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Morning Fewbie Plus Desert Drive - Shuwaib - Sharjah - 23 Mar 2024

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Thank you for joining the drive this morning. We had perfect weather conditions, cloud cover, light breeze, and a little bit of rain.  The start was not easy, as from this starting point we are directly into soft sand, big climbs and tight bowls. After a few refusals for most of us (including me), we passed that initial portion to continue in a long technical strech, were we practiced continuous momentum, balance the car on ridges, and soft sand riding. 

Then a set of higher dunes where we could push our cars a bit more, ...and feel the effect of too much power when the cars are dragged to the outside of the curve, and may be difficult to stabilize. Again, the practice of climbing into a succession of bowls was a good opportunity to get that feeling of the amount of power required to cross a high ridge... and keeping the car straight on that ridge.

Coming to Super Bowl, and the high dune just behind, we had that moment where everything is coming together, and we had a perfect set of high roller coaster, up and down, bowl after bowl, ridge after ridge, the convoy perfectly in sync with each other, with fluid lines in this difficult environment, until we reached Iftar Bowl, and from there quietly reaching the exit at Badayer.

Great driving from everyone, and a great learning curve during the drive itself, you managed to handle that soft sand and challenging environment, being focused and accurate. Things to look at @frederic demolder @Deepak Eswar having at least one occurrence of fishtailing  during a crossing that could have been dangerous, (come higher to merge parallel to the ridge) @Mohammad Sayawoush Azad, @Rk ram @Gautam Banka sometimes loosing balance on the ridge (adjust the power), @Julien Recan @Frans M @Deepak Eswar some fishtailing on side slope that should be corrected earlier (steer down).

Thank you @Patrick van der Loo for the SL adjusting the line when needed, @Beide Worku and @Islam Soliman thank you for watching the back, and guiding other cars out of refusals.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you soon !

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Thanks @JeromeFJ for a great morning out. I had a blast and 2L is always interesting and a bit more focused. Lot of rides I push in 2nd gear - today a bit more also in 1st with different terrain (and quite a few camels). Great driving all and enjoy the rest of your weekends! 


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Thanks @JeromeFJ . It was a wonderful drive. Enjoyed each and every bit of it.

here is a short video from the drive. 


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