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Morning Fewbie Desert Drive - Lisalli - Dubai - 18 Nov 2023, Saturday

Davie Chase

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Dear Desert Wanderers, @Emanuel @Rafey Hashmi @Mahesh_ @DanielN @essam ibrahim @Rob S @James Lovell @Johannes Roux @Sreenath G @frederic demolder and @Mike M. although the weather has been inclement today, the forecast for tomorrow morning is favorable, so we will at this time continue with the plan. Please check this forum in the morning before heading out as I will post only if something changes, No Post at 06:00 means the drive is still on.

we will use CH4 - 446.081

The convoy order will be as follows

POS Name Car Rank
lead Davie Chase Red Jeep Rubicon Expert
SL Emanuel 2013 Mitsubishi, Pajero, 5 door LWB, GLS, Silver Fewbie
3 Rafey Hashmi Suzuki Jimny 2021 - Beige Fewbie
4 Mahesh_ 2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon - 4 door - Green Fewbie
5 DanielN 2021 FJ Cruiser White Fewbie
6 essam ibrahim Land carouser EXR 5 door - white Fewbie
CF Rob S FJ Cruiser Support Team
8 James Lovell Jeep Wrangler - 4 door - Silver Fewbie
9 Johannes Roux 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser - White Fewbie
10 Sreenath G Nissan Xterra, stick shift, grey & Toyota Fortuner, white. Fewbie
11 frederic demolder 2023 BAIC JB40C ARMY GREEN Fewbie
SW Mike M. The White Rhino (Pajero LWB) Fewbie Plus
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Hi everyone, 

for those who have not driven in wet or damp sand, I suggest deflating to a higher PSI than normal. If you usually run 14psi, go for 16/17, if you usually run 12psi, go for 14/15. We can easily reduce a little during the drive but having that bit more air in the tyre will avoid any early pop-outs! 

See you all in the morning

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Thanks @Davie Chase for todays drive, it had a unique touch compared to previous ones, courtesy of the current weather conditions.






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Great drive today, thanks @Davie Chase for leading us through the sands. @Emanuel and @Rafey Hashmi for Second lead duties and @Mike M. as sweep!

The day started with a few spots of rain along the E44 and I was bit worried about what the weather may do! turned out to be an amazing morning, but as most of the convoy found out, driving on wet sand is little different!

Most of us deflated to slightly higher PSI than usual (I went for 15 vs my normal 12!), briefing completed and we were off into the dunes. 

I had anticipated a pop out or two given the conditions, but seems the higher pressures plus great driving of the convoy, avoiding any fighting against gravity meant I was wrong (I think everyone understood the risk from the briefing :) ) 

Convoy progressed well, once Davie picked up the pace, we had a couple of breaks in the convoy, as i mentioned on the radio, as you get more experienced you will be able to evaluate the correct distance to the car in front, being far enough behind to stop safely incase of refusal, but close enough so you can watch the car in front navigate the obstacles. (you learn a lot from watching others).

One or two refusals were quickly deal with and the drive proceeded well till our Second Lead @Emanuel's bash plate decided to loose a bolt or two and part detach from the car. After removal and safely secured in the back of the pajero, we made decision to exit Emanuel to avoid causing issues to the car, with the front now having zero protection and various mechanical bits exposed.

For last hour @Rafey Hashmi did a great job to replace @Emanuel in second lead and we once again hit the dunes for the final hour. One or two more refusals dealt with, inflated and made it home in time for lunch. Thanks again all, see you again soon.

Edited by Rob S
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Dear Desert Wanderers @Emanuel @Rafey Hashmi @Mahesh_ @DanielN @essam ibrahim @Rob S  @frederic demolder and @Mike M. as @Rob S has eloquently stated above fantastic mornings drive with even better company.  

I hope you all had as much fun as I did as we navigated the harder than usual sands of Lisalli. We had some nice free flowing dunes a little taste of some tighter technical dunes and quite a few Camel encounters :)

The weather held up nicely for us as we encountered a few refusals and a couple of stucks. as you found out shoveling the harder wet sand is a tad more challenging, but equally satisfying when we see the heavy piece of metal slither from its tethers and resume its way down the dune.

Excellent Second lead as always from @Emanuel until a couple of bolts holding his bash plate on decided to not play nice any longer and disappear into the sand leaving only the front two to hold it on. With the help of the ever-trusty air jack to hold the weight we were able to remove the two remaining securing points and slide the plate out safely and fairly effortlessly. We then had some fun trying to drop the rear seats but got there in the end and managed to tie down the plate in the rear and exit @Emanuel safely. Hope it is a quick and painless repair buddy and look forward to seeing you in my mirrors on the sand very soon.

2nd S/L was equally as good when we promoted @Rafey Hashmi as Emanuel exited. you drove very well my friend and followed my instructions implicitly. Well done and look forward to having you behind me in the very near future.

Our Sweep of the day @Mike M. did a fantastic job keeping the back of the convoy in check and keeping me informed every step of the way. great job and thank you.

@Rob S what can I say mate, great support in the CF role, you handled all of the issues we had with a calm nature and a professional attitude, could not have asked for better support today, thank you and see you in the sand again on one of my drives very soon.

As i said earlier the rest of the convoy drove exceptionally well, thank you and enjoy the rest of your weekend, see you all again very soon :)

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Hey everyone 👋 

A brand new terrain skill unlocked! Wet sand is definitely challenging yet equally fun. 

@Rob S thanks for the guidance buddy! I’ll remember the cresting notes 📝 


@Mike M. Your quick thinking helped Emmanuel get his case sorted fast and safe 👌🏼


@EmanuelI tried my best to follow your tracks as close as possible. Hopefully you have fixed your plate and ready to get back in!🦾


@Davie Chase Thank you for trusting me with the 2nd S/L role - always a pleasure to drive behind you 🤟🏼


Learnings: Wet sand is a playground, Rob is not afraid to get his hands and shirt dirty (literally), Davie has a post apocalyptic armory in his vehicles trunk 🤫

See you all in 2 weeks! ✈️

Edited by Rafey Hashmi
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That was a really good drive in somewhat different sand conditions for us. I had a small problem in my front right wheel well to sort out early in the drive and the after about 3 hours the rear bolts on the skid plate sheared off. As it turns out, the skid plate was good quality but the bolts were standard. Thanks @Davie Chase, @Rob S and @Mike M. for helping me get the skid plate off. I have set aside your straps and will give them back to you next time I see you on the sand. I've posted some pics in the gallery. Have a great week ahead everyone.

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