed by @Javier M . Now the question is whether we will ever get the chance to test if it's made any difference.
  4. That's a great idea. I will keep looking to see if there is anything that is any good from this region.
  5. As we are all 'grounded' for the next weeks, e-learning seems to be the only option around to improve off road skills. We have a great series of 'what went wrong' videos already posted on Carnity and wondered if there are recommendations from anyone of 'must see' tutorials to increase learnings before we get back out on the sand? Would be great to create a sort of bibliography of excellent content. Thanks See you (nowhere as) soon (as I would like) in the sand
  6. @Rahimdad May god bless all that you have and do not yet have so that you are granted the continued wisdom of understanding the prosperity and wealth already in your life, May you have time with loved ones and ones who love you whether there in person or in spirit, May your challenges be overcome and each of the challenges become a learning opportunity and May you continue to grow and grow with grace, as all around you benefit from the light of the shadow you cast. Happy birthday.
  7. @Gaurav this is really instructive and helpful as a learning piece, so thanks for the explanation and tips for us all to read. Looking forward to the next opportnity as I unfortunately missed this drive #notevenonetinyteenylittleitsybitsyenvious 😷
  8. The more of us that treat it like a curfew, the higher the likelhood that we will stop passing this virus on to one another.
  9. While less extreme, working in the pharma business, I have been and remain in the office working probably longer hours than usual and working 7 day weeks. Luckily, I do not have the added concerns of medical professionals because we are socially distancing in the office very successfully. Of 150 people, there are a total of 10 in the office (5 in my team) and we are all doing what we can to limit contact outside the office so we do not infect each other - possibly a bigger responsibility than if it was just me and my wife: At home, the unusual thing we did is to cheer every night at 8pm for the public service workers and health workers who are taking real risks to keep the country moving and functioning. Last night I took my drum outside to bang on the drum because where we are supporting the public servants. That felt strange because it was not really a big thing where we are, and frankly so many of the apartments are clearly vacant. We could hear a few people in the disntance joining in ... feels quite wierd and ... isolating.
  10. Uglier than a half grown bat 😂 - and ours was flourescent green: so we NEVER lost it in the car park. Funny moment in that car was being caught for speding on the way to Paris. Why funny - the Policeman told me I had been clocked at 174kph. I could not stop laughing because the car was supposed to max out at 170. I was going downhill so maybe ... I appealed the decision based on the quoted speed of the specification on the car (and that they could not prove corect callibration of the gun that morning) and that they were only stopping Dutch registered cars. It only took a year and half, but the fine got reveresed, even though I had told them I was prepared to admit to speeding at 160!
  11. I have always loved driving. It was the thing i most wanted to do from an early age, sitting behind my dad in the car pretending. I got my driving licence within 5 weeks of my 17th birthday (the age a licence was allowed in the UK) but had been driving for years before that. On motrobikes, or 'borrowing' my parents' cars when they left them at home. Perhaps I was the original inspiration for Ferris Bueller? Take a look at my car history, you'll see that I have had a lot of vehicles, normally just one at a time but sometimes as many as 4. None of these was new, some were classics in the making, some I knew were already classics, but all of them had character. A day driving through the Negev desert with friends got me hooked on the possibilities of offroading. We spent a day in a few jeeps just crossing the empty desert. Nothing extreme, just a day of cruising through wadis and valleys and crossing otherwise unreachable places (if you were there with another sort of vehicle). It took me another few years until I was able to convert my wish into a vehicle. I had made sure my (then) wife had a wonderful car for our growing family, I had a TR6 that was my first passion and business was good. One day I was invited to a corporate fun day which involved a number of 4x4 treats, including blind jeep driving. There was also a 4x4 course at the end the day. That was the clincher and within a month I treated myself to a 2nd hand diesel SWB Nissan Patrol. It was officially a work car, so was kitted out with Leather seats and all mod cons. My wife organized for me to go on a full day 4x4 driving course, which was brilliant and exciting and massive fun in SJ413s and Land Rovers and that was it. I was determined to get off road. I also joined the 4x4 club and as a result spent one day every weekend after that for around a year taking my car and some giggling girls strapped into their child seats through muddy tracks and water filled paths mud plugging - as it's called in the UK. My Patrol was cleaned meticulously after every trip. It was all part of the fun, seeing the mud drain away leaving my jeep clean on the street each week. Life has a strange way of teaching us lessons, because just as I bought my next 'toy' (my Yamaha GS1A motorcycle) I got offered a job in the Netherlands. The toys did not come with. From having pretty much my dream garage (the family car was a V6 Citroen XM with all the Bells and Whistles), all the cars were sold and I ended up living in the Netherlands with a Honda Motorbike and a Fiat Multipla (please, please stop laughing, it's a great car). Roll on 20 years, a divorce and two global financial meltdowns and a redundancy later which drained the bank account, I end up in Dubai with my wonderful new wife. Off roading was high on my list of things that I wanted to do again in coming here. Problem was that this was new to my new wife. When we spoke about a car for her here in Dubai, she was talking about a small city runaround, maybe a nice sedan. We went to see quite a few cars, exotic or otherwise, but none of them fit the bill. Then one day, our TJ was advertised. With some trepidation I took my darling wife out and let her know on the way that our outing was to test drive a Jeep [that I have to admit, I had test driven a few days earlier to check it was everything promised]. Within 10 minutes of sitting behind the wheel, she was hooked on the car. Next challenge was to identify an opportunity for off roading and after a bit of research it was clear that an organization called Carnity was offering the easiest way to try out desert driving. The rest, as they say is history. I knew I would love it, but was a little worried that my passion might not be shared. I should not have worried. Not only is this now my weekly fix to clear my head from the stresses of my working week, it's a shared hobby so there's never a question of having to choose between our being together and my hobby on my day off. Now the biggest challenge is getting behind the wheel as much as I want. A very small price to pay for having found my way back into my natural environment - high up, behind the wheel of a 4x4. See you soon in the sand.
  12. Work as usual - in fact more pressure than usual. Office has a lot less people here than usual as some are working from home. I am spending most of my day looking through the windows at the traffic on the highways [I see the A44 and A66 from the window] and thinking "there's one hell of a lot of people in this city working in essential jobs".
  13. @Emad Malaeb it's been great to see some of your development from newbie and now to fewbie. Congratulations See you soon in the sand.
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