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Superb article with so much useful information...Maybe i'm asking too much but if possible on future drives can you highlight the dune type... for Newbies like me it would be WoW moment :)  

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5 minutes ago, John Vanderbleek said:

Great information here. I recommend this be a class during one of the Newbie Drives. 

Perhaps already on the schedule but this would give a better appreciation and understanding of route selection.

Thanks @John Vanderbleek ! I have just made some minor adjustments to the wind direction. After speaking to a friend who works for Skydive Dubai, he explained me the land breeze and sea breeze concept which we are facing here in the UAE:



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"Go as far as you can see; once you get there, you'll be able to see further."

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20 minutes ago, imranaasghar81 said:

Hi Frederic,

what app can you recommend for an iPad / apple to track and log drives providing distance covered etc along with the route ?

thank you 


Hey @imranaasghar81check out this topic posted by Fred on the Gaia app

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For replying to this topic, please

Subscribe and then join Offroad Club

And enjoy multiple level off-road drives - every weekend.

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    • By Zed
      Thanks to @Hasan Wahlan, I found the trick to getting LandCruiser to climb up with power & ease is to shift it manually to L (in 4-High of course). Unfortunately I was too excited with this discovery and fear of getting stuck on the crest triangle made me step on the pedal a bit too much 😂
      So my LandCruiser flew, as soon as it touched down @Srikumar bhai asked me to check the radiator. Radiator was ok and we continued... Two days later "clicking" noise started coming from the front-driver side, as seen from this video:
      Can you guess what the culprit is?
      If you say CV Boot close enough, it did start with the CV Boot leak, but eventually I had to replace the whole front-left axle 😂  No need to buy new one though, new OEM will cost 2000dhs++ , since i may break it again *touch wood, a good second-hand that costs 400dhs is enough for now 😄

