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Every off-roader must know: What Went Wrong?

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Momentum was too slow to go that high unlike FJC speed of attack (more linear). Fought gravity without momentum (BIG NO). Left gas just before the flip. Inexperience hand to not t

It's better to learn from other people mistakes by analyzing these offroad accidents. This will be an educational tool with open discussions regarding mishap in off-roading based on your own expe

Gaurav, I would just like to add that when we add suspension lift, we have to keep 2 things in mind.  1. Make sure you select the correct springs for the weight of your car. Too stiff and you'll

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I watched many times but i didint get what was his mistake. I saw back tires was spining but it also looked like he made harsh brake. Was the reason harsh brake?

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Let me be the last to comment as that will spoil the whole fun of this thread.

Sertac: Try hard and I'm sure YOU will get it, before anyone else.

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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43 minutes ago, skumar83 said:

The guy loves 2wheel drive mode. Because of that when he went over the top of the dune his front wheels just got stuck instead of pulling the car forward like in a 4wd mode.

SUPERB observation @skumar83, this is exactly I feel that 75% cause of flip was 2WD and 25% being too fast for crossing the crest, and why he was fast is because of 2WD or else he will get stuck.

@Rahimdad please reveal the truth now if we are right or not?

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Let's root for each other & watch each other grow.

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