Around the UAE in one day - 15K members drive

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To commemorate this great milestone of carnity reaching 15,000 members, we like to call for this great grand drive - "Around the UAE in one day"

This is the drive to show your support for carnity and share your car enthusiasm in the UAE to the next level. This drive is dedicated to all carnity members, who taught us something new about our cars, fixed our cars for free and help us avoid the money pit car solutions. This drive is dedicated to all the active and carnity star member's whose support is exemplary by understanding the real meaning of "Car Community" in the UAE. This drive is dedicated to all the carnity members who love driving together every week and share the passion for cars, off-road and brotherhood to help each other in extreme terrain and eat together as one family.

When: 11 Aug 2017
Meeting time: 09:00 AM
Drive starts: 10:00 AM  (SHARP)

Where: Last Emarat fuel station on Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) going towards Abu Dhabi.
GPS Coordinate:
Level of drive: On-road drive (all cars and drivers are welcome)

Type of drive: Easy drive to show the support and respect to each carnity members. Plenty of break at each of the 7 emirates.
Plan: Drive to each emirates known landmark, take tons of group pictures and selfies with all the cars.
What to bring along: Food, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm, sunglasses, sunscreen and long sleeves.

Approximate finish time: 8 PM - 9 PM
Where: ENOC Petrol Station on Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road, just before Mirdiff City Center
GPS Coordinate:

Certificate of participation, souvenirs and recognition

  • All drive participants will receive a certificate of participation upon completion 
  • And carnity souvenirs: Carnity Cap, Carnity Car Sunshade, Toolkit, LED light
  • And their names will be highlighted on carnity homepage in respect and honor

Safety advice

  • All cars should abide all UAE traffic laws & speed limits at all times
  • All drivers should maintain convoy discipline & numbering at all times
  • No one should cause any nuisance on the road and obstruct traffic flow


  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Al Ain
  • Fujairah
  • Ras Al Khaimah
  • Umm Al Quwain
  • Ajman
  • Sharjah
  • Dubai

Please leave your name and mobile here and RSVP on below calendar:

carnity - around the uae in one day.JPG

List of participants:

  1. Gaurav Khanna - 050 5258706
  2. Vivian John - 056 7480347
  3. Waqas Zohair - 056 1777392
  4. Abdul Basit Khan - 055 9635217
  5. Barry - 052 1742967
  6. Asif - 050 6990411
  7. Saleem - 055 7979626 (TBC)
  8. Srikumar - 055 9567471 (TBC)
  9. Renwick - 050 9604864
  10. Kavin - 056 6442684
  11. Manu - 056 6511649
  12. Ayesha 
  13. Rahimdad Kadwani - 050 6749099

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Thanks @Gaurav Bhai. Brilliant initiative and I am in with full support.

Glorious moment being celebrated in an absolutely apt manner. I want the Carnity Flag though.:)


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It will be fun driving all together. unfortunately on 11th night i am going to India for 2 weeks. I will definitely try to join you guys once you plan the route and i will plan according to my convenience.  Not 7, atleast 2 emirates i will try to join...  mark me in @Gaurav

my flight is from dubai - If you plan to abu dhabi first then i can join you guys back to northern emirates

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1 minute ago, Sidshk said:

Very Excited to join, Is Families are invited ??? 

Sure, everyone is welcome.

Don't forget to leave your name and mobile here and RSVP on the calendar.

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3 minutes ago, Barry said:

Anyone got 2 spare seats for me and Kris?

Do you really have to ask this buddy......? You are more than welcome to join me, as I'll be driving alone anyways.

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