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  1. Thanks @Gaurav and @Wrangeld for clearing up the Jeep's reality distortion field πŸ˜„ , I think it's clear now, time to go bargain hunting, this looks like a good deal ☺️ https://www.offroad-zone.com/product/jeep-wrangler-tj-2006-sport-gcc/
  2. I'm fascinated by Jeeps ever since I follow @TheOffRoadClub on TikTok, below amazing vids: Is Rubicon worth it? That Sway bay disconnect button seems useful πŸ˜„ 90050282_581053719158381_8855004159439536128_n.mp4 90488744_2559462117647189_6904464510220763136_n.mp4
  3. Hi @sertac man why you gotta bring that up?😁 Now i just had a seizure of flashback where my Pajero went flying (this is why my feet usually brake automatically on the tip of dune pyramid, to prevent flying again) and hit the back of Nissan Armada v8. I think that Armada went for total loss and I felt so bad 😒 Flash-forward now, yeah I want to avoid to be in that same situation. Cheaper car, yes definitely to avoid total loss where insurance gives you puny amount of cash, but at the same time Strong Metal to protect your head for when that flying thing lands on your car *knock on wood Speaking of Jeep, should I be worried after looking at this: https://www.iihs.org/ratings/vehicle/jeep/wrangler-4-door-suv/2020
  4. Thanks @Gaurav and @Frederic , Fred's remark on resale value hits the spot right there on the heart... so now i'm leaning on getting a 2nd car for off-road purpose. Question for @Gaurav : why is XTerra better than Patrol for offroad? I mean both are Nissan... example if I look at this ad https://tnydu.biz/DOy9Ol for a 47K XTerra, will I have bumper issues like Y62 too? Or at least that can be used as baseline for further modifications...
  5. Thank you @Srikumar for leading this drive and thank you @Emmanuel for pulling my Patrol when it got stuck at the tip of triangle dune 😁 . I think this drive is above Newbie, since some people also got stuck at the tip like I did and there was a lot of slide sloping more than Sweihan last time. Also my rear bumper is coming off, so my CFO (a.k.a wife) demanded i fix this first before the next drive. Now i'm torn either to remove it completely so i don't have to deal with bumpers everytime (since the drives get more advanced & challenging) or start looking for second-hand Jeeps πŸ˜‚ thanks everyone who joined the drive, felt the camaraderie after a bit of hiatus 😊
  6. unfortunately not, went back to the Inflating Point at 24.801074, 55.370360 https://goo.gl/maps/8amceGajaNcriFwy6 and searched but no avail... i'll post on the drive thread maybe someone knows someone, otherwise just have to let it go as a ramadan gift In case anyone in today's drive is wondering, it's this long cable that can deflate/inflate 2 tyres at a time:
  7. @Srikumar i left my deflator on the inflating point, coming back now. If anyone did keep it, pls call my mobile 056-7242156 so we can meet at Qudra Adnoc / Last Exit πŸ˜…
  8. Hi bro @RohanH , is this the right map of Dolphin Auto Accessories >> https://goo.gl/maps/ANrrU3NcrmQMz3Yh8 . Thinking of doing it for my Nissan Patrol too πŸ˜„
  9. Thanks for the gesture @Srikumar ! Forgot to update that I manage to book a hotel in Barsha, so hopefully I can make the 7am without troubling anyone to wait for me πŸ˜„
  10. @Srikumar just remembered Curfew is until 6am, so I have 1 hour to drive to Qudra to make 7am sharp? . i will check available hotel in Dubai, otherwise i need to skip this drive.
  11. Is it a Landcruiser 70-series or a G-Class? Gotta watch till the end... GClass4.mp4
  12. Thanks @Jas Gajaria for taking the candid moment. Hope your Pajero is all good for the next drive πŸ‘
  13. Thanks @Srikumar for leading the Sweihan Convoy, and you even called it off at the right time so that everyone's in the Adnoc Station by 12noon, so those going to Qudra can make it (I hope they did) and also the rest of us can continue with the afternoon. Some Lessons Learned yesterday: My first time shoveling with the Spoon. I was sure that we were gonna tug that Pathfinder from behind, since there's a small ditch in front of it... but wow, Mr. @Srikumar patiently advised and mentored the driver to slowly push forward, then a bit to the right, and voila! Wow, that Big White Pathfinder just got itself out of the ditch! This is very useful in case I get my White Patrol stuck in similar situation (though I hope I don't find myself in that position *fingers crossed). Years ago, I had a "Flying Pajero" incident, where my I hit full gas on the acceleration and experienced that thrilling feeling of Superman in seconds, before of course... gravity reality sets in, and... oh well, i leave that story for in-person BBQ chatfire sessions 😁 This is why every time I go up and hit full gas, I just had flashback and sort of hesitated. But Mr. Sri again managed to mentor me and I pulled through my first Side-Sloping with 3,500kg car. After that, hey I think I just conquered my fear and pat my Patrol on the steering wheel. Turns out you don't need a 4L for this kind of maneuver. Btw, who has my photo of me nose-diving with the Patrol? cc @Jas Gajaria ? Thank you everyone who were at the convoy, some camaraderie and hope to meet you at future drives, cheers!
  14. That's a Pro right there.... years of experience does bring a fountain of Wisdom πŸ‘
  15. This breaks my heart... but I was already looking at Dubizzle for second-hand Wranglers, and now just need to convince CFO (aka Wifey) to approve the expense 😁
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