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Simon Dawood has been promoted to Support Team


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1 hour ago, M.Seidam said:

Congratulations @Simon Dawood well deserved . Prepare two shovels in the trunk 😄. Well done bro 👍

 Thanks Dr. I am concidering to get a bulldozer for a better efficiency 😅😂

55 minutes ago, Vaibhav said:

Congratulations @Simon Dawood on the promotion. 

Thanks @Vaibhav

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1 hour ago, Tom B said:

Congratulations @Simon Dawood. Having come up the ranks at the same time as you, I know you will make a great addition to the carnity support team. Enjoy your new role!

Thanks @Tom B , its always nice driving with you my friend 😁 ( any winch yet??😂)

1 hour ago, Haitham Khattab said:

Congratulations @Simon Dawood, Great addition to Carnity Support Team, Well Deserved🎉🎉🎉

Thanks @Haitham Khattab

1 hour ago, Karthik Raptor said:

Fantastic news 👏👏, congratulations @Simon Dawood!

Someone with a big smile and always willing to help others, so no surprises here. Well done buddy and all the best to continue what you do the best!!

Thanks @Karthik Raptor 🙏

1 hour ago, Davie Chase said:

Congratulations @Simon Dawood welcome to the team :)

Thanks @Davie Chase

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8 hours ago, Hisham Masaad said:

@Simon Dawood well deserved , congratulations. You were always supporting whenever required, keep it up and yalla help👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Thanks @Hisham Masaad... i think it would be Yalla shovel for some time 😅😂

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