    • By Gaurav
      Driving off-road is very interesting and entertaining experience but there are few basic things you need to check first before heading for your first off-road drive with Carnity Off-road Club.
      Every driver should know when to join for an offroad drive and when to pass until all below things are checked.
      Ground clearance: Minimum 8-12 inches under front and rear bumper is must. If your vehicle has 8 inches then you should be careful while driving and slow down while descent and approach to avoid any minor bumper damage. If your 4x4 have EAS (electronic suspension), lift it to the max height and then measure it. Also read the manual to know what is the max speed you can drive with off-road height, as many manufacturer limit up to 60 Kmph with off-road height, which is plenty in most cases. Knowing that limit is better in case you go above that speed, so you can lift it again once you slow down.
        Tow hook: Your 4x4 should have at least 1 tow hook in the front and 1 tow hook at the back, more the better. Also you should check the integrity of all tow hooks and its appearance, if they are shaking or rusted or missing a bolt, then get them fix before joining any off-road drive.
        Engine: Your 4x4 engine should be in perfect working condition without any check engine light or any warning lights on dashboard or leaking oil or coolant. Engine takes more stress while offroading so well serviced 4x4 performs better on off-road. If you recently bought the car and have no idea of last service, then its highly advisable to get the engine service before your first off-road drive.
        Gear / Transmission: Your 4x4 should have LO and High gearing option. AWD or SUV without LO/HI gearing option, generally not advisable for sand off-roading. If you have extensive offroading experience to tackle such vehicles then discuss it on the forum with the trip leader and see if they can allow such exception.
        Suspension: Your 4x4 vehicle suspension should be in reasonable and drivable condition. You can drive with stock suspension perfectly fine and then you can decide to modify it, if really needed. Any suspension lifted up to 5-6 inches are accepted, anything above 5-6 inches lift need trip leader approval before joining any drive to make sure if you have widened the wheelbase to lower the center of gravity in an orderly manner.
        Tires: Your 4x4 tires should be in good condition with enough tread and more than half life left. Tires nearing their end usually fail while offroading, so check for date of manufacturing shouldn't be more than 3 years. No visible cuts or lost tread chunks or cracking sidewall should be there.
        Fuel Tank: You should always join the off-road drive with full fuel tank, as all vehicle consume double or triple the amount of fuel while off-roading. You don't need to change the fuel type from special to super for off-road purpose, continue with your fuel type as per manufacturers recommendation.
        Sign up: Once you have checked all these above points then RSVP the drive calendar and post an introductory message on the drive post - sharing your 4x4 details, previous off-road experience (if any), so that trip lead can acknowledge and plan the drive accordingly.  
      You don't need any off-road gear or recovery gears for your first off-road drive, but if you have a shovel, flag and a radio (walkie talkie) then please carry it with you. Rest all the off-road gears and recovery tools will be shown to you once you attend the briefing and you can read more about them here: https://carnity.com/advice/offroad/most-comprehensive-list-of-off-road-gears-and-recovery-tools-r81
      Always wear long sleeve and closed shoes (no sleepers) to avoid any injury or sun burn. Carry hat/cap/scarf, in case you need to spend long time under the sun. Carry plenty of water and soft drinks of our choice to keep you hydrated. Carry your camera mounts if you like to record the drive (no hand held). No carrying or consumption of any type of alcoholic drinks on the drive.
    • By Gaurav
      A big Shout-Out to all our offroad club members from across the globe 🌍
      Congratulations on reaching a new milestone of having over 50+ Nationalities Offroaders in Carnity Offroad Club. One of the very few off-road clubs in UAE that welcomes and appreciates multicultural members.
      At Carnity Offroad Club, we drive united as a truly multicultural family, bringing with us our thoughts, experiences and share interesting knowledge with our ever-expanding Carnity family. We pride ourselves at speaking different languages, having different views on our car knowledge and Off roading, but drive in Unity as it is the - way of life in true Dubai, UAE style. 
      So come and join our Carnity Offroad Club and add your own special flavour to enhance UAE’s ever-popular Offroad experience.
      Below is the list of the various nationalities. In some nationalities even though there might be more within our group, we have mentioned only max 3 people. If we have missed out any nationality, please let us know and we shall update this list.
      50 and counting - as of July 2021
