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  1. @Zixuan Huang - Charlie Charlie if you remember last drive also I had the issue of the gear getting stiff towards latter part of the drives, It was assumed that the issue is related to the oil. I have taken it to the garage and they have opened the transmission and it appears that the fork assembly and first and second gear synchronisers needs to be changed. Parts are on 1 week order and they advised me if we close up and drive further while we wait for the parts there is a chance of damaging the other synchronisers as well. so I left the car there and hopefully it will be ready for the next w
  2. @Kailas I will have to pull out from this one as my car is still at garage and they are working on the gear box (same issue I had when I was in your drive in al Qudra. Was expecting the car today but they advised now that it will be only ready next week due to the delayed ETA on some parts 😒. Hope to catch up with you soon.
  3. @Islam Soliman Unfortunately I have pull out form this as my car is still at the garage as are working on the gear box. I was expecting it back tomorrow and they just advised it will be ready only by next week 🙄. I will remove my name and hopefully will catch up with you soon. Thanks
  4. @Looper i also have a mi one along with mean mother for precisely the same reason 😁
  5. Thanks Zed @Zed very informative article. You are now slowly but surely nudging into Fred's @Frederic territory 😁. Really good one
  6. Hi @Anish S unfortunately my car is having some issues and I will have to pull out. I will remove my name and hope to see you on sand soon
  7. @Gaurav That was checked first couple of weeks back when I had this issue first and was assured that there is no issue- I service it at one of the jeep specialists. Admittedly I was not in the room when they checked and would try to stay there this time 😬
  8. Thanks @Srikumar @Gaurav thanks for the guidance, I will have to go though this in details during the Eid break to find out the root cause, starting with the oil. I don't think its a burnt clutch. It has done only 70K KMs, so that should not be a factor. It seems there is no issue affecting the on road behaviour or shifting. It does not also improve if i pump the clutch multiple times either before shifting. Feels like it is directly related to the temperature inside so which again point to the quality of oil as Gaurav mentioned. I will start with the same and see how it goes. TIA
  9. Evening Friends, In the last 2-3 drives, towards the latter half of the drive, my gear appears to be very stiff and even at full clutch down position i would need a lot of force to move between first-second and reverse. It happened on couple of afternoon drives and also on one morning drives mostly during the third hour. In the last drive with @Kailas it was stuck on neutral and I had to stop and wait for 5 minutes and then to put it on reverse then to first gear. It seems like happening when I have to do lot of shits between first and second gears. During all these occasions the engine temper
  10. @RamandbxThe easiest way i believe is to remove the J6 fuse from the control box, and there is a removal tool available in the box. This is what I do now a days. also you could long press the traction disable button on the dash for 5-10 seconds which I believe will disable 70% of the traction. But in this case, if you restart the car for any reason you may need re-disable this again which could be a hassle.
  11. @Janarthansorry i have to pull out from this drive as I am taking some antibiotics and doctor advised not to. I have removed my name from the list. Hoping to catch up with you in the next drive. Thanks
  12. Happy birthday Ale @Ale Vallecchi . Also congrats on hitting the 100th mark in drives..
  13. Thank you @Goutam for the kind words and advise. You are absolutely right about reversing for self recovery, I tend to try the forward first due to the lack of visibility towards the back, but going forward will try to do forward or reverse depending on the incline. the drive was a delight today as we covered all the essential elements such as ridge riding, criss-crossing etc. Thanks @Kailasfor your cool demeaner and patience to show us the ropes. thanks @Darren Brooke for his clear instructions and willingness to come and explain if something goes wrong. Thanks @Gaurav Soni its always a
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