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Morning Newbie Desert Drive - Lisaili Fort - Dubai - 2 Sep 2023

Islam Soliman

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We request every member that joins this drive to go through the information below and strictly follow these guidelines, etiquette, and responsibilities.



First time with Carnity Off-road Club:

  • Please share your vehicle details - Make, Model, Color, and Year.
  • Do you have any prior off-road experience? If yes, pls share details.
  • Confirm your vehicle has front and rear tow hooks/eyelets.
  • Advise if you don’t have a programable radio and safety flag.

Drive Details

Level:  Absolute Newbie / Newbie and above (all levels)

Meeting time: 05:30 AM (SHARP - Without any exceptions)

Meeting Point: https://goo.gl/maps/ZikRWU1YYas968yT9

Action Plan: A drive planned to bring back the necessary off-roading skills, brushing off the rust accumulated with a few weeks of summer holidays. Three hours of "class", divided into three parts: the first hour dedicated to bringing back one's feeling with the sandy surface, practice convoy discipline plus some straight crossings, the second hour focused on more technical driving, re-acquiring the finesse needed to navigate some tighter spots, and the third hour to practice side sloping and eventually safe criss-crossing. Before departing, we'll spend some time going over the basic notions of desert driving, with a detailed technical briefing.

Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 8-10 inches of ground clearance.

What to bring along: Loads of water, snacks (for yourself), smiles, face mask, rubber gloves, enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

Approximate finish time: 09:30 AM

P.S. Only join if you have a compressor to inflate your tires after the drive.


  • Limited to 12 cars maximum. RSVP will close on Wednesday - 5 PM.
    • If the RSVP is full and you wish to join, please mention your name on the drive thread to add on the waiting list
  • Latecomers will be returned back - without ANY EXCEPTIONS.
  • Members without RSVP will be returned back - without ANY EXCEPTIONS.
  • Members that do not confirm the terms of the COVID requirements will be removed from the RSVP list.
  • Please withdraw your RSVP, if you aren't joining, so your spot can be taken by others.
  • Repeated no-show members after RSVP will have their account suspended for a month.

Please RSVP on below calendar:


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Hello all! I am a new joiner. This will be my first ever drive :)

  • Suzuki Jimny, Beige, 2021
  • No prior experience
  • Vehicle has front and rear tow hooks/eyelets.
  • I have a radio and flag stem, without flag

    RSVP’d. 🙋‍♂️
Edited by Rafey Hashmi
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  • Gaurav changed the title to Morning Newbie Desert Drive - Lisaili Fort - Dubai - 2 Sep 2023
11 hours ago, Rafey Hashmi said:

Hello all! I am a new joiner. This will be my first ever drive :)

  • Suzuki Jimny, Beige, 2021
  • No prior experience
  • Vehicle has front and rear tow hooks/eyelets.
  • I have a radio and flag stem, without flag

    I am unable to RSVP (page shows error code: 2L179/1), so commenting here to confirm attendance 🙋‍♂️

Welcome to Carnity @Rafey Hashmi. It’s my pleasure to accompany you through your first intro to off-roading.

I see you successfully RSVPed. Thanks for sharing the details about your car.
Keep an eye on this space as I will be posting further details about the drive on Friday.

in the meantime please go trough the reading links and watch the video in the main drive post.


have a wonderful week and see you soon.

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Hi. This is my third drive. Was using my truck for the last 2 drives. I got a Jeep Wrangler 2dr recently and using it for first time in desert. Just getting used to it on road. I have fixed flag and have a compressor, shovel, radio, deflator etc. 

Vehicle details - 2023 Wrangler 2 door sport Sting Grey

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Time to wrap up our final prep for tomorrow... RSVPis now closed!

Dear @DP1011 @Fabien Monleau @Mehmet Volga @Rafey Hashmi @Dev_ @Dorian Zissi @DTG @essam ibrahim.. see you all in the morning

Below please find the key prep points so we are all ready for our early morning adventure:


P.S. @Rafey Hashmi until you get a flag for your stem, for tomorrow a T-Shirt will do🙃

Pre-drive details below:

  • Be ready at the meeting point by 5:30am (or before) with tires deflated (Front 14psi Rear 13psi) and flag erected
  • Please ensure your programable radio is on, fully charged and set to Channel 4 (446,081)
  • For first timers, pls ensure you complete the readings and video in the main drive post before the morning
  • Briefing will be done on the sand before we start moving
  • Please ensure everything in the car is tied down and there are no moving objects 
  • Please check all car fluids, tow hooks, and ensure no hanging parts below the chassis.
  • please ensure you come with a full tank (as much as possible) in addition to all necessary gear for this drive level specially your tire deflator, pressure gauge and a compressor, safety flag and radio. (NO FLAG or RADIO = NO DRIVE)
  • MeetingPoint: https://goo.gl/maps/ZikRWU1YYas968yT9
  • Convoy Order:


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Hey guys 

just like to thank everyone for the wonderful experience. @Islam Soliman thanks for remaining calm and guiding me correctly over my refusals. 

@Deepak, great assistance throughout, I knew how to tackle what’s ahead based on your heads up 

@Fabien Monleaugot to learn great shoveling techniques and learnt to get my hands dirty to learn the most.

Was scared of pushing right at the crest when started. Able to overcome that fear very soon. Learnt to switch to first and second gear and tackled dunes a lot more easily  

I’ll get the kill switch and hopefully see you all in the coming weeks. 🙏





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