      Afghanistan: Ali Abbas Ali, Abu Muhammad  Argentina - Martin, Miguel Ibarbia Bangladesh - Jalil Belgium - Frederic, Vanessa8580 Brazil - Jorge Stepniak Felippe, Daniel Noguira, Canada - Adam Marston China - Zixuan Hang (Charlie)  Denmark - Soren, Frederik Bisbjerg Egypt - Melenany, Mark Sorial, Nabil Bishara El Salvador - Mario Cornejo  Finland - Matti Brockman, Tero Vallas France - Emmanuel, Frederic Demolder Germany - Ace1988 Greece - Stav Hungary - Tamas Hoffmann, Archibald Jurdi India - Srikumar, Asif Hussain, Gaurav,  Indonesia - Zed, IMAMP Iraq - Aus Alzubaidi Iran - Yousef Alimadadi Ireland - Barry Italy - Magellan, Ale Valecchi, Lorenzo Candelpergher, Luca Palanca Falsini, Enrico Biscaro Jordan - BIG T, G.Huz Lebanon - Edouard Malaysia - E.C Tan Mauritius - AnishS, Veedooshee,  Mexico - Javier M  Morocco - Jamy B Netherlands - Panda82, Xaf, Jeepie, Mels Wolf,  New Zealand - Warren Flay Pakistan - Rahimdad, Bilal Ahmad, Atif Palestine - Mohamed Seidam The Philippines - Jun Zamora, Rinelle Sanaani, Kaile Barrameda Poland - Szymon Stankiewicz, Piotr Kolodziej Romania - Arman Russia - Mikhail Lukichev Scotland - Foxtrot Oscar Serbia - Marko Todorovic, Predrag Acimovic Singapore - Jerry Han Spain - Vsmano, Nacho, Jose Martin, Sri Lanka - Rizwanm2, Athula and Yasas South Africa - Gawie Herholdt, Colin Jordan, Hennie Schoeman, Jeandre Bezuidenhout, Kalahari  Sweden - Per A, M.K, Christian Andras  Switzerland - dberclaz Syria - Noor, Basil Turkey - Sertac, Halit Mert Issever, Denizzalbayrak, Mehmet Volga Ukraine - YevgeniyDYM United Kingdom - Richard Melish, LewisCocks90, Wrangled United States of America - Jeffrey Osito Pilgreen United Arab Emirates - Shehab Alawadhi Venezuela - Alexander Alcala    
    • By Naveen Raj
      Hi @Gaurav Sonii understand from Fred that you are driving a tuned Pajero, I am driving 2008 3.0LWB which has the transmission upshift issue. I am planning to do ecu remap from chipcentic, so prior to getting this done, thought of getting feedback from you on the engine performance and any other issues confronted post upgrade.
    • By Rahimdad
      We have done everything from an absolute newbie drive for those stepping into the sands for the first time, to a slightly more demanding drive in some absolutely bad weather, to the mesmerizing sands of Lisali to a man made lake in the desert in Al Qudra and recently the on-road scenic drive with slightly different kind of adventure in the waters of Khorfakkan in the past month. So what is next? The option was left to those who attended the last drive and the obvious choice was to find a natural lake in the middle of the desert. Is it true? Is it possible? A natural lake in the middle of the desert....You must be kidding me!!! But, Al Qudra is a man-made lake and we have already been there!!!.
      Hold your hearts as that natural beauty exists and we are going to explore it this weekend. So what is the plan? Who can join? What can we expect?
      Plan is simple, we drive down to the desert where the natural lake makes it an oasis which we are in search for. Everybody can join, weather you have a 4x4, an AWD, a Saloon or even a bike, it is possible for all to join. Expect to be taken by surprise and we drive on the road towards some awesome dunes and a shimmering blue surface starts to fill the the light brown dunes, behold it is the lake that we all are searching for. For on-road drivers who jst want something new and different to do, this drive is for you. For off-roader who want a taste of the dune drive, lets do some off-roading that will set your pulses racing, this drive is for you. For those who love nature and photography, if you think you have some awesome photos during the day, just wait till the sun starts setting behind the mountains, find a favorable spot and lay your trap to capture some of the most beautiful views you can imagine, this drive is for you.
      Excited... Lets get down to the details...
      Once again I would like to thank all the active members of Carnity who have supported the drives by coming out in numbers and have shown the enthusiasm and the will to learn,the beauty of this area is the wonderful lake smack in the middle of the desert which can be reached by road making it a rare oasis in UAE. The plan would be to meet up at 10 am as per the below link and than head out to discover this hidden gem in the middle of the desert, for the Muslims we will find a mosque on the way where we can offer our Friday prayers, non-Muslims are requested to be patient during this time, we will than head to the lake and pick a gazebo under which we can set up camp and sit around and enjoy the lunch and chats where the secret of how this lake came about in the middle of the desert. It is a very interesting story. For those who would like to feel the sands under their wheels, this will be the time to head out and improve and polish our skills. They say always leave the best for the last, photograph enthusiasts would have hope fully found a nice spot by sunset which will mean you will take back memories which can never be replaced and the place will leave an imprint on your hearts for life.

      When : 24 February 2017 at 10:00 am
      Where : First Emarat Petrol station on Dubai - Al Ain Road after Outlet Mall.
      GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/KD4Lath3cB42
      Level of drive: All levels
      Plan: On-road drive, followed by some lunch, followed by some dune bashing for interested parties with proper 4x4s, ending with the shutterbugs bringing some shots that will live on long after the drive is over.
      What to bring along: Stuff for BBQ or lunch with a little extra to share with all, grill, charcoal, lighter fluid and BBQ meat or chicken, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. and appreciate and the most important, you best cameras with the best lenses as you do not see this everyday in your life. In fact, many people will never know this hidden gem.
      Approximate finish time : 6 - 6:30 pm
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