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Morning Fewbie Desert Drive - Faqa to Sweihan - Dubai - 12 Nov 2023


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2 hours ago, Ali-M said:

@FredericHi , I added my name last Thursday to this drive.

please include me in conversation to be updated if in case there is any change


I am sorry for the late notice, just  been informed that I have to attend office tomorrow for a client meeting.

Please remove my name from the drive 

I’ll miss this drive.



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What an awesome drive! The best till now in my Carnity journey. 

@FredericYour positive attitude is the real driver (pun intended) to your convoy's success. I hope I lived up to my first S/L role.

@Shahid MehmoodIf it wasn't for you to pull it out - we would still be adding 4 more horses in the soft sand pocket. Lol

@Xavi MoyanoGreat guidance from your end - and hey thanks again for the shoveling, psi checking+++ 

@Dan S My man - great energy to be around with - excellent sidies and lots of power! Took it like a champ!!

Learnings: 5 PSI is the new standard. Fred is a daredevil during the day. A Jimny keeps moving. Pop-outs are natural.

See you all on the next one! 🙈

Edited by Rafey Hashmi
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Cute but Furious convoy !

I knew it was gonna be fun when I saw it was gonna be small convoy and knowing we’ve never been in that specific area before. @Rafey Hashmimight label me as a positive lead but you’re definitely a super positive second lead !

Our initial struggles in where I really wanted to get to know the Jimny meant the first hour we had some good shoveling and trials and tribulations 😂. But we had plenty of time, the weather was great, and with @Shahid Mehmood, @Dan S and @Xavi Moyanoas fellow positivo’s we had great laughs and got moving eventually. The second part must have angered that car as once you were on 5-6 psi there was no stopping you. The entire convoy drove marvelously and we had a good uninterrupted flow which was a blessing as I could observe the clouds and the occasional fox. 🦊 

I kinda forgot how much fun a small convoy can be. We didn’t pay much attention but clocked in at around 50k without too much issues. 

See you all soon in the sand again !


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"Go as far as you can see; once you get there, you'll be able to see further."

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Many thanks @Frederic, I definitely had some fun and I learned more about Jimny style, getting out of the soft sand patches and where Foxes sleep o.O

@Rafey Hashmiyou the man, i am happy to see how we gain knowledge and how you improve with the Jimny

Thank you @Xavi Moyano, @Shahid Mehmoodsee you soon guys!

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